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Monday, 14 February 2011

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14 February 2011
It's Valentine today...
but I'm not gonna blog anything related to it in this post.
I'm very down now. Very, very down.
Just got back home from work
i mean..I'm no longer working there now
so i shall say..just got back home from the stupid restaurant
I fire the boss! I repeat..
i said - I FIRE THE BOSS!
Didn't want that to happened.
I just can't stand it anymore. Not another second at all. NO!
Just now the so-call-boss gathers us up for a talk
Complaints, this and that..
There's another so-call-IDIOTSHIT-manager
Can say that she's the cause of everything!
Her mouth just won't shut! 八婆!
She's really a 八婆! A LIMITED EDITION 八婆!
So usual, for her own 'safety'
she blame everything on us! Damn it!
We talked and argued..
I can't hold my tears..
Argued, debate
Fine. Gave up.
Let you all say whatever you want..
Just say whatever you want!
JJung and I just stopped everything and resign on the spot.
Left everything behind and just walk out from the restaurant.
This is call 'yeng'! LOL -.-
i really can't stand it anymore..
i know my attitude was bad just now, really bad..but i can't control it
i tried my best.
i can't hold my tears
I'm sorry for not being patient
I'm sorry for not tolerating and just zip up my mouth
but i really didn't regret for leaving just now
I think I've made the right decision
No regrets.
I'm not saying that I'm not wrong..but their not right either!
Not happy working there at all...
with those sarcastic people around..
in front of you smile smile, talk bad about the boss..
in front the boss? Talk behind us! :@
She's thinks that we don't know?
Working there, i got nothing. ZERO. Nothing at all.
Just tears, sadness, boring-ness and tiredness.
Oh..i did get something actually..a good old friend, Uncle Gilbert
That's the most precious thing i got since the day i work there.
We often chat, and joke around..that's the happiest moment there
I don't know whether i did the right thing..
but I'm happier now..i i? lol..hmm..
I made the right choice.
No use working there anymore since I'm so unhappy.
Anyhow, it still hurts..accuse by people like that..
I cried. Regret for working there.
Wrong choice.

~" Shall i say it as fate? Now i have time to think about my course, seriously think about what course to take! :) Before this, i stopped my dancing class because of working. I'm sad. Although i can't dance well, but i still enjoy dancing. And the day before, I'm still worrying dunno how to apply leave to attend my best buddies' birthday party...they don't wanna give us off day! The boss broke her promise. During CNY, already gave 5days..that's what she said. I mean..we did not ask for it. She didn't even tell us that she actually take our off days to put it as holiday in CNY. Damn! So it's like a a month without off, working from morning till night! Tired! Like seriously, tired..If only just now i voice out everything, every single thing about what THEY did to us..i confirm that i can talk for few hours non-stop! There's too much to say!
It's just that all this while we're trying to be patient and tolerate with them..don't wanna bother so much, don't wanna bother over small matters..but in the end, this is what we get. =) Life!"~
Now that i've quit, everything solve! ^^ Thank God. It's fate.
Think positively.

Did i made the right choice?
I dunno
I think i did!
Whether it's right or wrong..
It still hurts T_T
I cried.
But it's a relief, a BIG relief~ =)

xoxJuliannaxox The second job in my life sucks! I'm proud of myself for the decision i've made. Gain new experience and i'm a tougher me now. I'll never forget today.

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