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Friday, 31 December 2010

Hoot Perfomance @ Puteri8 a.k.a New Year Countdown

31 December 2010
HOOT performance at Puteri8 tonight
We arrived there at about 7.20pm+
And guess what..there's only VERY few people there
No mood to perform already :(
After that, then only we got to know that the event actually starts at 9pm
Those humans give wrong info -.-
But still not much people in the end..maybe 150? or 200?
Before the performance, we practiced..2 times(?) i guess. Forgot :D
Those lightings were == SCREW IT!
It's like dancing in dark, with disco lightings
We can't even see properly! Keep banging each other
And i think i ACCIDENTALLY stepped on someone with my boots :X
Sorry~ :(((
p/s : Even the audience can't see what we're dancing under those "sparkling" lights(?) ya know D:
And so, after we requesting and begging, finally they on the...spotlights(?)
Around 10pm+ i guess, we finally, officially performed
*emotional breakdown*
I was actually kinda confident when we're practicing at home
We even sacrificed our sleeping hoursss to meet up and practice EARLY in the morning D:
Didn't expect it to turn out to be like that =X
We're not ready..oh wait, I'M not ready :(
Maybe it's only me :D opps
The other 8 of them did great job, at least better than me :O haha
And yea, it just ended like that *sobsob *
After that, most of us actually waited and stayed there until 12am..
for the sake of the firecrackers!
And you know what, the fireworks FAILED!
Damn it! Really fail teruk-teruk la.. ==
So yea, my new year countdown just ended like that..
Well, at least i got to meet up with my friends
And i did enjoy a little, very little
It's okay..haha..sometimes, all we have to do is just chill :)
I did gained new experiences :)
So yea..smileee :))) 


 Oh yea, one more thing, i just remembered that i did not blog about a very important thing
%#!@^#*#!#!!&;#*!#!!!! *toooot*
I can't believe it! How could I?!
How can i actually forgot about my VERY IMPORTANT camera?! D: I mean not mine la..hehe x)
Sad case ==
LOL careless me :')
haha XD

Our Group Pics :)

~"Will it be our last performance? Hmm..maybe :( Will definitely miss these precious moment :') "~

xoxJuliannaxox Hoot hoot hoot~~ ;D

Monday, 27 December 2010

The very funny-lol-swt-awesome-unforgettable experince! XD

27 December 2010
Drove to IOI mall today =X
First time drive that super, very far -.-
Haha...yea..STILL sucks in driving..
Driving manual car is like the horror =.=
Today, i also went to fill the petrol for the very first time!
Without accompany by my mum or sister leh..
First time hold the "petrol-gun" (dunno what that thing call XD )
First time open the METAL petrol tank cover
First time filling the petrol tank..
Whoa..*proud of myself!* :P haha!
Seriously, people who did not experience like what i did, will not understand my feelings de la..
LOL ^^ awesome-ness
Oh yea...continue my IOI story
And so..i fetch few of my friends to IOI to buy some stuffs la
My GOOD friend, Regina Liang -.-
She actually go and lift up my break without my knowing -.-
She said she did told me but seriously i didn't hear anything
And so, when the traffic lights turn green
The car can't move and the engine mati -.-
I was sosososo panic for a moment and didn't know what happen
OMG what to do?!
Carssss are behind me! I have to act fast! =X
Luckily they didn't "HON" me, if not i lagilah panic =.=
LOL It's a funny-lol-swt-awesome-unforgettable experience XD
Thank God we all arrive home safely..
Haha! XD YEAH!


Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Sunw@y L@goon ;)

21 December 2010
Went to Sunway Lagoon today!
Finally~~ == Plan this trip since ages ago dunno when Zzz..
Been arguing for dunno how many timessss
This can, that can't..that can, this can't =.=
At last, me made it! LOL
The ticket was suppose to be RM45
But it cost us RM60! T.T
They actually force us to take 3 parks, and we are not even allow to choose the park we want!
WTH -.-
And so..we're FORCED to choose the Wildlife Park, which is the worse park ever -.-
Nothing much to see there cause we only walk for few minutes and chaozz
Confirm nobody wanna go, that's why it's compulsory to take that park
They expect teens nowadays to go to see animals? =.=
Even the zoo is much more better than that place
Anyway, we still had loads of fun there ^^
Haha..yay! :D
But dunno why, the rides somehow are not scary me
Even sitting the 360degree it's like nothing to me
Don't have that indescribable feelings anymore
LOL Seriously, not scary at all
But yea, i still shouted la..
Screamed like an idiot XD
 Release all the stress out! woohoo :P
Overall, it's fun, Kinda enjoy it.
Hope that it'll not be our last time gathering together like this :)

Peaceee ;)

Wet look :)

Group pic :) After Sunway Lagoon @ Subway

~"p/s: Saw many leng zai in sunway lagoon today @.@ haha :P "~ 


Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Puchong Youth Competition @ 喜来登

3 October 2010
Puchong Youth Competition 2010!!
We WON!! :DD
There's two groups from our school
And we're representing our school as ONE :)
Some may said that we actually won because of the other group
Hmm..maybe it's true? :(
It's really hurting when you hear people saying and looking down on you like that
Hurt me deeply..even some of my own friends say that..?
It really do hurt my feelings..but they did not realise..
No doubt that the other group did well too..and yea or maybe much more better
But as two teams, representing our school as ONE..
In my opinion,
Everybody is important.
Everybody plays an important role.
If one team did not do well and got low marks...
It's totally impossible that our school will get the highest marks and win..isn't it?
Anyway, i'm still proud of my team..
And also proud myself..
Not everyone has the guts to stand in front of public and perform
It's definitely not as easy as what others think
especially for those who did not even try it before
So yea...i'm still proud that WE WON! :)
It's my first time performing outside in public..and we won! ^^

We may not dance well, but at least we try..

Dance dance dance ~~

 The artist guests...AMY *.*

My team members and I :))


HUGE group pic

~"Although SPM is around the corner, it's just next month...and for the moment i'm still having trials exam..but i still insist to join this performance and's not an easy decision, our dance group reduce from 8 people to 4. Even my close friends decided to gave up participating in this competition..but yea, i made it. WE MADE IT :) "~


xoxJuliannaxox Passion to dance =)

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Run Devil, RUN!

28 August 2010
Another performance :)
Chinese Society last gathering
Haha..this time..the performance is kinda lousy, VERY lousy!
I can't believe that i actually learn the dance in one week time and yea..perform it..
LOL This is what we get == A lousy performance!
Last minute, VERY LAST MINUTE, added two more dancers..
And because of that we practice for 134682375628 times in this morning, before the performance starts
By the time, i'm lack of energy already! =.=
LOL Yea..i know i'm weak :(( hah!
Overall still made mistakesss..haha..can't focus well XD Opps~
Please don't laugh when watching this D: lololololll! XDD

During the performance..

Group pic :D

 My edited pic :P kekezz..


Saturday, 7 August 2010


7 August 2010
Hari Kokurikulum @ SMKPBP(1)
My very very first performance in secondary school
It's senior year! Enjoy to the max!
Just wanna leave a wonderful memory behind, before leaving this school :')
Not perfect though, but it's our effort =)

Here's one of the video =) Enjoy! xD

The hall was crowded with humansss
Thanks to all my friends and 'ji mui' that came to school to support me!
Some more said not
Surpriseeee! :D
So touching T.T
They even made a special poster for me! x)
Although my name spell wrongly la -.- haha..Ms Pui Yee lor..
My first so call 'poster' xD haha..still love it very much
Really appreciate it! ^^
The performance was not bad..but can be better of course..LOL
Got clappings and cheers from people xD
I like this feeling XD hahahahahaa~~
Standing on the stage,'s not really that scary after all ^^

Group pic ;)

My best-est friends ever! ^^

xoxJuliannaxox love to dance :)

Friday, 25 June 2010

Abah, kumerinduimu...

