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Saturday, 4 February 2012


4 February 2012
Been really stressed lately :( College life's hard here. As usual, rushing for assignments. Life is so miserable here. And...this is only the beginning of Sem3 :'( Everything seems to be harder and more challenging. Major assignments keep flowing in. What stress me out is that the due date they gave us. So short. All the assignments are clashing, i dunno how to handle it! I've been staying up all night this past week. Was chasing the time. Major lack of rest. It was horrible. Pathetic. I was so depressed. Rushing assignments 24/7! I'm tired. So tired. :(  Family went to sleep, i'm sitting at a corner rushing my work; Family woke up, and i'm still there. How sad is that. During this period, i really thought of giving up before. Almost. I felt so discouraged. :( Dear Dad & God, please guide me. 



  1. yup, college life really hard... I stress out too and cried for lots of time before...
    However,just do the best we can and don't force ourselves too much~hwaiting! I believe the julianna are tough enough to make it right :)tomorrow will be better, trust me :)