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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Run Devil, RUN!

28 August 2010
Another performance :)
Chinese Society last gathering
Haha..this time..the performance is kinda lousy, VERY lousy!
I can't believe that i actually learn the dance in one week time and yea..perform it..
LOL This is what we get == A lousy performance!
Last minute, VERY LAST MINUTE, added two more dancers..
And because of that we practice for 134682375628 times in this morning, before the performance starts
By the time, i'm lack of energy already! =.=
LOL Yea..i know i'm weak :(( hah!
Overall still made mistakesss..haha..can't focus well XD Opps~
Please don't laugh when watching this D: lololololll! XDD

During the performance..

Group pic :D

 My edited pic :P kekezz..


Saturday, 7 August 2010


7 August 2010
Hari Kokurikulum @ SMKPBP(1)
My very very first performance in secondary school
It's senior year! Enjoy to the max!
Just wanna leave a wonderful memory behind, before leaving this school :')
Not perfect though, but it's our effort =)

Here's one of the video =) Enjoy! xD

The hall was crowded with humansss
Thanks to all my friends and 'ji mui' that came to school to support me!
Some more said not
Surpriseeee! :D
So touching T.T
They even made a special poster for me! x)
Although my name spell wrongly la -.- haha..Ms Pui Yee lor..
My first so call 'poster' xD haha..still love it very much
Really appreciate it! ^^
The performance was not bad..but can be better of course..LOL
Got clappings and cheers from people xD
I like this feeling XD hahahahahaa~~
Standing on the stage,'s not really that scary after all ^^

Group pic ;)

My best-est friends ever! ^^

xoxJuliannaxox love to dance :)