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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Dinner @ Shiang Hai Vegetarian Restaurant

So sis birthday is just around the corner, and since today is Sunday, hence my family and i had decided to celebrate it by having a dinner outside. Like usual, it a tradition for our family to have dinner outside whenever there's somebody birthday. And so, we're facing the same problem again...fretting over where to eat. Ughh. I bet you all often face the same problem too! no? haha #somalaysian . Anyway, this time we went to a restaurant near Sunway Mentari. Shiang Hai Vegetarian Restaurant. Get to know this restaurant through sis's friend.

Cant remember what's the name of this dish already...sushi something..i like it! So made from all raw vegetables.

 Mango sushi. I think this is one of their main dish. It is on the first page of the menu itself. The sushi is wrap with a layer of mango..and it taste not bad. Still acceptable. My first time having fruit sushi.

Sushi in not sure what it called...tofu skin? Personally i think this is common, taste just like those we ate in other sushi restaurant, just that this is a modified version.

Other than sushi, we ordered some other noodles too. My family and i ordered few different kind of dish and we shared. Their Fried Udon...BIG LOVE!! LOVEEE IT! So yummy!

This noodle was soso..okay...very common...but the brown thingy on top taste kinda weird.

Mum ordered this. Full of vegetables. This dish was kinda special. Kuey teow noodle. They actually fried some of the kuey teow noodle(?) if not there's something crunchy, but dipped in thick soup, giving a pleasant texture. in explaining..haha

The restaurant interior. It's actually not a very big restaurant, but the food overall is good :)

RM88.88 Can buy jackpot! haha..feng shui good! LOL superstitious..
We ordered green tea and i think it actually kinda expensive. No? They charge RM3.50 per head? They only gave us a SMALL teapot (for 4 adults) and i don't think it's even refillable? I'm not sure about it but i can't find any teabags or tea-leaves in the teapot...hmm..we didn't bother to ask though...Overall, i'm satisfied with tonight's dinner. Their food is good. And it's my first time eating vegetarian sushi too...healthy and delicious! Maybe you can try too! Good food is to share :p haha If interested, get the address from the receipt up there. p/s: Sorry for all the bad quality photos, all snap using my galaxy ace only :/


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