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Monday, 27 December 2010

The very funny-lol-swt-awesome-unforgettable experince! XD

27 December 2010
Drove to IOI mall today =X
First time drive that super, very far -.-
Haha...yea..STILL sucks in driving..
Driving manual car is like the horror =.=
Today, i also went to fill the petrol for the very first time!
Without accompany by my mum or sister leh..
First time hold the "petrol-gun" (dunno what that thing call XD )
First time open the METAL petrol tank cover
First time filling the petrol tank..
Whoa..*proud of myself!* :P haha!
Seriously, people who did not experience like what i did, will not understand my feelings de la..
LOL ^^ awesome-ness
Oh yea...continue my IOI story
And so..i fetch few of my friends to IOI to buy some stuffs la
My GOOD friend, Regina Liang -.-
She actually go and lift up my break without my knowing -.-
She said she did told me but seriously i didn't hear anything
And so, when the traffic lights turn green
The car can't move and the engine mati -.-
I was sosososo panic for a moment and didn't know what happen
OMG what to do?!
Carssss are behind me! I have to act fast! =X
Luckily they didn't "HON" me, if not i lagilah panic =.=
LOL It's a funny-lol-swt-awesome-unforgettable experience XD
Thank God we all arrive home safely..
Haha! XD YEAH!


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