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Friday, 1 April 2011

Interior Design, I choose you :)

1 April 2011
My future?
Interior design, i'm coming~ Wait for me!
There was once, i felt discouraged. VERY
Seeing all my friends, one by one..starting their college life..
Most of them plan to go overseas to further their studies..
Ausmat, sam, a-levels, studying for pharmacist, business, accounts etc~
But none of them taking Arts.
Probably because most of my friend took SC stream..
Unlike me. I took Sc stream too. But....
Interior design. Some say the salary low, some say hard to find work..
This that, this that. All sort of negative feedback -.-
Thank God for guiding me.
Well, it may not be easy, but i'll do my very best!
Never try, never know!
Pray that i'll not regrets please.
Hope that i made the right decision.

"I won't choose something that i like, i'll choose something that is good for my future." - Anonymous
Dancing? Singing? Enjoy?
I can't take the risk.
I'm not brave enough.
And i don't have that kind of talent either.
I'll just take it as my hobby i guess :)
Mum have to retire soon.
After she retired, who's gonna support us?
Who's gonna support our living?
Savings? EPF? The money dad left for us?
Don't be silly, not gonna last long..
I dare not risk the savings with something that can't guarantee my future =/
It's the reality!
So...yea :) I've made up my mind!

就算错了*touch wood XD*代表失败

Mum's worries...i understand.
Reading others opinions and comments in a forum that posted few years ago..
After reading it, even myself hesitated too. Speechless.
I asked myself..
Do i really like Interior Design?
I realise, i can't even get any answer from me, myself!
I'm not confident enough to say that i like it..
I just can't do it :(
Salary low? Not easy to impress customers' needs?
Do loads but earn little?
Tough job? Difficult to do?
Working time not fix? May have to work till morning to rush work?
There's nothing easy in this world.
There's no success that comes without hard work, isn't it?
Well, my interest towards Interior Design may not be that deep yet..
But i believe, time can change everything.
Instead of taking science subjects, psychology etc that i'm not even interested in it..
I rather choose Interior Design.
I had finally solved my problem.
Mum's on my side now =)
I hope i'll not regret with it.
I really don't want to disappoint her....and, myself.
God, please show me the right path.
Dad, bless me, bless us.

"I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft." - Bill Gates

Nobody knows the future
Stay positive and

xoxJuliannaxox Interior Design, i choose you! Please don't disappoint me~

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