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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Introduction : HELLO!

Hello :) Hey peeps! JuliannaC. in the house yo! I'm a part time student but a full-time dreamer. I've been a blogger since 2009 but my previous blog is a little too private, so i decided to create a new one. This blog will be my new blog more about product reviews, my daily life and my point of view towards life. Cehhh haha! So many beautiful people in this world, so many beautiful ladies around me. I wanna be beautiful too! I want to have soft flawless skin, free of acne and pimples, sexy back, no eye bags, flat tummy, etc and etc. I wanna be beautiful! Who doesn't? haha :) Hope that we can share and exchange opinions. Also, I hope my reviews will be useful to you girls and ladies out there who are facing the same situation as me!  Remember, you, you, you and YOU can be beautiful :) We can be beautiful :) Everybody can be beautiful! :) So stop envying about others beauty and start taking actions! Good luck! :D Here's more about me... 

** Malaysia born Aquarius **
** 90's girl who wanna be beautiful! **
** Living in her own fairytale **
** A future interior designer? **
** Part of 'The One' family! if you know what i mean.. **
** A banana who's try to be mandarin orange gg **
** NOOB Junior in making-up **
** A slacker **
** A day dreamer **
** A tough girl LOL really? **
** Cold & unfriendly at first sight **
** The last-minute-queen! **
** Not perfect **
** Improving to be a better person **
** Still learning :) **

Much love xoxo