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Tuesday, 27 December 2011


27 December 2011
Holiday ending in a week.
I've wasted 3 long weeks of my precious holiday doing nothing.
Yeap. Nothing at all.
Staying up late and waking up late. Everyday.
Facing real hard time.
I dunno what i want.
I feel emo every time i think about it although i tried my best not to.
Everything just seems....hard :(
I make myself busy everyday by downloading loads of phone apps & games to play.
I don't wanna think about it. Stop.
I...don't have the courage to even think about it.
Yes. I repeated this lifeless routine for the whole 3 weeks.
Hopeless right? I know :(
I've been admiring other people's life. Jealous about them.
Why does their lives seem so...perfect?
They don't seem to worry about their future like i do. Do they?
Their life seem smooth. So smooth. So perfect.
They are so firm. So determine in achieving their dreams
Everybody is enjoying their college life.
Bravely chasing for their dreams, and well-planned future.
But me? 
I'm so lost. So confused. :'( Helpless.
People study to achieve their dreams. Me?
I study just for the sake of study? To complete my course?
What the hell? So..................useless.
Does anyone in the world understands how i feel? Anyone at all?
What makes me more worried is that mum retiring in 6 months time.
And that more income after that. 
I'm really worried. Really really worried.
And i'm really angry with myself
why the hell am i still hesitating?? about my choice.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

End of Sem2.

10 December 2011
Semester2 finally ended.
Time flies.
Been really, really, REALLY busy for the past few weeks.
Abandoned this blog for months
suddenly have the urge to update it :)
Now, back to topic.
Seriously, been extremely busy with college life.
Rushing assignments everyday, burning midnight oil every night
ughh..really torturing!
those feeling when everybody is asleep and you are alone, downstairs, rushing homework
really awful! and lonely! :(
not forget to mention that, when you are extremely tired + sleepy,
and you still have to bare with it and continue rushing assignments.
What worse is, I have to repeat the same routine every-single-day!
It's just..really too much assignments. #horrible
And then today is finally the last day of semester2.
I realize something.
I stop and ask myself..
"Is this really the future that i want?"
"Is this really what my future gonna be?"
"Burning midnight oil everyday? Rushing jobs & works? Everyday?"
This is only college life. 
Bare in mind and be prepared that real working life is gonna be much more tougher.
Can i do it?
Before this, rumors spreading..
many of them says, ID career is not easy. 
We need to sacrifices alot.
Even my own lecturer said so
That time, i was determined with my decision.
 To me, nothing is easy in this world if we don't add in effort.
I always try to be positive and think that way.
But now...?
I started to doubt myself. Doubt about my decision :(
Did i choose the wrong path? :(
But it's too late now. I don't see any U-turn ahead.
There's no turning back? Especially when i'm a full scholarship recipient.
I just don't know. I really don't know. Don't want to know....
Dear God & Dad, please guide me.


xoxJuliannaxox with doubt.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Yoichi last day

