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Friday, 31 December 2010

Hoot Perfomance @ Puteri8 a.k.a New Year Countdown

31 December 2010
HOOT performance at Puteri8 tonight
We arrived there at about 7.20pm+
And guess what..there's only VERY few people there
No mood to perform already :(
After that, then only we got to know that the event actually starts at 9pm
Those humans give wrong info -.-
But still not much people in the end..maybe 150? or 200?
Before the performance, we practiced..2 times(?) i guess. Forgot :D
Those lightings were == SCREW IT!
It's like dancing in dark, with disco lightings
We can't even see properly! Keep banging each other
And i think i ACCIDENTALLY stepped on someone with my boots :X
Sorry~ :(((
p/s : Even the audience can't see what we're dancing under those "sparkling" lights(?) ya know D:
And so, after we requesting and begging, finally they on the...spotlights(?)
Around 10pm+ i guess, we finally, officially performed
*emotional breakdown*
I was actually kinda confident when we're practicing at home
We even sacrificed our sleeping hoursss to meet up and practice EARLY in the morning D:
Didn't expect it to turn out to be like that =X
We're not ready..oh wait, I'M not ready :(
Maybe it's only me :D opps
The other 8 of them did great job, at least better than me :O haha
And yea, it just ended like that *sobsob *
After that, most of us actually waited and stayed there until 12am..
for the sake of the firecrackers!
And you know what, the fireworks FAILED!
Damn it! Really fail teruk-teruk la.. ==
So yea, my new year countdown just ended like that..
Well, at least i got to meet up with my friends
And i did enjoy a little, very little
It's okay..haha..sometimes, all we have to do is just chill :)
I did gained new experiences :)
So yea..smileee :))) 


 Oh yea, one more thing, i just remembered that i did not blog about a very important thing
%#!@^#*#!#!!&;#*!#!!!! *toooot*
I can't believe it! How could I?!
How can i actually forgot about my VERY IMPORTANT camera?! D: I mean not mine la..hehe x)
Sad case ==
LOL careless me :')
haha XD

Our Group Pics :)

~"Will it be our last performance? Hmm..maybe :( Will definitely miss these precious moment :') "~

xoxJuliannaxox Hoot hoot hoot~~ ;D

Monday, 27 December 2010

The very funny-lol-swt-awesome-unforgettable experince! XD

27 December 2010
Drove to IOI mall today =X
First time drive that super, very far -.-
Haha...yea..STILL sucks in driving..
Driving manual car is like the horror =.=
Today, i also went to fill the petrol for the very first time!
Without accompany by my mum or sister leh..
First time hold the "petrol-gun" (dunno what that thing call XD )
First time open the METAL petrol tank cover
First time filling the petrol tank..
Whoa..*proud of myself!* :P haha!
Seriously, people who did not experience like what i did, will not understand my feelings de la..
LOL ^^ awesome-ness
Oh yea...continue my IOI story
And so..i fetch few of my friends to IOI to buy some stuffs la
My GOOD friend, Regina Liang -.-
She actually go and lift up my break without my knowing -.-
She said she did told me but seriously i didn't hear anything
And so, when the traffic lights turn green
The car can't move and the engine mati -.-
I was sosososo panic for a moment and didn't know what happen
OMG what to do?!
Carssss are behind me! I have to act fast! =X
Luckily they didn't "HON" me, if not i lagilah panic =.=
LOL It's a funny-lol-swt-awesome-unforgettable experience XD
Thank God we all arrive home safely..
Haha! XD YEAH!


Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Sunw@y L@goon ;)

21 December 2010
Went to Sunway Lagoon today!
Finally~~ == Plan this trip since ages ago dunno when Zzz..
Been arguing for dunno how many timessss
This can, that can't..that can, this can't =.=
At last, me made it! LOL
The ticket was suppose to be RM45
But it cost us RM60! T.T
They actually force us to take 3 parks, and we are not even allow to choose the park we want!
WTH -.-
And so..we're FORCED to choose the Wildlife Park, which is the worse park ever -.-
Nothing much to see there cause we only walk for few minutes and chaozz
Confirm nobody wanna go, that's why it's compulsory to take that park
They expect teens nowadays to go to see animals? =.=
Even the zoo is much more better than that place
Anyway, we still had loads of fun there ^^
Haha..yay! :D
But dunno why, the rides somehow are not scary me
Even sitting the 360degree it's like nothing to me
Don't have that indescribable feelings anymore
LOL Seriously, not scary at all
But yea, i still shouted la..
Screamed like an idiot XD
 Release all the stress out! woohoo :P
Overall, it's fun, Kinda enjoy it.
Hope that it'll not be our last time gathering together like this :)

Peaceee ;)

Wet look :)

Group pic :) After Sunway Lagoon @ Subway

~"p/s: Saw many leng zai in sunway lagoon today @.@ haha :P "~