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Friday, 2 March 2012

1 March 2012

1 March 2012
不要等到改天再約 誰知道有沒有改天
不要等到只能怀念 好朋友要常常见面
Woke up with a shocking news in Facebook. A schoolmate had just passed away :( A boy, same age - 19. We were never in the same class and i don't know him either. One thing i know is that we were studying in the same high school. That's all. But still, it's so saddening that he's gone. Just like that. So young. I read through plenty of his friends' posts on his wall. :'( Heartbreaking. Even I, a stranger, also feel so sorry and sad for his death. How will his friends and family feel? :(
I understand. I know that feeling. RIP. This incident taught us a lot. Reminds us of how unpredictable life is. Reminds us of how fragile life is. And again reminds me of you, Dad. Reminds me of how you also left us in a hurry, without even saying goodbye. Appreciate our love and precious one, before it's too late. Believe me, you will never wanna live in regrets. It's always easy to say this, but not everybody can do it. Not everybody has the chance to do it.Oh well, let the bygones be bygones. Treasure those precious memories :'] times, i still wonder...
Dad, how my life will be if you did not leave?
Will you scold me if you are the one who sits beside me, teaching me when i'm driving?
Will you praise me when you look at my first dancing performance video?
Will you support me when i say i wanna learn dancing?
Will you guide me when i'm lost and dunno what to do with my future?
Will you agree when i decide to go for the 3years Interior Design course?
Will you pity me when you see me struggling, burning midnight oil everyday?
Will you still wake me up early in the Sunday morning to accompany you for breakfast?
Will you feel proud of me for getting the scholarship?
Will you feel proud of me for all the artworks i did and models i built?
Will you will you will you?
So many questions left unanswered.
Everything will not be the same.
I miss you Dad. 

Dad, please bless mum, she's ageing already :[ I don't wanna lose her. Seeing her struggling, working so hard, everyday, for us. I know she's tired. Very tired. I really wish that i can finish my course right now and start earning money to support the family. But i can't. Hang on mum! I will fulfill you travel dream one day! Wait for it :'] One day... . . 

God bless,
JuliannaC :]

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