30 June 2011
Last day of June 2011
It’s also the last day for YoiChi restaurant :(
Yes. Last day a.k.a tutup shop :(
Although I had left Yoichi for about one year…
But it feel so great to see everyone again today :)
Feel so touching…so down T.T bu se de :(
Today is Yoichi last day, so we went there for dinner to support them..
Or in other saying, we went there to enjoy our last Yoichi meal..
Yoichi is my first working place, my first job, as a waitress
Yoichi had left me abundance of sweet & meaningful memories..
I had learnt a lot. Really a lot.
Everyone in Yoichi, especially my boss, treat me so well that I really, really enjoy working there.
I personally don’t take it as working, instead, it’s enjoying! Having fun there!
The first opening day of Yoichi, I’m there.
And now, the last closing day of Yoichi, how can I not be there? :(
It’s really saddening that Yoichi have to close down
I witnessed the whole process how Yoichi first open, grow, getting more famous,…how they face and solve all the challenges…and now, end business T-T
When I first heard of this news, I really don’t believe it…I don’t wanna believe it..
I ate tons of good food in Yoichi, the chef cook delicious food!
It’s really shocking when I heard that Yoichi is closing down…
According to them, Yoichi business started to become worse after the Japan disaster – nuclear plant
People refused to eat Japanese food because they were afraid that the food is affected by the nuclear plant in Japan :/ or maybe due to some other reasons..
And so, business worsen day by day
This made them no choice but to end the business - close Yoichi =[
Instead losing money everyday, maybe closing Yoichi is a wise choice =/
Well, personally, I really thinks that Yoichi has a great future if it’s not because of this incident.
The food here is much much and more better than many of the Japanese restaurant in Malaysia.
Sigh~ Anyway, still have to accept the fact.
At least, when I went back to Yoichi today with my ex-colleagues, everybody was so surprised and happy to see us. It’s been a while since I last met them one year ago.
Since it’s last day, why bother? Closing Yoichi with a smile is better than in tears right? :)
I sincerely wish all the best to all of them, all the workers, chef, and boss. God bless all of you :’)
Take care. I’ll miss you all so damn much!

One of my boss :)

Japanese Sifu and his girlfriend ;) He's a funny sifu XD and good looking! XDD

Ex-colleagues and me :)

My boss aka 'stepmother' :)

Choi Chan and me :) a very pretty good friend

Yoichi Japanese Dining- wonderful memories ^^

~” I believe that it’s fate that I coincidentally get to work at Yoichi, knowing everyone there, knowing great people, boss, and friends =) All the flashbacks, all the memories…priceless! I’m seriously a lucky girl, Thank you God ~”


Sunday, 19 June 2011

Two years ago. 19/6/2009

19 June 2011
It's Father's Day today.'s exactly two years you left us.
Miss you...very, very much :)


Sunday, 29 May 2011

Charity Performance @ Rakan Muda

29 May 2011
Performance day!
Went to Rakan Muda for the charity show today ;)
And we performed Kpop dance cover! 8D
To be honest, my opinion, i'm the worst between them == #embarrassing
It’s a long story~ If not because of the ‘misunderstand’, I don’t think I’ll even agree to perform -.-
Firstly, I thought my course starts on 30th May, which means I’ve plenty time to practice for the performance as im rotting at home all these while xP
But, im wrong! == The stupid timetable they gave me was confusing which made me misunderstands and thought my course starts on 30th.
And so, it’s not and it’s starting right away :O
I’ve got no choice :O I’ve promised to perform for the show.
After all the troubles and phone calls, it’ll be irrelevant if I play truant and broke my promise last minute. Very, very last minute. ;(
So, we diedie also must continue the show.
In fact, the truth, we only meet up and practice for…2 times to be exact :X
Just imagine that, ONLY TWO TIMES.
AND EACH TIME ONLY ABOUT TWO HOURS!! >< (plus chit-chatting and stuffs lol)
Even I wanted to give up the show already.
I don’t wish to go on stage, dance like idiot, and get laughed by people! >< Ughh..
I know it will be my worst nightmare! :(
Not to mention that, my college life had started, homeworks, at college from morning till evening, reach home at night, dinner, tired, sleep.
Don’t even have time to practice on my own! :(
Well, no choice. No use crying on split milk! A promise is a promise.
In the end, we performed. Here’s the video.

