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Monday, 28 February 2011

My future? :(

28 February 2011
Down. Again :(
Nobody understands me
None...not at all...
not even....
myself? :(
My future?
I really do not know what course to take
I wanted to choose something i like...
something that i'll not regret taking it..
It's hard.
It's just hard!
I'm under depression! :'(
Mum keep asking me...
SPM result gonna release soon..
There's no more time to spare anymore..
and i'm still lost..
like a little girl, trying to find her way out of the scary jungle.
Will the little girl find her way out?
Something I like? It's just impossible.
So, stop dreaming, wake up and face the reality! WAKE UP!!
Something I like? No future.
Those job are for those who dislikes studies and not well-educated people..
No offence, but it's trueee..
And i don't wanna disappoint mum either :(
Something I like? I scare i'll regret.
I really worried that i'll regret for taking the wrong path..
Worried that i'll regret for not listening to others advice
Worried for wasting mum's money...I can't bare the risk, i can't
I feel like as if i'm the only one in the whole wide world who faces this problem
Everybody is so happy, enjoying their life..but me?
Where's my self-confidence?
Maybe i don't even own any.
No one understands me.
No one can help me.
I'm all alone.
I'm on my own now.
It's all about me.
Sometimes, I wonder...
If you're still here...
What will you say to me?
Dad, please give me some hints at least..will ya?
God, please help me. Save me ~

~"Go for your dreams? It's always easy to said that...but believe me, it's not easy. Not everybody can bare it..not everybody have the guts to do so...not everybody can make it till the end...but...IT'S NOT IMPOSSIBLE =) just trying to be positive and i hope i'm right..sigh"~

xoxJuliannaxox L.I.F.E

Monday, 14 February 2011

. . . .

14 February 2011
It's Valentine today...
but I'm not gonna blog anything related to it in this post.
I'm very down now. Very, very down.
Just got back home from work
i mean..I'm no longer working there now
so i shall say..just got back home from the stupid restaurant
I fire the boss! I repeat..
i said - I FIRE THE BOSS!
Didn't want that to happened.
I just can't stand it anymore. Not another second at all. NO!
Just now the so-call-boss gathers us up for a talk
Complaints, this and that..
There's another so-call-IDIOTSHIT-manager
Can say that she's the cause of everything!
Her mouth just won't shut! 八婆!
She's really a 八婆! A LIMITED EDITION 八婆!
So usual, for her own 'safety'
she blame everything on us! Damn it!
We talked and argued..
I can't hold my tears..
Argued, debate
Fine. Gave up.
Let you all say whatever you want..
Just say whatever you want!
JJung and I just stopped everything and resign on the spot.
Left everything behind and just walk out from the restaurant.
This is call 'yeng'! LOL -.-
i really can't stand it anymore..
i know my attitude was bad just now, really bad..but i can't control it
i tried my best.
i can't hold my tears
I'm sorry for not being patient
I'm sorry for not tolerating and just zip up my mouth
but i really didn't regret for leaving just now
I think I've made the right decision
No regrets.
I'm not saying that I'm not wrong..but their not right either!
Not happy working there at all...
with those sarcastic people around..
in front of you smile smile, talk bad about the boss..
in front the boss? Talk behind us! :@
She's thinks that we don't know?
Working there, i got nothing. ZERO. Nothing at all.
Just tears, sadness, boring-ness and tiredness.
Oh..i did get something actually..a good old friend, Uncle Gilbert
That's the most precious thing i got since the day i work there.
We often chat, and joke around..that's the happiest moment there
I don't know whether i did the right thing..
but I'm happier now..i i? lol..hmm..
I made the right choice.
No use working there anymore since I'm so unhappy.
Anyhow, it still hurts..accuse by people like that..
I cried. Regret for working there.
Wrong choice.

~" Shall i say it as fate? Now i have time to think about my course, seriously think about what course to take! :) Before this, i stopped my dancing class because of working. I'm sad. Although i can't dance well, but i still enjoy dancing. And the day before, I'm still worrying dunno how to apply leave to attend my best buddies' birthday party...they don't wanna give us off day! The boss broke her promise. During CNY, already gave 5days..that's what she said. I mean..we did not ask for it. She didn't even tell us that she actually take our off days to put it as holiday in CNY. Damn! So it's like a a month without off, working from morning till night! Tired! Like seriously, tired..If only just now i voice out everything, every single thing about what THEY did to us..i confirm that i can talk for few hours non-stop! There's too much to say!
It's just that all this while we're trying to be patient and tolerate with them..don't wanna bother so much, don't wanna bother over small matters..but in the end, this is what we get. =) Life!"~
Now that i've quit, everything solve! ^^ Thank God. It's fate.
Think positively.

Did i made the right choice?
I dunno
I think i did!
Whether it's right or wrong..
It still hurts T_T
I cried.
But it's a relief, a BIG relief~ =)

xoxJuliannaxox The second job in my life sucks! I'm proud of myself for the decision i've made. Gain new experience and i'm a tougher me now. I'll never forget today.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Officially 18 - A day to remember :)

7 February 2011
It's my day! :)
I'm officially 18 now!
To be happy? Or to be sad?
Haha...FACE IT! X)
Be prepared. It's gonna be a looong post. XD
Here it goes..

