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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Sunw@y L@goon ;)

21 December 2010
Went to Sunway Lagoon today!
Finally~~ == Plan this trip since ages ago dunno when Zzz..
Been arguing for dunno how many timessss
This can, that can't..that can, this can't =.=
At last, me made it! LOL
The ticket was suppose to be RM45
But it cost us RM60! T.T
They actually force us to take 3 parks, and we are not even allow to choose the park we want!
WTH -.-
And so..we're FORCED to choose the Wildlife Park, which is the worse park ever -.-
Nothing much to see there cause we only walk for few minutes and chaozz
Confirm nobody wanna go, that's why it's compulsory to take that park
They expect teens nowadays to go to see animals? =.=
Even the zoo is much more better than that place
Anyway, we still had loads of fun there ^^
Haha..yay! :D
But dunno why, the rides somehow are not scary me
Even sitting the 360degree it's like nothing to me
Don't have that indescribable feelings anymore
LOL Seriously, not scary at all
But yea, i still shouted la..
Screamed like an idiot XD
 Release all the stress out! woohoo :P
Overall, it's fun, Kinda enjoy it.
Hope that it'll not be our last time gathering together like this :)

Peaceee ;)

Wet look :)

Group pic :) After Sunway Lagoon @ Subway

~"p/s: Saw many leng zai in sunway lagoon today @.@ haha :P "~ 


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