Well, overall, not THAT bad.
Not synchronise obviously =/ 
Maybe because those audience aunties kids doesn’t know anything about dancing, they like our performance! XD lol
Keep praising us here and there.
They were actually amazed by our performance?! @@ LOL
They even ask, “ Where did you all learn you dance? So good in dancing…this and that~”
Anyway, it’s a charity show for single mothers.
We don’t mind much.
As long as we did entertain the audience and made them happy, and put aside their worries for a moment, it’s great. :) It’s fun.
For real…I guess. :(
College life has begun.
Gonna get serious :(
I’m gonna miss it very, very much. <3
Awesome memories :)

Feeling like a dancer :P wahahaha...yala yala...i'm daydreaming i know..tq

~"Simply love dancing, love the way people cheer for you, love the way how people like your performance. It’s simply awesome :) dontcha think so? X) LOL "~


Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mother's Day - Wishlist

8 May 2011
It's Mother's Day today!
As usual, like previous years..
We didn't really celebrate it actually..
Just another normal day..? Not much difference =/
Well, we don't always eat steamboat..
And this time, we made steamboat at home..
So..consider as celebrating? Hmm..oh well..
I promise to year 2012 mother's day will be a better one! i hope =/
There's something that i really wanted to do for mum >.<
Wondering..when will it come true? #neversaynever :)

Mum's only diamond ring was cheated by some idiot fellers few years ago :( Actually, not only her ring, but other jewelleries too :((  It's just like watching dramas..can't believe that mum really believe those fake superstitious stuffs and got cheated :O Zzz..well, she was just concerning about her family - us. No point blaming..i remember..the ring she bought it as gift for was expensive, kinda. Personally, for me, i don't really crave for jewelleries -.- for me it's just a waste of money. LOL But if someone buy it for me of course i won't say no! :P haha..anyway, i really wanted to buy one as a replacement for mum. A cheap not-so-expensive one :P lol Just wait and see, you diamond ring!

Mum always complaining about how tired she pain her muscle she really wanted to go for a massage etc...mum works really hard, for living, for us. Especially when dad passed away, mum's the only sole bread-winner in the family..supporting our lives. This the reason why i didn't really wanna give up my part time job that time, studying + working. But i had no choice as SPM is more important and so i quited my job in May2010 that time. And now, college starting soon =/ if i can manage my time well, i really hope to find a part-time job to help out :( really. Anyway, give me some time..massage chair, i'll definitely bring you home!


This will probably takes forever quite a while to come true D: lol But hey, #neversaynever! :) Since after mum and dad have us, burden increases, living cost increases, everything increase except MONEY$ :O lol..well, i'm still grateful that we have food to eat, clothes to wear and house to live. I never sit on aeroplane before, wonder how it feel..hmm.. . .Although we are not rich, but we are much more better than millions of people in the world already! So, be grateful! :) THANK GOD. Travelling with dad, enjoying life is mum's dream. I can never make that happen anymore. I'm late. But there's still us. I really hope that one day, i can fulfil mum's travelling dream and make it come true. I promise i'll bring her travelling, i'll bring her visit other countries one day, and we'll snap many photos together! Just wait for me! #dreambig

 " There's gonna be times when people say you can't live your dreams, this is what i tell them, 'Never Say Never' - JUSTIN BIEBER "

~"I'll make these reality one day..just wait and see :) "~

xoxJuliannaxox #neversaynever #dreambig :)

Friday, 6 May 2011

Random Drawings

5 May 2011
Just a random post of my drawings
Didn't know that i'll still have to draw again
Ever since after Form3, i seldom draw
Why? Because i'm lazy lah! XD :P hehe
Well, i don't really know the real tactics to draw + colour..
So that's why, each time, i took like about 28658947537hours days to finish up one piece of drawing right! XD Haha..
But surprisingly, the result came out not that bad :P haha syok sendiri..
Well, don't ever expect me to simply cin-cin-cai-cai draw a piece of rubbish art -.-
I can't accept it. Haha..dunno why. It's just my LIFE Principe :P konon XD kakaz
No more "Pendidikan Seni" in our syllabus wad..
Didn't touch the drawing sets for so long..
Those water colour sets are collecting dust at the
Just for the sake college registration, i draw :D again ;P lol
2pieces for TOA, another 2pieces for STAR scholarship..ughh, life.
To be exact, i actually draw SIX piece of arts -.-
2pieces were drew on the spot. Imagine that :O
Potraits of worst part, ever! lol
Glad it's over! I repeat, OVER! :D
Don't think my course need that much of drawing ba? =X noooo~! :'(
lol..don't think so..even draw also not this kind of drawing :)
So, probably it's my last time touching the water colour and draw!
Well, i did really enjoy drawing and arts actually ;P
Just that i'm lazy and i took centuries to finish up one piece..that's why xP
Leave these drawings as memory =)

