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Sunday, 7 February 2010

My 17th Birthday! =)

7th February 2010
I'm officially SEVENTEEN today!
Had a meaningful birthday this year ^^
Received two cakes which is my 1st time =)
The whole class sang a birthday song for me ^^
Received lots of sms text messages
Received lots of wishes and birthday comments from friends..
Had an unforgettable 17th birthday =)
Suddenly realise that..
I have wonderful friends who are always there for me
Received wishes from best friends..close friends..old friends..and even not-so-close friends..
I can feel the "warmth" of their love ;)
I'm truly touched by them in the inside T.T..eventhough it's nothing..
But dunno why i felt that way..

Meaningful presents that i received from friendsss =) p/s: there's a hand lotion from Etude House which reminds me of my LEE MIN HO xDDDD

A home-made chocolate cake specially from Pui Chi ^^

Ms Masako and Sifu Tanida Noriyaki (YOICHI)..sifu hand-made cheesecake for me ^^

The clover necklace that i wanted badly for so loooong..from best buddies ;) ..the special candles.. i like it and i'll keep it as memory =) ...and..RM200 angpao from YOICHI ^^

*touched* Alicia drew this for me..although doesn't really looks like me..but..^^ i can feel her's more than enough already =)

Me and my new Kao Kao..welcome to our xD

~"It's not how much the presents cost...nor how the cake looks/'s your sincerity that touches my heart..i can feel the 'warmth' that you gave me..a simple wish from you can means a lot to me..thank you, FRIENDS!! Love you always! ♥♥ "~

xoxJuliannaxox i'm so surprise when you wished me ^^ thx!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Birthday eve :D

6th February 2010
Today, my friends celebrate my birthday for me in school
They planned to give me a surprise..
But obviously it xD

This cake is bake by Pui Chi
Taste not bad least she made it her ownself ^^

Then during recess time we stay in class
And enjoy my birthday cake together ^^
Have fun together! =)

Thank you you!
I thought i'll be having a lonely birthday this year
Dad is not longer here for me..
And i can't celebrate with family this year..
Thanks god you guys are here with me T.T *touched*
You guys really had given me a great day
You guys had given me an unforgettable birthday..
A wonderful memory...
Thank you!

~"Proud and glad to have such friends like you's GOD's gift...and it's priceless...I love you guys may not know..but i really care for our friendship...may our friendship last forever and ever ♥ ♥ FRIENDS FOREVER!"~

xoxJuliannaxox A simple wish from YOU touches my heart