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Friday, 6 May 2011

Random Drawings

5 May 2011
Just a random post of my drawings
Didn't know that i'll still have to draw again
Ever since after Form3, i seldom draw
Why? Because i'm lazy lah! XD :P hehe
Well, i don't really know the real tactics to draw + colour..
So that's why, each time, i took like about 28658947537hours days to finish up one piece of drawing right! XD Haha..
But surprisingly, the result came out not that bad :P haha syok sendiri..
Well, don't ever expect me to simply cin-cin-cai-cai draw a piece of rubbish art -.-
I can't accept it. Haha..dunno why. It's just my LIFE Principe :P konon XD kakaz
No more "Pendidikan Seni" in our syllabus wad..
Didn't touch the drawing sets for so long..
Those water colour sets are collecting dust at the
Just for the sake college registration, i draw :D again ;P lol
2pieces for TOA, another 2pieces for STAR scholarship..ughh, life.
To be exact, i actually draw SIX piece of arts -.-
2pieces were drew on the spot. Imagine that :O
Potraits of worst part, ever! lol
Glad it's over! I repeat, OVER! :D
Don't think my course need that much of drawing ba? =X noooo~! :'(
lol..don't think so..even draw also not this kind of drawing :)
So, probably it's my last time touching the water colour and draw!
Well, i did really enjoy drawing and arts actually ;P
Just that i'm lazy and i took centuries to finish up one piece..that's why xP
Leave these drawings as memory =)

Ahaha...if you realize..the flower is actually bigger than the bird -.-" LOL and i don't really know how to paint the waterfall >.<" ahaha #fail!

This drawing, i was copying my past artwork in primary school :P haha..saw the background? so plain right...because i'm lazy! XD #lousy!

Somehow i like this one the most! :P haha..maybe because of the colourful rainbow x) nice right? LOL #satisfied! :P kinda..haha my masterpiece! lol

This piece is all about shading :) Saw the apple there? fail! >.<" Dunno how to shade the apple! And that time, i can't find an apple for me to refer XD LOL #notbad? haha

~"Among my siblings, it's said that i'm the most "talented" and have passion in drawing. -.-" lol..Dad's a good artist and can draw very super well..maybe i inherited the 'talent' from dad i guess? :) Honestly, the feeling of getting praise after completed my art is EPIC! LOL Well, i can't really draw that well, but at least not that bad ;) Thank God, thanks dad."~


xoxJuliannaxox memory =)

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