Ahaha...if you realize..the flower is actually bigger than the bird -.-" LOL and i don't really know how to paint the waterfall >.<" ahaha #fail!

This drawing, i was copying my past artwork in primary school :P haha..saw the background? so plain right...because i'm lazy! XD #lousy!

Somehow i like this one the most! :P haha..maybe because of the colourful rainbow x) nice right? LOL #satisfied! :P kinda..haha my masterpiece! lol

This piece is all about shading :) Saw the apple there? fail! >.<" Dunno how to shade the apple! And that time, i can't find an apple for me to refer XD LOL #notbad? haha

~"Among my siblings, it's said that i'm the most "talented" and have passion in drawing. -.-" lol..Dad's a good artist and can draw very super well..maybe i inherited the 'talent' from dad i guess? :) Honestly, the feeling of getting praise after completed my art is EPIC! LOL Well, i can't really draw that well, but at least not that bad ;) Thank God, thanks dad."~


xoxJuliannaxox memory =)

Monday, 4 April 2011

I'm sorry, mum

4 April 2010
I found this story, which is very meaningful and i would really like to share.
I learnt a lot from this story..
and i hope, YOU, who are reading this post right now, will learn something from it too!

The Story of the Pencil & Eraser
I'm sorry.
For what? You didn't do anything wrong.
I'm sorry because you get hurt because of me. Whenever I made a mistake, you're always there to erase it. But as you make my mistakes vanish, you lose a part of yourself. You get smaller and smaller each time.
That's true. But I don't really mind. You see, I was made to do this. I was made to help you whenever you do something wrong. Even though one day, I know I'll be gone and you'll replace me with a new one, I'm actually happy with my job. So please, stop worrying. I hate seeing you sad.

"Parents are like the eraser whereas their children are the pencil. They're always there for their children, cleaning up their mistakes. Sometimes along the way, they get hurt, and become smaller / older, and eventually pass on. Though their children will eventually find someone new (spouse), but parents are still happy with what they do for their children, and will always hate seeing their precious ones worrying, or sad."

It's true. So true.
I wanna treat my mum better.
She likes to nag and mumble a lot.
Although at times, it's annoying...really annoying..
But i'm very grateful that i still have mum to nag and mumble at me..
Sometimes, scolding too! LOL
I'm not a good person. I'm not a good girl.
Often, I can't seems to control myself, can't control my anger..
I've done many things that hurt her..
Argue with her, ignoring her advice, shouted back at her when angry...
all sort of bad things that i've done :(
Yea...i'm bad...really bad.
I'm a human. I made mistakes too.
I realise that, I really did many things that hurt her..
I'm not a good daughter.
I wanna treat her better.
I always remind myself about that.
She's getting old... i know..
She won't be there forever.
Her nagging, mumblings, scoldings are all my own good.
I know that. And i'm grateful about it!
Thank God for blessing me with great parents like mum and dad.
I've realise my mistakes.
From this moment onwards,
If i treat her good last time, then starting from now, I'll treat her BEST!
I'm not sure whether i can really fulfill my promise or not, but i'll give my best!
I wish her to be happy and healthy always.

