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Sunday, 11 December 2011

End of Sem2.

10 December 2011
Semester2 finally ended.
Time flies.
Been really, really, REALLY busy for the past few weeks.
Abandoned this blog for months
suddenly have the urge to update it :)
Now, back to topic.
Seriously, been extremely busy with college life.
Rushing assignments everyday, burning midnight oil every night
ughh..really torturing!
those feeling when everybody is asleep and you are alone, downstairs, rushing homework
really awful! and lonely! :(
not forget to mention that, when you are extremely tired + sleepy,
and you still have to bare with it and continue rushing assignments.
What worse is, I have to repeat the same routine every-single-day!
It's just..really too much assignments. #horrible
And then today is finally the last day of semester2.
I realize something.
I stop and ask myself..
"Is this really the future that i want?"
"Is this really what my future gonna be?"
"Burning midnight oil everyday? Rushing jobs & works? Everyday?"
This is only college life. 
Bare in mind and be prepared that real working life is gonna be much more tougher.
Can i do it?
Before this, rumors spreading..
many of them says, ID career is not easy. 
We need to sacrifices alot.
Even my own lecturer said so
That time, i was determined with my decision.
 To me, nothing is easy in this world if we don't add in effort.
I always try to be positive and think that way.
But now...?
I started to doubt myself. Doubt about my decision :(
Did i choose the wrong path? :(
But it's too late now. I don't see any U-turn ahead.
There's no turning back? Especially when i'm a full scholarship recipient.
I just don't know. I really don't know. Don't want to know....
Dear God & Dad, please guide me.


xoxJuliannaxox with doubt.

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