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Monday, 23 April 2012

My Generasi, My Story :)

23 April 2012
Hello hello~ It's been a while since i last updated. Yes, im lazy -___- *hide face* So yea, i'm currently having long sembreak. Resuming my class on 7th of May. So, wondering how did i spend my long holiday? My holiday is very interesting and pack with all sort of plan! well, kinda LOL. First, i need some extra expenses and income for myself and also for the coming semester materials fees. So, i found myself two part time jobs as boutique salesgirl and also cookies promoter. Definitely a new experience, and a new level for me because i've never tried it before. Well, i was kinda worry about it initially...but i've overcome it :) It's not as scary as it seems. Everything has it's first time. When you never try, you'll never know. Forever. It's true :) Thank God for giving me the courage. Alright, continue. So, as i had already said, i'm having holiday; my looooong awaited dream holiday. You can't expect me to only spend my whole time on working right? such a waste! D: There's a saying, "WHEN YOU ARE YOUNG, YOU WORK TO LEARN, NOT TO EARN". :) Yes, i've learnt and gained loads from my working experience. So yea, part time will do. I need some time to rest too. On the normal days when i don't need to work, i 'boil' my favourite dramas :'D, help with the house chores, slack, relax, enjoy, and much much more! 

I've been exercising, practicing on dance cover too with a couple of besties of mine :') We planned to do some dance covers and record it in studios. Well, not sure whether in the end the plan really succeed or not..but at's a good start? :) It's been my dream to record dance covers in studio...just that all these while, i didn't voice out and it hard to find someone that have the same interest and thinking as mine. People may think it's meaningless,'s hard to explain. Well, take it as..for fun? I know i'm not a good dancer; wait i'm not even a dancer -.- LOL. What i mean is..i know i can't dance that well, i know my own limits..but no matter what, i still wanna try least once? please? YES, I WILL DO IT. I ONLY LIVE ONCE :) Besides that, i've also been hanging out with friends too. WK Birthday celebration, yumcha, makan, and all kind of stuffs! ^_^ 

Also, recently, i saw an online video contest. I don't know why, but i have the urge and very determine to take part in it. I don't know where did that courage in me came from, but yea, i participate in it :) I'm still finding myself, challenging a new level. It's a video about my childhood, our childhood. No harm giving it a try i guess. totally worth it! It's not about winning or losing anymore. Even if i did not win, seriously i think that it still worth it! :') I face hard time with the editing video software and searching for the right song, but thank God, i made through it. Not perfect though, but it's my effort and i'm proud of it! The song i used in this video is very meaningful and i would like to dedicate to all of my friends out there and also YOU, who are reading this right now :) I personally never heard of this song before. I just randomly browse over hundreds of songs in Youtube, yes no joke i spend few days up and down searching for the right song, and lucky that i found it! ;) I also realize that the value behind this video, and the happy times we spent together, finding back our childhood PRICELESS. :) Just imagine in 10years time when i'm looking back at this video... :'D *sniffs* ^_^ Here's my video :) 

Another thing is..i've also decided to try starting up a business, selling clothes online. Since i work at the boutique, i realize that many girls are willing to spend lots of money only on clothes alone. Lots of lots of money. And now there's also many of them love buying clothes online as it's cheaper and it's hard to find it in normal shop. Many people nowadays shop online, including me, myself LOL. So, yea. I'm gonna give it a try too. Selling varsity jackets! I've found cheap suppliers. Hehe <3 Hope everything works out smoothly. Just wanna find some side income to help mum, and also help myself :). God bless me *fingercrossed*

This is the first time in my life that i feel so proud of myself..LOL. My first time spending my holiday wisely, doing something different, something new. :) Slowly finding myself. Thank God. Thank you Dad.

-When you never try, you'll never know-