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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Dinner @ Shiang Hai Vegetarian Restaurant

So sis birthday is just around the corner, and since today is Sunday, hence my family and i had decided to celebrate it by having a dinner outside. Like usual, it a tradition for our family to have dinner outside whenever there's somebody birthday. And so, we're facing the same problem again...fretting over where to eat. Ughh. I bet you all often face the same problem too! no? haha #somalaysian . Anyway, this time we went to a restaurant near Sunway Mentari. Shiang Hai Vegetarian Restaurant. Get to know this restaurant through sis's friend.

Cant remember what's the name of this dish already...sushi something..i like it! So made from all raw vegetables.

 Mango sushi. I think this is one of their main dish. It is on the first page of the menu itself. The sushi is wrap with a layer of mango..and it taste not bad. Still acceptable. My first time having fruit sushi.

Sushi in not sure what it called...tofu skin? Personally i think this is common, taste just like those we ate in other sushi restaurant, just that this is a modified version.

Other than sushi, we ordered some other noodles too. My family and i ordered few different kind of dish and we shared. Their Fried Udon...BIG LOVE!! LOVEEE IT! So yummy!

This noodle was soso..okay...very common...but the brown thingy on top taste kinda weird.

Mum ordered this. Full of vegetables. This dish was kinda special. Kuey teow noodle. They actually fried some of the kuey teow noodle(?) if not there's something crunchy, but dipped in thick soup, giving a pleasant texture. in explaining..haha

The restaurant interior. It's actually not a very big restaurant, but the food overall is good :)

RM88.88 Can buy jackpot! haha..feng shui good! LOL superstitious..
We ordered green tea and i think it actually kinda expensive. No? They charge RM3.50 per head? They only gave us a SMALL teapot (for 4 adults) and i don't think it's even refillable? I'm not sure about it but i can't find any teabags or tea-leaves in the teapot...hmm..we didn't bother to ask though...Overall, i'm satisfied with tonight's dinner. Their food is good. And it's my first time eating vegetarian sushi too...healthy and delicious! Maybe you can try too! Good food is to share :p haha If interested, get the address from the receipt up there. p/s: Sorry for all the bad quality photos, all snap using my galaxy ace only :/


Saturday, 3 November 2012


Fretting over back with ugly acne? Losing self-confidence? Depressed? Sad? Envy others beautiful sexy back? Hmm...this post might help you. I used to have this back acne problem too. "How to cure back acne?" "Any effective ways to cure back acne?" These are the common questions that i had been asking everyone  Till one day, one of my friend recommend me this product - T3 Acne Body Wash. Well, i'm not sure about others, but this is definitely useful for me! :) You can easily find this product at almost anywhere, any pharmacy or supermarket. Personally, i bought it at one of the Guardian outlet. It come in two sizes, the bigger bottle 550ml and the smaller one 200ml. Initially, i just wanna try it out, so i bought the smaller bottle 200ml. The price may be slightly higher compare to other bodywash in the market but i think its worth it. Here's how the product looks like.



The purple cover. Easy to use. Hygienic. 

Clear gel-like liquid, with nice scent.

Basically, you just use it like how you normally wash your body with other bodywash or soap. No any specific ways. Personally, i don't use much as i only focus on my body back area. So for me, one bottle like this can last for about 2months+. For those who are facing back acne problems like i used to be, i strongly recommend this product. I have been using this product for quite some time. It's effective and seriously reduce and almost fully cure my back acne problem! Though some times one or two pimples still pop up randomly out of no where, due to my personal period hormone, oily diet, and college stress i guess. This is why cutting down on fast oily food and having enough sleep are very important too. But still, it will heal very soon. I guess the natural Tea Three Oil ingredient in it really helps. Extremely satisfy with this product ^^ 

OVERALL : Effectiveness : 4.5 / 5 STARS

What do you all think? Have you all try it too? Share and comment if you have any questions about this product :)


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Introduction : HELLO!