Started my day early in the morning
Went to work 
Birthday also need to work :(( pity
Haha..isn't that bad after all =D
They celebrated for me...and also JiaJung (2nd FEB)
Uncle Gilbert bought a cake for us
He's a nice old man..a very nice friend..and also the oldest in my friend list XD

My Our cake :P haha It's a Chocolate cake!

Us with Uncle Gilbert =)

Uncle Gilbert shared many of his interesting stories with us
And he also taught us many moral values of life
Experiences that faced by him are uncountable!
Yet he never give up and still live positively =)
He's amazing. Seriously, i never regret knowing him
I'm lucky that I've met such a great person :')
Uhm..okay..enough of that..out of topic XD
Back to the story..
And so..celebrated my birthday in the restaurant
just a simple one..
I wanted to leave early
Need to rush back home
Why? Because someone is coming!

Ms Tan Hui Hsing is coming! :D
I dunno how to tell the boss..but luckily..i was able to leave early
Arrive home about 2.45pm
So happy..plenty time to wait for Hsing and also prepare myself for the dinner
Dinner with BFF at IOI @ Little Pantry =)
So excited 8D Cant wait!
But then..mum suddenly said wanna bring me to some where - forgot what it call..KWSP?
It's a place to settle pension stuffs..
And so i had no choice but to follow :'(
Praying that Hsing will not come so early so that we are able to meet
Arrive that place. People everywhere -.-
Took number. Wait for our turn. Wait until Zzz~~
Lost hope. Confirm cant rush back in time to meet Hsing already :(
4.30pm+, still there. Finally settle all the pension stuffs..
Part of me still hoping for miracles to happen LOL XD
Arrived home about 5pm. Sis told me Hsing just left NOT LONG
*heartbroken* LOL :'(
I understand. Dad's pension stuffs is more important.
I'm 18. Just the right time to settle those pensions stuff
Because they wouldn't let us take dad's pension until I'm 18
So what Hsing said, it's fate! D:
If only i had arrive home a minute or two earlier..
Maybe we get to meet each other!
Oh well..only God knows =)
Okay..i'm talking to much here -.-
Let's skip to the party! :D

Arrive there - IOI @ Little Pantry-
Alicia, Ker Yi, Pui Yee and Pui Chi were there already
They reserve a special seat for me konon XD LOL
And so we chat chat and talk talk
FYI, I get to play snap pic with Alicia expensive camera! COOL! 8D
You know, those high-class camera which cost at least FEW THOUSANDS?
Yeap. That's the one! :D Woo~ XD
While I'm still snapping and having fun with the camera..
Suddenly Ginsky and JiaJung appeared behind me and surprise~! *shock? a little :P
Actually i already knew they are coming! XD haha!
I already can guess..acting skill fail! XD
Just act surprise only! haha..actually i didn't give much reaction also hahh!
Trying to surprise me? XD Next time ba~ FAIL
Then order food talk wait for RachelC and the gang
They're late -.- Very late.
Finish the our dinner they also haven't arrive yet -.-
LOL Finally they came..uggh..
And so..continue to talk, eat, chat, camwhore blablabla XD
Sounds boring? XD But i enjoyed it! ♥ haha!
Then cake is out. My favourite cheesecake! Aww..yum yum :9
And then everyone began to sing me the birthday song :D
They purposely sang so loud that the whole IOI Mall can hear it! almost :P haha
I swear that everyone in the restaurant were looking at our table!
Focusing on us!
Or maybe just me? :P XD bwahahahah!
Damn paiseh =X but i LOVE it! ;) haha!
Each of them gave me a hug
Normally, i don't like these hugging, kissing's like EWWW..
But it's different now..
I like it so much...felt so warm ♥
It's like so saddening when we gotta leave after that :'((
Dunno when will we get to meet again..
Uggh..this often touching..
Everyone going their own path and stuffs like that..
Accept it! :')
Wish that our friendship last forever :) BFF

Group pic! I love this pic =) ♥ niceee

Candid! ♥ Cute friends :D


My brother, sai lou =)     

Pamela ;)

 Natasha :D

Ginsky and Kah Sim ^^

Michelle and Marilyn ;D  

5 of us. BFF

The chocolate cheesecake~! Ahh...delicious until i also dunno how to say! XD ♥ haha

Okay now..the family part :)
So i arrived home..celebrate with family
They bought a cake for me too.
Nothing much. Came home kinda late.
Everyone waiting for the cake me :P
Only thing different this year is..sis Joanne bought me a gift.
First time in my life XD
I love it! Thank you~ ♥
I always wanted to buy some gift for each of my family members too..
But i forgot..and i just don't have the chance. yet. :(
I hope i can do it this year! I promise ♥
And yeah..of course not to forget - a family picture! =)
My lovely family :)

Birthday cake! Yum yum :D


Teddies handmade by Alicia ^^ Awesome ♥ Randomly picked and i got blue =)

  My presents :D MY By2 ALBUM!! ♥.♥
I mentioned that i don't wanna get another single plushie for my birthday..LOL
There's too many toys and plushies on my bed that i don't have space to sleep anymore! XD
But this time it's an exception! :D
I still love it anyhow! XD Thank you Hsing! Its blue will always remind me of you! BFF! ♥

xoxJuliannaxox 3 cakes in 1 day :) ♥ fatty! XD Got my 1st ATM card today! Not like i'm gonna use it YET anyway xD

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Can you hear me?

1 February 2011
 So much to say...
So much to tell...
Can you hear me?
I miss you dad.