~"Please do forgive me for so much that i've done that hurt you, even when i'm still a foetus in your womb. I'm really grateful that God gave me, YOU. I'm lucky to have you as my mum.
 I love you, mum."~

xoxJuliannaxox You're the best mum in the world =) ILY

Friday, 1 April 2011

Interior Design, I choose you :)

1 April 2011
My future?
Interior design, i'm coming~ Wait for me!
There was once, i felt discouraged. VERY
Seeing all my friends, one by one..starting their college life..
Most of them plan to go overseas to further their studies..
Ausmat, sam, a-levels, studying for pharmacist, business, accounts etc~
But none of them taking Arts.
Probably because most of my friend took SC stream..
Unlike me. I took Sc stream too. But....
Interior design. Some say the salary low, some say hard to find work..
This that, this that. All sort of negative feedback -.-
Thank God for guiding me.
Well, it may not be easy, but i'll do my very best!
Never try, never know!
Pray that i'll not regrets please.
Hope that i made the right decision.

"I won't choose something that i like, i'll choose something that is good for my future." - Anonymous
Dancing? Singing? Enjoy?
I can't take the risk.
I'm not brave enough.
And i don't have that kind of talent either.
I'll just take it as my hobby i guess :)
Mum have to retire soon.
After she retired, who's gonna support us?
Who's gonna support our living?
Savings? EPF? The money dad left for us?
Don't be silly, not gonna last long..
I dare not risk the savings with something that can't guarantee my future =/
It's the reality!
So...yea :) I've made up my mind!

就算错了*touch wood XD*代表失败

Mum's worries...i understand.
Reading others opinions and comments in a forum that posted few years ago..
After reading it, even myself hesitated too. Speechless.
I asked myself..
Do i really like Interior Design?
I realise, i can't even get any answer from me, myself!
I'm not confident enough to say that i like it..
I just can't do it :(
Salary low? Not easy to impress customers' needs?
Do loads but earn little?
Tough job? Difficult to do?
Working time not fix? May have to work till morning to rush work?
There's nothing easy in this world.
There's no success that comes without hard work, isn't it?
Well, my interest towards Interior Design may not be that deep yet..
But i believe, time can change everything.
Instead of taking science subjects, psychology etc that i'm not even interested in it..
I rather choose Interior Design.
I had finally solved my problem.
Mum's on my side now =)
I hope i'll not regret with it.
I really don't want to disappoint her....and, myself.
God, please show me the right path.
Dad, bless me, bless us.

"I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft." - Bill Gates

Nobody knows the future
Stay positive and

xoxJuliannaxox Interior Design, i choose you! Please don't disappoint me~

Saturday, 26 March 2011

SPM 2010

23 March 2011
SPM 2010 result is finally out.
How's my result?
No longer straight A's this time :/
Me? Disappointed?
Yes. A little actually.
Well, if i tell you i don't mind AT ALL, i'm lying :)
Looking at others' result, straight A's in a row, jumping in joy and happiness..
How i wish i was one of them..
But anyway,
Thank God :)
Hey! 7A's are not easy too! xP
And..i did not went for any tuition either!
It's all about me and myself! :D and my friends too ^^
It's only a certificate anyway!
(Haha..thinking this way actually make me feels happier :D LOL)
I'm still proud of myself! :)
Who am i? I'm JCYQ wor!!
I'm not gonna give up that easy!! Hahh!
SPM is only part of my life! A very loooong more journey to go! ;)
Another thing that surprise me was..
I can't believed that i actually score 1A for my 1119
It was....unbelievable? O.O
All this while..even i, myself didn't know that my English is that 'good'
I always did grammar mistakes..haha..maybe i improve? LOL
I can't remember myself using any high class words or bombastic words in my essay either. LOL
Hmm...i think, think, think, and think
I cracked my head, squeezed my brain juice..
I finally remember.
I remembered what i wrote in my essay.
Maybe that's the reason why i score 1A for 1119.
I actually related the essay story to myself, my life.
I somehow expressed my feelings and regrets in the essay..
A story about how i miss dad and how i wish dad is still here.
And how i did not get the chance to see dad for the last time..
How my heart filled with regrets and tears...
People just won't understand...
I modified the's not 100% my real life story..but..yea..
I still remember, i nearly broke down in the SPM hall, writing this essay..
especially the's a sad ending :( it's bitter..
Reading at my own essay, controlling my tears in the exam hall..
I remember it clearly now.
Maybe my story touched the markers...i guess..
......................................................... . . . . . .
Hmm..or maybe my English is really that Good!
Haha :P Lucky!