Hello :) Hey peeps! JuliannaC. in the house yo! I'm a part time student but a full-time dreamer. I've been a blogger since 2009 but my previous blog is a little too private, so i decided to create a new one. This blog will be my new blog more about product reviews, my daily life and my point of view towards life. Cehhh haha! So many beautiful people in this world, so many beautiful ladies around me. I wanna be beautiful too! I want to have soft flawless skin, free of acne and pimples, sexy back, no eye bags, flat tummy, etc and etc. I wanna be beautiful! Who doesn't? haha :) Hope that we can share and exchange opinions. Also, I hope my reviews will be useful to you girls and ladies out there who are facing the same situation as me!  Remember, you, you, you and YOU can be beautiful :) We can be beautiful :) Everybody can be beautiful! :) So stop envying about others beauty and start taking actions! Good luck! :D Here's more about me... 

** Malaysia born Aquarius **
** 90's girl who wanna be beautiful! **
** Living in her own fairytale **
** A future interior designer? **
** Part of 'The One' family! if you know what i mean.. **
** A banana who's try to be mandarin orange gg **
** NOOB Junior in making-up **
** A slacker **
** A day dreamer **
** A tough girl LOL really? **
** Cold & unfriendly at first sight **
** The last-minute-queen! **
** Not perfect **
** Improving to be a better person **
** Still learning :) **

Much love xoxo

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Good deed?

26 September 2012
Did a tiny good deed today :')  There's nothing to be proud of..just have the sudden urge to note down and share my feelings. Heavy rain this morning. Rushed to college. Extra alot things to carry today..i mean seriously WHY TODAY? .__. 1word, 5letters - HEAVY. SUPER DUPER VEGETABLE ULTIMATE HEAVY. No joke, the loads, i can barely even walk properly.. Felt that my steps were so unstable as if i can really fall anytime. Laptop, box of marker pens, two gigantic dictionary-like library books which need to be return today, etc.. I mean seriously?! It is really possible for me to carry all that?! Situation got worse because it's raining cats and dogs! == No choice, just do it. And so..when i was heading to the class, quite a distance, need to wait for traffic lights and stuffs..then out of sudden i realized a girl was walking behind me. And she doesn't have a umbrella. I turned and glance through. Our eyes met. We kept walking. For a moment, i hesitated. Not about whether to help or not to help, but about how to open my mouth and talked to her -___- LOL you know me, i rarely talk to strangers zzz. And so i finally gathered all my courage and offered her to share my tiny umbrella. She agreed and we walked all the way together.

No, i'm not writing this to boast or show off. You know, actually i do have a choice whether to help her or not. I was carrying heavy loads and the umbrella is small. I can actually act nothing, act blind and be selfish. But thank God, i did not. Thank God i took the initiative to offer her help instead of waiting for her to ask me, as i don't think she will either. If this morning i choose to ignore her, i think i will regret. It will forever remain a cruel memory in my life. As i refresh back the incident today, i'm actually kinda proud of myself and glad. I just can't stop myself from thinking what happen today. Helping others can actually makes one feel happier. I'm happy. Just imagine that i'm her. I will be extremely grateful and thankful when someone offer help just when you extremely need it. Yeap, it is actually nothing.. Just a small tiny not like i safe a person's life or donated million dollars to the charity or what..but yea, i'm still glad that i helped her :') "Treat people like how you want them to treat you. To help or not to help is an option. You may think that you don't make any difference, but you do". Experience gained :) Happy.

