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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Good deed?

26 September 2012
Did a tiny good deed today :')  There's nothing to be proud of..just have the sudden urge to note down and share my feelings. Heavy rain this morning. Rushed to college. Extra alot things to carry today..i mean seriously WHY TODAY? .__. 1word, 5letters - HEAVY. SUPER DUPER VEGETABLE ULTIMATE HEAVY. No joke, the loads, i can barely even walk properly.. Felt that my steps were so unstable as if i can really fall anytime. Laptop, box of marker pens, two gigantic dictionary-like library books which need to be return today, etc.. I mean seriously?! It is really possible for me to carry all that?! Situation got worse because it's raining cats and dogs! == No choice, just do it. And so..when i was heading to the class, quite a distance, need to wait for traffic lights and stuffs..then out of sudden i realized a girl was walking behind me. And she doesn't have a umbrella. I turned and glance through. Our eyes met. We kept walking. For a moment, i hesitated. Not about whether to help or not to help, but about how to open my mouth and talked to her -___- LOL you know me, i rarely talk to strangers zzz. And so i finally gathered all my courage and offered her to share my tiny umbrella. She agreed and we walked all the way together.

No, i'm not writing this to boast or show off. You know, actually i do have a choice whether to help her or not. I was carrying heavy loads and the umbrella is small. I can actually act nothing, act blind and be selfish. But thank God, i did not. Thank God i took the initiative to offer her help instead of waiting for her to ask me, as i don't think she will either. If this morning i choose to ignore her, i think i will regret. It will forever remain a cruel memory in my life. As i refresh back the incident today, i'm actually kinda proud of myself and glad. I just can't stop myself from thinking what happen today. Helping others can actually makes one feel happier. I'm happy. Just imagine that i'm her. I will be extremely grateful and thankful when someone offer help just when you extremely need it. Yeap, it is actually nothing.. Just a small tiny not like i safe a person's life or donated million dollars to the charity or what..but yea, i'm still glad that i helped her :') "Treat people like how you want them to treat you. To help or not to help is an option. You may think that you don't make any difference, but you do". Experience gained :) Happy.

Life's great.

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