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Saturday, 3 November 2012


Fretting over back with ugly acne? Losing self-confidence? Depressed? Sad? Envy others beautiful sexy back? Hmm...this post might help you. I used to have this back acne problem too. "How to cure back acne?" "Any effective ways to cure back acne?" These are the common questions that i had been asking everyone  Till one day, one of my friend recommend me this product - T3 Acne Body Wash. Well, i'm not sure about others, but this is definitely useful for me! :) You can easily find this product at almost anywhere, any pharmacy or supermarket. Personally, i bought it at one of the Guardian outlet. It come in two sizes, the bigger bottle 550ml and the smaller one 200ml. Initially, i just wanna try it out, so i bought the smaller bottle 200ml. The price may be slightly higher compare to other bodywash in the market but i think its worth it. Here's how the product looks like.



The purple cover. Easy to use. Hygienic. 

Clear gel-like liquid, with nice scent.

Basically, you just use it like how you normally wash your body with other bodywash or soap. No any specific ways. Personally, i don't use much as i only focus on my body back area. So for me, one bottle like this can last for about 2months+. For those who are facing back acne problems like i used to be, i strongly recommend this product. I have been using this product for quite some time. It's effective and seriously reduce and almost fully cure my back acne problem! Though some times one or two pimples still pop up randomly out of no where, due to my personal period hormone, oily diet, and college stress i guess. This is why cutting down on fast oily food and having enough sleep are very important too. But still, it will heal very soon. I guess the natural Tea Three Oil ingredient in it really helps. Extremely satisfy with this product ^^ 

OVERALL : Effectiveness : 4.5 / 5 STARS

What do you all think? Have you all try it too? Share and comment if you have any questions about this product :)



  1. Im using this now. Hope it works! Thanks for the review!! =)

  2. thanks for the review! im going to try it after this

  3. hello may i know if is this work for back acne that already dry and to reduce the acne about 2 years back than