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Friday, 23 October 2009

I'm Just Not Perfect

23 October 2009What he said in the class today...still keep flashing in my mind
Thanks to Wai Keong -.-
The teacher took the opportunity to scold me too
He scold me indirectly...
Although my name was not mention...but obviously he meant me!
Well...what he said was not 100% right...but...yes, kinda true
But still...teachers are not always right!
I still strongly disagree with him on certain things that he did/said
I admit it. I am selfish on certain time.
Fine! I AM SELFISH!But can you answer me..who on earth are not selfish at ALL?
Sometimes, we really need to be selfish to avoid getting bullied by others..
Do you think that they really willing to volunteer and do it?
NO! N..O..NO!!
Those silly stuffs are just a waste of time!
They did it FORCE them to =.= least i did contribute the poster and those books..
At least...
Not to mention when everybody was not doing theirs' duties..
Although at times i keep complaining...
But..i did it!
Like that still consider as selfish?
Well..maybe i was acting a little bit over..
I'm sorry teacher..after're still my teacher.
What u've said today really did awaken me...
I realise my mistake...i feel bad too
I promise that i'll try my best to change my not-so-good attitude...
At least i'm willing to change right..? I promise..
*turning into a new leaf soon*

~"Accept me for who i am...i'm just not perfect.."~

xoxJuliannaxox i'm not perfect! >.<

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