Life's great.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Being Shy

7 September 2012
My weakness - being shy. I'm shy, and i cant help it. It's the fact. My level of shyness is actually kinda serious :( lol. Especially when i'm with strangers. But of course when i'm with my best buddies, the word 'shy' dot exist :p haha. Well, honestly, i'm a very shy person. I cant even talk to a person properly or even look properly at them when we are having a conversation face to face. I just cant do it. I tried, but i failed. I just cant face / look / eye contact with them. Its not like i purposely do that, but my eyes just naturally turn away when we are speaking. I know its not right, its rude to do so, its show no respect, but i just cant help it :( Perhaps some of them might also thinks that i'm so arrogant and unfriendly. Well, i already got used to this kind of situation. Hopeless. Not to mention if its a guy. Situation got worse. Awkward. I just feel so uneasy talking to guys, to opposite sex. No idea why. Plus i'm kinda antisocial(?) and not a very humour person. At times, i seriously don't know how respond or reply a conversation. No comment. I have nothing much to say. What worse is when some of them talk about something that they thinks is funny, i wouldn't laugh. I will just stare at them and they will stare at me back. Or maybe i will fake a smile. Sometimes. To make the atmosphere not so awkward :/ Pathetic.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


14 August 2012
Oppssss..looks like i broke my promise again. I promised to blogged more often but end up....*innocent smile* Nehhhh, i'll just blog whenever i feel like it :) Hehehh...soooo...My long awaited sem break has finally arrived! *tears of joy!* :') It's been a while. A long while. Too much things that i wanted to share and blog about till i've forgotten and don't know where to start. My previous loooooooooooooong hectic semester (Year2 Sem1), which had just ended, was a very challenging sem. A very tough sem. For me. It was really tough for me that i really hesitated about taking this course and was about to give up. For real. There was one moment that i really felt that..'design' and me are not meant to be. My design is...rubbish? Sigh. I don't know man. Maybe i really choose the wrong course... . .

But i'm really blessed and grateful that when i was at my very very down moment, my friends showed up. They are always there for me. I'm not alone. I'm really really thankful to them. Really. Sincerely from the deep of my heart. Actually, can say that i'm not really that close with them? Except when we are doing group assignments. I mean you know..i always hang with my own gang in college and didn't really hang out with them that often, although we always like to talk nonsense and jokes around LOL. Actually i'm really grateful that they requested me to join them in the group assignment. And because of that, it bring us closer together, it brings me closer to them, understand them better. They are really humor and funny friends. Sometimes, really beh tahan their lame jokes! xD But anyhow, i still feels that there's actually gap between us as they are all Chinese educated, and i'm not as active as them. I'm kinda passive, and prefer listening to their conversation and lame jokes than butting in, as i have not much to comments too. In short, i rarely start a conversation with people that i'm not familiar with. So...there's one day that i was very emo, and no mood, and then they suddenly approach me and pass me a paper, a short note. At that moment, i'm not really in the mood so i just took and kept it. Initially, i thought they were trying to prank me like how they always did lol. Moments later when i opened the note and read it, straight away my eyes were filled with tears. Stunned. Surprised. Shocked. I was so touched, really really touched by their simple note, touched by their effort, touched that they actually care about me..? All this while, i thought they only treat me as their hi-bye friend. Well, maybe i am their hi-bye friend, but to me, they are definitely not my hi-bye friends. More than just normal friends. Thank you for treating me so good. Not just to them, but also to you, you, you and YOU. Thank you. I'm so blessed. Thank you God. Thank you Dad. Thank you everyone, for everything.

Yup, my name is wrongly spelled :) But it doesn't matter at all. I like just how they wrongly spelled my name :) It may be a just a piece of plain recycle paper to you all, but trust me, this simple short note worth more than anything to me.



