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Friday, 7 January 2011

Being A Model? LOL!

6 January 2011
Just now when i on my MSN messenger..
A window pop up
Somebody added me..her name is *dunwannamention*
Probably it's a fake name -.-
I thought it was my friend, because i have friends who have similar names
And you know what?
She actually offer me to become a model?
I repeat. A MODEL??
For a moment or two...
I was like..."wow, i'm so lucky?"
"I? Me? Becoming a model?"
Seriously..i was like..WOW! *.*
All kind of imagination pop up in my head
Happy? I think so? Haha :P
But then..where got so good one..
Think i'm a 3years old kid meh..zzz
TV also got teach us la..don't believe this kind of people
She ask me to send in my photo..
She said that it's trial only..send in my picture to see whether i got the qualification to become model or not
Haha! Very funny ==
Feeling curious, and wanted to see how these people cheat...
I asked her, her company's name and company's phone number
Then..guess what..she said the company is in Canada
and talk talk talk (she did not give me the number/name)
Trying to change topic huh? -.- tsk tsk
She said until as if it's real @.@ haha!
I tried to trace her email address in FB, but can't find her
Obviously, it's a faker!
This funny part is..
I can't believe that i'm actually brave enough to said this to her
"You know what? I don't believe you..don't cheat":P
I even said, "You got find wrong people or not? I'm too short to become a model"
Haha..i did ask her lots of questions XD
She said she's a so-call EX-MODEL wor..
Hmm..maybe it's real?
I just miss a chance to become a model?! :((
But seriously la..on this earth, where got such thing as free lunch one -.- Zzz
Well, for a couple of minutes, i really did dream of nonsense stuffs
XD hahahhahahhahahahhaaa~!!
Dream that..whoa..if i really become a model..
I don't need to stress and squeeze my brain juice to think about what course to take anymore..
I become a famous model..everybody will be jealous...this that etc
The lucky one? More like the very, super unlucky one..
LOL! nice least i learned something today
Now, i've experience, in real life, how people use these tactics to cheat girls..
Especially those dumb girl like..*coughmecough* xP
But the timing is like so coinciding, so ngam leh :O
Such a coincidence =X
I was like busy posting status in FB, asking people's opinion about what course to take
Busy searching for courses information
Busy worrying, stressing, depressing D;
And yea..this model thingy came..haha!
*Still wondering where did she get my email address ~.~ hmm..*

~"Haha..model? Not a bad idea after all..LOL! Dream on! x) gg ~"

xoxJuliannaxox model? HAHA!

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