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Tuesday, 14 August 2012


14 August 2012
Oppssss..looks like i broke my promise again. I promised to blogged more often but end up....*innocent smile* Nehhhh, i'll just blog whenever i feel like it :) Hehehh...soooo...My long awaited sem break has finally arrived! *tears of joy!* :') It's been a while. A long while. Too much things that i wanted to share and blog about till i've forgotten and don't know where to start. My previous loooooooooooooong hectic semester (Year2 Sem1), which had just ended, was a very challenging sem. A very tough sem. For me. It was really tough for me that i really hesitated about taking this course and was about to give up. For real. There was one moment that i really felt that..'design' and me are not meant to be. My design is...rubbish? Sigh. I don't know man. Maybe i really choose the wrong course... . .

But i'm really blessed and grateful that when i was at my very very down moment, my friends showed up. They are always there for me. I'm not alone. I'm really really thankful to them. Really. Sincerely from the deep of my heart. Actually, can say that i'm not really that close with them? Except when we are doing group assignments. I mean you know..i always hang with my own gang in college and didn't really hang out with them that often, although we always like to talk nonsense and jokes around LOL. Actually i'm really grateful that they requested me to join them in the group assignment. And because of that, it bring us closer together, it brings me closer to them, understand them better. They are really humor and funny friends. Sometimes, really beh tahan their lame jokes! xD But anyhow, i still feels that there's actually gap between us as they are all Chinese educated, and i'm not as active as them. I'm kinda passive, and prefer listening to their conversation and lame jokes than butting in, as i have not much to comments too. In short, i rarely start a conversation with people that i'm not familiar with. So...there's one day that i was very emo, and no mood, and then they suddenly approach me and pass me a paper, a short note. At that moment, i'm not really in the mood so i just took and kept it. Initially, i thought they were trying to prank me like how they always did lol. Moments later when i opened the note and read it, straight away my eyes were filled with tears. Stunned. Surprised. Shocked. I was so touched, really really touched by their simple note, touched by their effort, touched that they actually care about me..? All this while, i thought they only treat me as their hi-bye friend. Well, maybe i am their hi-bye friend, but to me, they are definitely not my hi-bye friends. More than just normal friends. Thank you for treating me so good. Not just to them, but also to you, you, you and YOU. Thank you. I'm so blessed. Thank you God. Thank you Dad. Thank you everyone, for everything.

Yup, my name is wrongly spelled :) But it doesn't matter at all. I like just how they wrongly spelled my name :) It may be a just a piece of plain recycle paper to you all, but trust me, this simple short note worth more than anything to me.



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