24 June 2010
Today, BM teacher (En Maulud),
Suddenly ask me to submit an article for the school's magazine 2010
I was like..."Why me? D; Dunno what to write.."
Then i created this...
It just pop out in my brain..
The first thing appear in my mind was this
And I decided to submit this
A creation of my own
A touching masterpiece of mine =)
It stated everything i really wanted to say to my beloved dad
Each and every sentence..
-proud of myself ^^ lol-


Tajuk: Abah, kumerinduimu..

Tidak dapat kugambarkan
Rindu yang lahir dari hatiku ini
Aku begitu merinduimu
Walaupun kita telah berjauhan
Kenangan bersamamu sentiasa dalam ingatan
Tidak pernah sesekali kumelupakanmu
Gambarmu selalu kutatapi
Seolah-olah kau masih berada bersamaku
Aku menyayangimu.

Terima kasih atas segalanya
Kau sentiasa memberi yang terbaik kepadaku
Antara rela atau tidak
Pemergianmu akan kuredhai
Walaupun kadang-kadang aku kehilangan arah
Bagaikan burung yang kehilangan sayapnya
Kuberjanji akan tabah mengharungi hidup
Kutidak akan bagi air mataku menitis demimu lagi

Karya: Chan Ying Quan [2010] ♥♥♥


Saturday, 19 June 2010

The 365th day..

19 June 2010
The 365th day...
One year had passed...
And i still miss you...
Miss you so much..
If only you were still here with us...
Love you.
Happy Father's Day


Friday, 4 June 2010

Happy Birthday, MUM ♥

4th June 2010
Today is mum's birthday..
Last minute...plan to buy a cake for mum..
So, Joanne fetch me out..
and we bought a NICE cake ^^
I like it very's beautiful
(cake is to eat, not to see :P) haha!
This 1kg cake had actually cost us RM65 =X
Expensive eh..well..once a's okay ^^
Yummy~! =]

This is our family photo for this year..
Dad is no longer here...
But we're still here for you ^^
Happy Birthday, mum~!

I love you! Muackzz~! xoxo


Monday, 17 May 2010

Teacher's Day

17 May 2010
Celebrated teacher's day today!
Have tons of fun ;D
5B performed!! Cool!~
Terima Kasih Cikgu~!!

"Kau bagaikan keluarga saya, dari dulu..
Kau bagaikan pendorong saya, selamanya..
Bila kita berpisah, jumpalah lagi,
Janganlah merenggang hubungan ini,
Kita bagaikan kawan, haruslah bersama....

Kami bagaikan jiwa anda, bila masa pun,
Bila kau menghadapi cabaran, jumpalah ku..
Dalam saat tersedih, saat gembira,
Kami akan berada bersama mu,
Kita bagaikan kawan, haruslah bersama.......

Sudah lima tahun kita, telah bersama,
Ingin saya berkata,
Terima kasih kerana, berdiri di tepi,
Saya setiap masa..
Saya amat menyayangi, segala memori yang kita lalui...
Rekacipta: Natasha & Thiba
Hak: 5 BIJAKSANA (2010)

My message to beloved teacher, Encik Maulud =)
My little heart xD

okay..stop reading already...very geli LOL awkward.. cant believe i wrote such thing... . .


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

5Bs visited HILMI! =)

20 April 2010
The horror has gone!
My lisan is officially over!
And this time, i think i got the highest among all the lisan(Form4&5) that i've done!
It's was really a-heart-attack-lisan!
LOL! haha~~ xDD
It's really need lots of courage and guts to do it! xD
I did a simple..a mean not so simple =.= acting in front of the class
My first time man! 1st time!
Acting SILLY in front of the class
The title we did was "Lelaki Idamanku"
Even from the title you'd know how silly it was xD
I thought that since it's our last year (senior year)
So..just do it babe! :P
Show all you got! :P
LOL! I was actually half way giving up already when the lisan started
xD hahahahahaha~!!
It was really fun anyway..everybody laugh and applause ^^
Haha..just glad that it's over. Finally OVER! =P
After school we went to visit Hilmi
Hilmi fractured his leg and was absent for days
So the whole class stay back and went to visit him
Inilah semangat SATU MALAYSIA! xD haha!
We walk our way from the school to Wawasan 1
It was kinda tiring..sweating like
But it's fun..^^ this is what we call semangat 5B!
And and and..WE WORE OUR 5B Tshirt! *proud*
Everybody was like looking and staring at us..haha
I guess 5B is really attractive after all :P
5B rocks! ^^
Glad Hilmi is fine..really felt sorry for him
Hope that he'll get well soon and score straight A's in SPM 2010!
All the best!

