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Saturday, 7 August 2010


7 August 2010
Hari Kokurikulum @ SMKPBP(1)
My very very first performance in secondary school
It's senior year! Enjoy to the max!
Just wanna leave a wonderful memory behind, before leaving this school :')
Not perfect though, but it's our effort =)

Here's one of the video =) Enjoy! xD

The hall was crowded with humansss
Thanks to all my friends and 'ji mui' that came to school to support me!
Some more said not
Surpriseeee! :D
So touching T.T
They even made a special poster for me! x)
Although my name spell wrongly la -.- haha..Ms Pui Yee lor..
My first so call 'poster' xD haha..still love it very much
Really appreciate it! ^^
The performance was not bad..but can be better of course..LOL
Got clappings and cheers from people xD
I like this feeling XD hahahahahaa~~
Standing on the stage,'s not really that scary after all ^^

Group pic ;)

My best-est friends ever! ^^

xoxJuliannaxox love to dance :)

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