Monday, 23 April 2012

My Generasi, My Story :)

23 April 2012
Hello hello~ It's been a while since i last updated. Yes, im lazy -___- *hide face* So yea, i'm currently having long sembreak. Resuming my class on 7th of May. So, wondering how did i spend my long holiday? My holiday is very interesting and pack with all sort of plan! well, kinda LOL. First, i need some extra expenses and income for myself and also for the coming semester materials fees. So, i found myself two part time jobs as boutique salesgirl and also cookies promoter. Definitely a new experience, and a new level for me because i've never tried it before. Well, i was kinda worry about it initially...but i've overcome it :) It's not as scary as it seems. Everything has it's first time. When you never try, you'll never know. Forever. It's true :) Thank God for giving me the courage. Alright, continue. So, as i had already said, i'm having holiday; my looooong awaited dream holiday. You can't expect me to only spend my whole time on working right? such a waste! D: There's a saying, "WHEN YOU ARE YOUNG, YOU WORK TO LEARN, NOT TO EARN". :) Yes, i've learnt and gained loads from my working experience. So yea, part time will do. I need some time to rest too. On the normal days when i don't need to work, i 'boil' my favourite dramas :'D, help with the house chores, slack, relax, enjoy, and much much more! 

I've been exercising, practicing on dance cover too with a couple of besties of mine :') We planned to do some dance covers and record it in studios. Well, not sure whether in the end the plan really succeed or not..but at's a good start? :) It's been my dream to record dance covers in studio...just that all these while, i didn't voice out and it hard to find someone that have the same interest and thinking as mine. People may think it's meaningless,'s hard to explain. Well, take it as..for fun? I know i'm not a good dancer; wait i'm not even a dancer -.- LOL. What i mean is..i know i can't dance that well, i know my own limits..but no matter what, i still wanna try least once? please? YES, I WILL DO IT. I ONLY LIVE ONCE :) Besides that, i've also been hanging out with friends too. WK Birthday celebration, yumcha, makan, and all kind of stuffs! ^_^ 

Also, recently, i saw an online video contest. I don't know why, but i have the urge and very determine to take part in it. I don't know where did that courage in me came from, but yea, i participate in it :) I'm still finding myself, challenging a new level. It's a video about my childhood, our childhood. No harm giving it a try i guess. totally worth it! It's not about winning or losing anymore. Even if i did not win, seriously i think that it still worth it! :') I face hard time with the editing video software and searching for the right song, but thank God, i made through it. Not perfect though, but it's my effort and i'm proud of it! The song i used in this video is very meaningful and i would like to dedicate to all of my friends out there and also YOU, who are reading this right now :) I personally never heard of this song before. I just randomly browse over hundreds of songs in Youtube, yes no joke i spend few days up and down searching for the right song, and lucky that i found it! ;) I also realize that the value behind this video, and the happy times we spent together, finding back our childhood PRICELESS. :) Just imagine in 10years time when i'm looking back at this video... :'D *sniffs* ^_^ Here's my video :) 

Another thing is..i've also decided to try starting up a business, selling clothes online. Since i work at the boutique, i realize that many girls are willing to spend lots of money only on clothes alone. Lots of lots of money. And now there's also many of them love buying clothes online as it's cheaper and it's hard to find it in normal shop. Many people nowadays shop online, including me, myself LOL. So, yea. I'm gonna give it a try too. Selling varsity jackets! I've found cheap suppliers. Hehe <3 Hope everything works out smoothly. Just wanna find some side income to help mum, and also help myself :). God bless me *fingercrossed*

This is the first time in my life that i feel so proud of myself..LOL. My first time spending my holiday wisely, doing something different, something new. :) Slowly finding myself. Thank God. Thank you Dad.