Sunday, 13 March 2011

Dance for life?

13 March 2011
 Dance for life? haa~
My future may not related to any dancing or performing..
But i'm not gonna give up dancing =)
Not gonna regret attending dancing classes
Not gonna feel wasting for paying the fees although i'm paying it every month with my hard-earn money
I may not excel in dancing..but,
I enjoy ^^
It's just a hobby? Maybe?
Hmm..maybe it's a way to keep me slim and healthy too? haha..i hope so! XD


Monday, 28 February 2011

My future? :(

28 February 2011
Down. Again :(
Nobody understands me
None...not at all...
not even....
myself? :(
My future?
I really do not know what course to take
I wanted to choose something i like...
something that i'll not regret taking it..
It's hard.
It's just hard!
I'm under depression! :'(
Mum keep asking me...
SPM result gonna release soon..
There's no more time to spare anymore..
and i'm still lost..
like a little girl, trying to find her way out of the scary jungle.
Will the little girl find her way out?
Something I like? It's just impossible.
So, stop dreaming, wake up and face the reality! WAKE UP!!
Something I like? No future.
Those job are for those who dislikes studies and not well-educated people..
No offence, but it's trueee..
And i don't wanna disappoint mum either :(
Something I like? I scare i'll regret.
I really worried that i'll regret for taking the wrong path..
Worried that i'll regret for not listening to others advice
Worried for wasting mum's money...I can't bare the risk, i can't
I feel like as if i'm the only one in the whole wide world who faces this problem
Everybody is so happy, enjoying their life..but me?
Where's my self-confidence?
Maybe i don't even own any.
No one understands me.
No one can help me.
I'm all alone.
I'm on my own now.
It's all about me.
Sometimes, I wonder...
If you're still here...
What will you say to me?
Dad, please give me some hints at least..will ya?
God, please help me. Save me ~

~"Go for your dreams? It's always easy to said that...but believe me, it's not easy. Not everybody can bare it..not everybody have the guts to do so...not everybody can make it till the end...but...IT'S NOT IMPOSSIBLE =) just trying to be positive and i hope i'm right..sigh"~

xoxJuliannaxox L.I.F.E

Monday, 14 February 2011

. . . .

14 February 2011
It's Valentine today...
but I'm not gonna blog anything related to it in this post.
I'm very down now. Very, very down.
Just got back home from work
i mean..I'm no longer working there now
so i shall say..just got back home from the stupid restaurant
I fire the boss! I repeat..
i said - I FIRE THE BOSS!
Didn't want that to happened.
I just can't stand it anymore. Not another second at all. NO!
Just now the so-call-boss gathers us up for a talk
Complaints, this and that..
There's another so-call-IDIOTSHIT-manager
Can say that she's the cause of everything!
Her mouth just won't shut! 八婆!
She's really a 八婆! A LIMITED EDITION 八婆!
So usual, for her own 'safety'
she blame everything on us! Damn it!
We talked and argued..
I can't hold my tears..
Argued, debate
Fine. Gave up.
Let you all say whatever you want..
Just say whatever you want!
JJung and I just stopped everything and resign on the spot.
Left everything behind and just walk out from the restaurant.
This is call 'yeng'! LOL -.-
i really can't stand it anymore..
i know my attitude was bad just now, really bad..but i can't control it
i tried my best.
i can't hold my tears
I'm sorry for not being patient
I'm sorry for not tolerating and just zip up my mouth
but i really didn't regret for leaving just now
I think I've made the right decision
No regrets.
I'm not saying that I'm not wrong..but their not right either!
Not happy working there at all...
with those sarcastic people around..
in front of you smile smile, talk bad about the boss..
in front the boss? Talk behind us! :@
She's thinks that we don't know?
Working there, i got nothing. ZERO. Nothing at all.
Just tears, sadness, boring-ness and tiredness.
Oh..i did get something actually..a good old friend, Uncle Gilbert
That's the most precious thing i got since the day i work there.
We often chat, and joke around..that's the happiest moment there
I don't know whether i did the right thing..
but I'm happier now..i i? lol..hmm..
I made the right choice.
No use working there anymore since I'm so unhappy.
Anyhow, it still hurts..accuse by people like that..
I cried. Regret for working there.
Wrong choice.

