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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Yoichi last day

30 June 2011
Last day of June 2011
It’s also the last day for YoiChi restaurant :(
Yes. Last day a.k.a tutup shop :(
Although I had left Yoichi for about one year…
But it feel so great to see everyone again today :)
Feel so touching…so down T.T bu se de :(
Today is Yoichi last day, so we went there for dinner to support them..
Or in other saying, we went there to enjoy our last Yoichi meal..
Yoichi is my first working place, my first job, as a waitress
Yoichi had left me abundance of sweet & meaningful memories..
I had learnt a lot. Really a lot.
Everyone in Yoichi, especially my boss, treat me so well that I really, really enjoy working there.
I personally don’t take it as working, instead, it’s enjoying! Having fun there!
The first opening day of Yoichi, I’m there.
And now, the last closing day of Yoichi, how can I not be there? :(
It’s really saddening that Yoichi have to close down
I witnessed the whole process how Yoichi first open, grow, getting more famous,…how they face and solve all the challenges…and now, end business T-T
When I first heard of this news, I really don’t believe it…I don’t wanna believe it..
I ate tons of good food in Yoichi, the chef cook delicious food!
It’s really shocking when I heard that Yoichi is closing down…
According to them, Yoichi business started to become worse after the Japan disaster – nuclear plant
People refused to eat Japanese food because they were afraid that the food is affected by the nuclear plant in Japan :/ or maybe due to some other reasons..
And so, business worsen day by day
This made them no choice but to end the business - close Yoichi =[
Instead losing money everyday, maybe closing Yoichi is a wise choice =/
Well, personally, I really thinks that Yoichi has a great future if it’s not because of this incident.
The food here is much much and more better than many of the Japanese restaurant in Malaysia.
Sigh~ Anyway, still have to accept the fact.
At least, when I went back to Yoichi today with my ex-colleagues, everybody was so surprised and happy to see us. It’s been a while since I last met them one year ago.
Since it’s last day, why bother? Closing Yoichi with a smile is better than in tears right? :)
I sincerely wish all the best to all of them, all the workers, chef, and boss. God bless all of you :’)
Take care. I’ll miss you all so damn much!

One of my boss :)

Japanese Sifu and his girlfriend ;) He's a funny sifu XD and good looking! XDD

Ex-colleagues and me :)

My boss aka 'stepmother' :)

Choi Chan and me :) a very pretty good friend

Yoichi Japanese Dining- wonderful memories ^^

~” I believe that it’s fate that I coincidentally get to work at Yoichi, knowing everyone there, knowing great people, boss, and friends =) All the flashbacks, all the memories…priceless! I’m seriously a lucky girl, Thank you God ~”


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