-When you never try, you'll never know-

Friday, 2 March 2012

1 March 2012

1 March 2012
不要等到改天再約 誰知道有沒有改天
不要等到只能怀念 好朋友要常常见面
Woke up with a shocking news in Facebook. A schoolmate had just passed away :( A boy, same age - 19. We were never in the same class and i don't know him either. One thing i know is that we were studying in the same high school. That's all. But still, it's so saddening that he's gone. Just like that. So young. I read through plenty of his friends' posts on his wall. :'( Heartbreaking. Even I, a stranger, also feel so sorry and sad for his death. How will his friends and family feel? :(
I understand. I know that feeling. RIP. This incident taught us a lot. Reminds us of how unpredictable life is. Reminds us of how fragile life is. And again reminds me of you, Dad. Reminds me of how you also left us in a hurry, without even saying goodbye. Appreciate our love and precious one, before it's too late. Believe me, you will never wanna live in regrets. It's always easy to say this, but not everybody can do it. Not everybody has the chance to do it.Oh well, let the bygones be bygones. Treasure those precious memories :'] times, i still wonder...
Dad, how my life will be if you did not leave?
Will you scold me if you are the one who sits beside me, teaching me when i'm driving?
Will you praise me when you look at my first dancing performance video?
Will you support me when i say i wanna learn dancing?
Will you guide me when i'm lost and dunno what to do with my future?
Will you agree when i decide to go for the 3years Interior Design course?
Will you pity me when you see me struggling, burning midnight oil everyday?
Will you still wake me up early in the Sunday morning to accompany you for breakfast?
Will you feel proud of me for getting the scholarship?
Will you feel proud of me for all the artworks i did and models i built?
Will you will you will you?
So many questions left unanswered.
Everything will not be the same.
I miss you Dad. 

Dad, please bless mum, she's ageing already :[ I don't wanna lose her. Seeing her struggling, working so hard, everyday, for us. I know she's tired. Very tired. I really wish that i can finish my course right now and start earning money to support the family. But i can't. Hang on mum! I will fulfill you travel dream one day! Wait for it :'] One day... . . 

God bless,
JuliannaC :]

Saturday, 4 February 2012


4 February 2012
Been really stressed lately :( College life's hard here. As usual, rushing for assignments. Life is so miserable here. And...this is only the beginning of Sem3 :'( Everything seems to be harder and more challenging. Major assignments keep flowing in. What stress me out is that the due date they gave us. So short. All the assignments are clashing, i dunno how to handle it! I've been staying up all night this past week. Was chasing the time. Major lack of rest. It was horrible. Pathetic. I was so depressed. Rushing assignments 24/7! I'm tired. So tired. :(  Family went to sleep, i'm sitting at a corner rushing my work; Family woke up, and i'm still there. How sad is that. During this period, i really thought of giving up before. Almost. I felt so discouraged. :( Dear Dad & God, please guide me. 


Monday, 2 January 2012

A Brand New Year

1 January 2012
A brand new year, a brand new me.
So...i'm gonna start my brand new life. I hope and want to be a better person. I will be a better person. Left high school a year ago and started college life. During this one whole year I've gained alot and learnt alot. I realized that my friends and people around me changed. They are all more mature now. They are all adults now and apparently starting to become strangers to me. Not. Some of them started to couple already, sweet boyfriends girlfriends, some of them been very hardworking chasing their goal and dreams, some of them are having their sweet time enjoying life thinking that they can do anything they want because they are 'legal' now, and there are also some that are still unsure and still exploring their future - like me. In short, everybody changed. As for me, i don't think I've change much..? How i wish that i'm still a young teenager that doesn't have to worry about life, and all i had to do is just study. But no. Influenced by friends surrounding me, im forced to grow up and...i am an adult now. Well, there are always pros and cons, depending on how you see it. From my observation, i see my friends leaving one by one. We walk our separate paths, explore our own future that full of mysteries and hopes. This time we are on our own. Yeap. It's all you and your own future. No one can help you but you yourself. I've made up my mind. Since I've chosen Interior Design, i'm gonna do it. I will finish what i had started. Well, i can't guarantee that i will become a successful interior designer in the future, but yeah...i'm gonna do it. I mean, who knows what will happen in the future. As for now, i'm just gonna focus on my course and pour in my 101% effort to complete my diploma. Oh yeah! I've finally decided. Thank you God. 

Back to college life in two days. This time, i'm gonna enjoy it! No more last minute work. Nope. No more. I hope. Bring it on! I'm ready :) I believe 2012 will be a great year for me. I promise to be a better person. I hope i can do it. See me grow. Teehee :B

God bless,
JuliannaC :)