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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Gathering at Pui Chi place

2 December 2009
Today, went to Pui Chi's new house
We went there early...
Because we've promised to play 'masak-masak' together
Ended up..not much food we made..because lack of ingredients
It was my first time baking muffins / cakes..
My house no oven..*sad*
So, can't bake cake at home although i really do love cooking/baking stuffs
Well, it's actually easy ones..
The flour bought had already been mixed
We just have to follow the instruction and bake it..that's all
Taste - not bad ^^
Pui Yee bake the cupcake..== i mean muffin
It's kinda..consider a failure
But...still can eat of course...don't wanna waste food
Overall..really had a wonderful time today
Chit-chatting..watching drama..
I really enjoy myself tremendously =)
Had a great time together ^^

Here's some of the pictures...looks nice right? ;D
Yummy! ♥♥♥♥

~"Looking forward for another gathering like this..=) Friends Forever! ♥"~

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