~" Shall i say it as fate? Now i have time to think about my course, seriously think about what course to take! :) Before this, i stopped my dancing class because of working. I'm sad. Although i can't dance well, but i still enjoy dancing. And the day before, I'm still worrying dunno how to apply leave to attend my best buddies' birthday party...they don't wanna give us off day! The boss broke her promise. During CNY, already gave 5days..that's what she said. I mean..we did not ask for it. She didn't even tell us that she actually take our off days to put it as holiday in CNY. Damn! So it's like a a month without off, working from morning till night! Tired! Like seriously, tired..If only just now i voice out everything, every single thing about what THEY did to us..i confirm that i can talk for few hours non-stop! There's too much to say!
It's just that all this while we're trying to be patient and tolerate with them..don't wanna bother so much, don't wanna bother over small matters..but in the end, this is what we get. =) Life!"~
Now that i've quit, everything solve! ^^ Thank God. It's fate.
Think positively.

Did i made the right choice?
I dunno
I think i did!
Whether it's right or wrong..
It still hurts T_T
I cried.
But it's a relief, a BIG relief~ =)

xoxJuliannaxox The second job in my life sucks! I'm proud of myself for the decision i've made. Gain new experience and i'm a tougher me now. I'll never forget today.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Officially 18 - A day to remember :)

7 February 2011
It's my day! :)
I'm officially 18 now!
To be happy? Or to be sad?
Haha...FACE IT! X)
Be prepared. It's gonna be a looong post. XD
Here it goes..

Started my day early in the morning
Went to work 
Birthday also need to work :(( pity
Haha..isn't that bad after all =D
They celebrated for me...and also JiaJung (2nd FEB)
Uncle Gilbert bought a cake for us
He's a nice old man..a very nice friend..and also the oldest in my friend list XD

My Our cake :P haha It's a Chocolate cake!

Us with Uncle Gilbert =)

Uncle Gilbert shared many of his interesting stories with us
And he also taught us many moral values of life
Experiences that faced by him are uncountable!
Yet he never give up and still live positively =)
He's amazing. Seriously, i never regret knowing him
I'm lucky that I've met such a great person :')
Uhm..okay..enough of that..out of topic XD
Back to the story..
And so..celebrated my birthday in the restaurant
just a simple one..
I wanted to leave early
Need to rush back home
Why? Because someone is coming!

Ms Tan Hui Hsing is coming! :D
I dunno how to tell the boss..but luckily..i was able to leave early
Arrive home about 2.45pm
So happy..plenty time to wait for Hsing and also prepare myself for the dinner
Dinner with BFF at IOI @ Little Pantry =)
So excited 8D Cant wait!
But then..mum suddenly said wanna bring me to some where - forgot what it call..KWSP?
It's a place to settle pension stuffs..
And so i had no choice but to follow :'(
Praying that Hsing will not come so early so that we are able to meet
Arrive that place. People everywhere -.-
Took number. Wait for our turn. Wait until Zzz~~
Lost hope. Confirm cant rush back in time to meet Hsing already :(
4.30pm+, still there. Finally settle all the pension stuffs..
Part of me still hoping for miracles to happen LOL XD
Arrived home about 5pm. Sis told me Hsing just left NOT LONG
*heartbroken* LOL :'(
I understand. Dad's pension stuffs is more important.
I'm 18. Just the right time to settle those pensions stuff
Because they wouldn't let us take dad's pension until I'm 18
So what Hsing said, it's fate! D:
If only i had arrive home a minute or two earlier..
Maybe we get to meet each other!
Oh well..only God knows =)
Okay..i'm talking to much here -.-
Let's skip to the party! :D

