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Sunday, 25 October 2009

♥MY Lee Min Ho's day! :D

25 October 2009
♥ Today is my Lee Min Ho's day!! :D
Min Ho is coming to Malaysia!!
At Sungai Wang Main Concourse
Well..i went with Cher Minn
We arrived at about 5pm+
The whole mall were crowded with HUMANSS!!
*sad* totally no hope to see Min Ho anymore T^T
Humans everywhere!!
All nice view...which can see Min Ho clearly were occupied T^T
Don't even have place to stand T^T
Thought of giving up already T^T
At then...Min Ho appeared!
Everybody was yelling, shouting...including me! OMG!
Can't stand it anymore! I MUST SEE HIM!!
And then...everybody start pushing up the escalator..
That was the funniest part xD haha!
Everybody(including us :P) goes up and down the escalator..
just to see Min Ho!! xDDD
*wish the escalator was longer that time xD haha!*
I saw HIM! My tears nearly fall down already! xD
Am i dreaming? NO! I saw him! :D
Although didn't get any chance to get his autograph
*emotional breakdown*
But at least...we got some of his pictures :D
♥ He is sosososo CUTE, HANDSOME, TALL, GENTLEMAN etc~ ♥
xDDDD I'm melting already!
Then about 25minutes+
He had to leave already T^T
Everybody start pushing us...and we wondering what's happening..
And then when we turn back..(you're so not gonna believe this ;D)
He is right in front of us! Walking pass by to the exit!
We were like...*speechless*
Because we didn't expected that..we didn't get our cameras ready =.= more than enough already!! :DDD
Our distance were so near *dreaming*
LOL!! Seriously..consider near already!
Lee Min Ho is just so...*melting already*
This is the nearest and the nicest picture we've got :D
♥♥Aww...isn't he cute? (YES, HE IS!)
"~I won't forget today :D Definitely a day to remember!~"
xoxJuliannaxox a happy & unforgettable memory ♥

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