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Monday, 2 January 2012

A Brand New Year

1 January 2012
A brand new year, a brand new me.
So...i'm gonna start my brand new life. I hope and want to be a better person. I will be a better person. Left high school a year ago and started college life. During this one whole year I've gained alot and learnt alot. I realized that my friends and people around me changed. They are all more mature now. They are all adults now and apparently starting to become strangers to me. Not. Some of them started to couple already, sweet boyfriends girlfriends, some of them been very hardworking chasing their goal and dreams, some of them are having their sweet time enjoying life thinking that they can do anything they want because they are 'legal' now, and there are also some that are still unsure and still exploring their future - like me. In short, everybody changed. As for me, i don't think I've change much..? How i wish that i'm still a young teenager that doesn't have to worry about life, and all i had to do is just study. But no. Influenced by friends surrounding me, im forced to grow up and...i am an adult now. Well, there are always pros and cons, depending on how you see it. From my observation, i see my friends leaving one by one. We walk our separate paths, explore our own future that full of mysteries and hopes. This time we are on our own. Yeap. It's all you and your own future. No one can help you but you yourself. I've made up my mind. Since I've chosen Interior Design, i'm gonna do it. I will finish what i had started. Well, i can't guarantee that i will become a successful interior designer in the future, but yeah...i'm gonna do it. I mean, who knows what will happen in the future. As for now, i'm just gonna focus on my course and pour in my 101% effort to complete my diploma. Oh yeah! I've finally decided. Thank you God. 

Back to college life in two days. This time, i'm gonna enjoy it! No more last minute work. Nope. No more. I hope. Bring it on! I'm ready :) I believe 2012 will be a great year for me. I promise to be a better person. I hope i can do it. See me grow. Teehee :B

God bless,
JuliannaC :)

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