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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Charity Performance @ Rakan Muda

29 May 2011
Performance day!
Went to Rakan Muda for the charity show today ;)
And we performed Kpop dance cover! 8D
To be honest, my opinion, i'm the worst between them == #embarrassing
It’s a long story~ If not because of the ‘misunderstand’, I don’t think I’ll even agree to perform -.-
Firstly, I thought my course starts on 30th May, which means I’ve plenty time to practice for the performance as im rotting at home all these while xP
But, im wrong! == The stupid timetable they gave me was confusing which made me misunderstands and thought my course starts on 30th.
And so, it’s not and it’s starting right away :O
I’ve got no choice :O I’ve promised to perform for the show.
After all the troubles and phone calls, it’ll be irrelevant if I play truant and broke my promise last minute. Very, very last minute. ;(
So, we diedie also must continue the show.
In fact, the truth, we only meet up and practice for…2 times to be exact :X
Just imagine that, ONLY TWO TIMES.
AND EACH TIME ONLY ABOUT TWO HOURS!! >< (plus chit-chatting and stuffs lol)
Even I wanted to give up the show already.
I don’t wish to go on stage, dance like idiot, and get laughed by people! >< Ughh..
I know it will be my worst nightmare! :(
Not to mention that, my college life had started, homeworks, at college from morning till evening, reach home at night, dinner, tired, sleep.
Don’t even have time to practice on my own! :(
Well, no choice. No use crying on split milk! A promise is a promise.
In the end, we performed. Here’s the video.

Well, overall, not THAT bad.
Not synchronise obviously =/ 
Maybe because those audience aunties kids doesn’t know anything about dancing, they like our performance! XD lol
Keep praising us here and there.
They were actually amazed by our performance?! @@ LOL
They even ask, “ Where did you all learn you dance? So good in dancing…this and that~”
Anyway, it’s a charity show for single mothers.
We don’t mind much.
As long as we did entertain the audience and made them happy, and put aside their worries for a moment, it’s great. :) It’s fun.
For real…I guess. :(
College life has begun.
Gonna get serious :(
I’m gonna miss it very, very much. <3
Awesome memories :)

Feeling like a dancer :P wahahaha...yala yala...i'm daydreaming i know..tq

~"Simply love dancing, love the way people cheer for you, love the way how people like your performance. It’s simply awesome :) dontcha think so? X) LOL "~


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  1. Hahha!! I guessed the correct one!! ��tak sangka ar , ur dancing skill..ehemm..