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Saturday, 26 September 2009

The 100th day..

The 100th day
You went to some where far far away..
But i know...
You are always by our side..
Observing each and everyone of us everyday =)
You will always and forever remain in my heart
After so many years of hard work...
I know you're tired already...
Your dream did came true...
You get to retire before age of 50
You're free now...Goodbye =)
Goodbye daddy! Bye!~~
Photos of me and you ^^
and memories between us ^^

I regretted that we miss the opportunity to snap photo together T.T
I still remember...that time i refuse to take photos together..T^T
There were too many people...and waited for so long for the queue
...It's too late now... The LAST photo of me and you....I Miss You

~"Now, i realize that...there are very few photos of me and you..=(...I regretted that we didn't spend more time together and snap more pictures together...I am always the camera girl...and dad, you are always the camera man...We both always take pictures of others...but we always forget to snap picture of us, together..I wouldn't have this chance anymore T^T...but i'm still glad..although its not much...but thanks god least we still own some pictures of me and you ^^ Daddy, goodbye~ Take care =) Bye..."~

xoxJuliannaxox just let it's the fact...don't worry, be happy =)

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