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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mother's Day - Wishlist

8 May 2011
It's Mother's Day today!
As usual, like previous years..
We didn't really celebrate it actually..
Just another normal day..? Not much difference =/
Well, we don't always eat steamboat..
And this time, we made steamboat at home..
So..consider as celebrating? Hmm..oh well..
I promise to year 2012 mother's day will be a better one! i hope =/
There's something that i really wanted to do for mum >.<
Wondering..when will it come true? #neversaynever :)

Mum's only diamond ring was cheated by some idiot fellers few years ago :( Actually, not only her ring, but other jewelleries too :((  It's just like watching dramas..can't believe that mum really believe those fake superstitious stuffs and got cheated :O Zzz..well, she was just concerning about her family - us. No point blaming..i remember..the ring she bought it as gift for was expensive, kinda. Personally, for me, i don't really crave for jewelleries -.- for me it's just a waste of money. LOL But if someone buy it for me of course i won't say no! :P haha..anyway, i really wanted to buy one as a replacement for mum. A cheap not-so-expensive one :P lol Just wait and see, you diamond ring!

Mum always complaining about how tired she pain her muscle she really wanted to go for a massage etc...mum works really hard, for living, for us. Especially when dad passed away, mum's the only sole bread-winner in the family..supporting our lives. This the reason why i didn't really wanna give up my part time job that time, studying + working. But i had no choice as SPM is more important and so i quited my job in May2010 that time. And now, college starting soon =/ if i can manage my time well, i really hope to find a part-time job to help out :( really. Anyway, give me some time..massage chair, i'll definitely bring you home!


This will probably takes forever quite a while to come true D: lol But hey, #neversaynever! :) Since after mum and dad have us, burden increases, living cost increases, everything increase except MONEY$ :O lol..well, i'm still grateful that we have food to eat, clothes to wear and house to live. I never sit on aeroplane before, wonder how it feel..hmm.. . .Although we are not rich, but we are much more better than millions of people in the world already! So, be grateful! :) THANK GOD. Travelling with dad, enjoying life is mum's dream. I can never make that happen anymore. I'm late. But there's still us. I really hope that one day, i can fulfil mum's travelling dream and make it come true. I promise i'll bring her travelling, i'll bring her visit other countries one day, and we'll snap many photos together! Just wait for me! #dreambig

 " There's gonna be times when people say you can't live your dreams, this is what i tell them, 'Never Say Never' - JUSTIN BIEBER "

~"I'll make these reality one day..just wait and see :) "~

xoxJuliannaxox #neversaynever #dreambig :)

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