Arrive there - IOI @ Little Pantry-
Alicia, Ker Yi, Pui Yee and Pui Chi were there already
They reserve a special seat for me konon XD LOL
And so we chat chat and talk talk
FYI, I get to play snap pic with Alicia expensive camera! COOL! 8D
You know, those high-class camera which cost at least FEW THOUSANDS?
Yeap. That's the one! :D Woo~ XD
While I'm still snapping and having fun with the camera..
Suddenly Ginsky and JiaJung appeared behind me and surprise~! *shock? a little :P
Actually i already knew they are coming! XD haha!
I already can guess..acting skill fail! XD
Just act surprise only! haha..actually i didn't give much reaction also hahh!
Trying to surprise me? XD Next time ba~ FAIL
Then order food talk wait for RachelC and the gang
They're late -.- Very late.
Finish the our dinner they also haven't arrive yet -.-
LOL Finally they came..uggh..
And so..continue to talk, eat, chat, camwhore blablabla XD
Sounds boring? XD But i enjoyed it! ♥ haha!
Then cake is out. My favourite cheesecake! Aww..yum yum :9
And then everyone began to sing me the birthday song :D
They purposely sang so loud that the whole IOI Mall can hear it! almost :P haha
I swear that everyone in the restaurant were looking at our table!
Focusing on us!
Or maybe just me? :P XD bwahahahah!
Damn paiseh =X but i LOVE it! ;) haha!
Each of them gave me a hug
Normally, i don't like these hugging, kissing's like EWWW..
But it's different now..
I like it so much...felt so warm ♥
It's like so saddening when we gotta leave after that :'((
Dunno when will we get to meet again..
Uggh..this often touching..
Everyone going their own path and stuffs like that..
Accept it! :')
Wish that our friendship last forever :) BFF

Group pic! I love this pic =) ♥ niceee

Candid! ♥ Cute friends :D


My brother, sai lou =)     

Pamela ;)

 Natasha :D

Ginsky and Kah Sim ^^

Michelle and Marilyn ;D  

5 of us. BFF

The chocolate cheesecake~! Ahh...delicious until i also dunno how to say! XD ♥ haha

Okay now..the family part :)
So i arrived home..celebrate with family
They bought a cake for me too.
Nothing much. Came home kinda late.
Everyone waiting for the cake me :P
Only thing different this year is..sis Joanne bought me a gift.
First time in my life XD
I love it! Thank you~ ♥
I always wanted to buy some gift for each of my family members too..
But i forgot..and i just don't have the chance. yet. :(
I hope i can do it this year! I promise ♥
And yeah..of course not to forget - a family picture! =)
My lovely family :)

Birthday cake! Yum yum :D


Teddies handmade by Alicia ^^ Awesome ♥ Randomly picked and i got blue =)

  My presents :D MY By2 ALBUM!! ♥.♥
I mentioned that i don't wanna get another single plushie for my birthday..LOL
There's too many toys and plushies on my bed that i don't have space to sleep anymore! XD
But this time it's an exception! :D
I still love it anyhow! XD Thank you Hsing! Its blue will always remind me of you! BFF! ♥

xoxJuliannaxox 3 cakes in 1 day :) ♥ fatty! XD Got my 1st ATM card today! Not like i'm gonna use it YET anyway xD