5B(2010) @ Hilmi's House =)
Semangat 5BIJAKSANA! x)

xoxJuliannaxox 5B forever!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

SPM! We will do this TOGETHER! ;)

11 March 2010
Today, the SPM 2009 result is out!
My seniors got their results..
Many of them strike straight A's
So proud of them..and envy them too >.<
Next year will be my turn, getting my SPM result
Wondering..what will i get? What will my SPM result like?
Straight A's?? I wish!! :P
I success comes without hardwork!
So, i shall start studying now..
I shall double...wait..or maybe triple my study efforts starts from today onwards..
Seeing them shouted and jumped in joy..made me excited too!
I'm so proud of them!
This had also awaken me up..made me realise that..
I really should start concentrating in my studies now..
I feel guilty + sorry =(
I hope it's not late yet for me to change now..=)

~"I sincerely hope that each and everyone in our class, 5B(2010), will get straight A's in this coming SPM examination 2010..hope that we will pass the exam with flying colours..believe in ourselves, we can do it...and WE WILL DO THIS TOGETHER!!! =) ~"

*Proud to be part of 4Bijaksana(2009) & 5Bijaksana(2010)*
xoxJuliannaxox ♥5B

Sunday, 7 February 2010

My 17th Birthday! =)

7th February 2010
I'm officially SEVENTEEN today!
Had a meaningful birthday this year ^^
Received two cakes which is my 1st time =)
The whole class sang a birthday song for me ^^
Received lots of sms text messages
Received lots of wishes and birthday comments from friends..
Had an unforgettable 17th birthday =)
Suddenly realise that..
I have wonderful friends who are always there for me
Received wishes from best friends..close friends..old friends..and even not-so-close friends..
I can feel the "warmth" of their love ;)
I'm truly touched by them in the inside T.T..eventhough it's nothing..
But dunno why i felt that way..

Meaningful presents that i received from friendsss =) p/s: there's a hand lotion from Etude House which reminds me of my LEE MIN HO xDDDD

A home-made chocolate cake specially from Pui Chi ^^

Ms Masako and Sifu Tanida Noriyaki (YOICHI)..sifu hand-made cheesecake for me ^^

The clover necklace that i wanted badly for so loooong..from best buddies ;) ..the special candles.. i like it and i'll keep it as memory =) ...and..RM200 angpao from YOICHI ^^

*touched* Alicia drew this for me..although doesn't really looks like me..but..^^ i can feel her's more than enough already =)

Me and my new Kao Kao..welcome to our xD

~"It's not how much the presents cost...nor how the cake looks/'s your sincerity that touches my heart..i can feel the 'warmth' that you gave me..a simple wish from you can means a lot to me..thank you, FRIENDS!! Love you always! ♥♥ "~

xoxJuliannaxox i'm so surprise when you wished me ^^ thx!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Birthday eve :D

6th February 2010
Today, my friends celebrate my birthday for me in school
They planned to give me a surprise..
But obviously it xD

This cake is bake by Pui Chi
Taste not bad least she made it her ownself ^^

Then during recess time we stay in class
And enjoy my birthday cake together ^^
Have fun together! =)

Thank you you!
I thought i'll be having a lonely birthday this year
Dad is not longer here for me..
And i can't celebrate with family this year..
Thanks god you guys are here with me T.T *touched*
You guys really had given me a great day
You guys had given me an unforgettable birthday..
A wonderful memory...
Thank you!

~"Proud and glad to have such friends like you's GOD's gift...and it's priceless...I love you guys may not know..but i really care for our friendship...may our friendship last forever and ever ♥ ♥ FRIENDS FOREVER!"~

xoxJuliannaxox A simple wish from YOU touches my heart