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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

5Bs visited HILMI! =)

20 April 2010
The horror has gone!
My lisan is officially over!
And this time, i think i got the highest among all the lisan(Form4&5) that i've done!
It's was really a-heart-attack-lisan!
LOL! haha~~ xDD
It's really need lots of courage and guts to do it! xD
I did a simple..a mean not so simple =.= acting in front of the class
My first time man! 1st time!
Acting SILLY in front of the class
The title we did was "Lelaki Idamanku"
Even from the title you'd know how silly it was xD
I thought that since it's our last year (senior year)
So..just do it babe! :P
Show all you got! :P
LOL! I was actually half way giving up already when the lisan started
xD hahahahahaha~!!
It was really fun anyway..everybody laugh and applause ^^
Haha..just glad that it's over. Finally OVER! =P
After school we went to visit Hilmi
Hilmi fractured his leg and was absent for days
So the whole class stay back and went to visit him
Inilah semangat SATU MALAYSIA! xD haha!
We walk our way from the school to Wawasan 1
It was kinda tiring..sweating like
But it's fun..^^ this is what we call semangat 5B!
And and and..WE WORE OUR 5B Tshirt! *proud*
Everybody was like looking and staring at us..haha
I guess 5B is really attractive after all :P
5B rocks! ^^
Glad Hilmi is fine..really felt sorry for him
Hope that he'll get well soon and score straight A's in SPM 2010!
All the best!

5B(2010) @ Hilmi's House =)
Semangat 5BIJAKSANA! x)

xoxJuliannaxox 5B forever!

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