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Saturday, 9 February 2013

BEAUTY | Review : Shills 3Minute Bubble Body Scrub

Hihi :) In this post, i'll be writing a review on Shills 3Minute Bubble Body Scrub. This product is very famous recently and it was also once mentioned and appeared in a very popular Taiwan TV beauty programme, "女人我最大"! It is a product originated from Taiwan and it claims that it can removes horny and dull looking skin effectively. Cleansing, Peeling and Brightening is it's three main selling point. It can be applied on areas such as elbow, underarm, knee, heel, etc. I bought my online. Market price range about RM40 - RM70+ depending where you buy from :)

It's actually foam like once i spray it..but it dissolves too fast before i manage to snap yea..

p/s : Sorry for the low quality photos :/ Tried my best, snap using my Galaxy Ace.

Some people may misunderstand and thought that those grey particles are the dirt from our body. But frankly speaking, i seriously don't think those grey particles are from our body. The product itself actually form those grey particles as we rub and massage it. To prove this, i had experiment it on my palm, the same palm, for 3 times, and the outcome are all the same - it will still form those grey particles no matter how many times i try.

The white foam dissolve in seconds after i sprayed it. As i slowly massage, the white foam will disappear and then dissolve into a transparent water-like liquid while forming those grey particles. This process actually took less than a minute! 30 seconds? I continued massaging even though those grey particles were already formed. And then this is when i realize those REAL dirt and dead cells from our skin are coming out. Overall, this product do works. It do slightly brighten my skin. And those dirt did come out as well. 

1) Cleanse and remove dirt from our skin.
2) Slightly brighten on the area applied, but not very visible though. Hopefully on the second third fourth attempt it will be better.
3) The pleasant scent after we applied it remain on our skin & body for some time. Can even act as perfume if individual personally is okay with the scent.

1) The 'minty' cooling effect after we used the product honestly is not very comfortable, and it took some time for the effect to gone or for us to feel okay with it. But still bearable though.
2) Don't show effect instantly.
3) I know it's a Taiwan product, but i'll be awesome if they provide details label in English language..afterall not everyone knows Mandarin...

Overall : Effectiveness : 3.6/5.0 STARS

Whooops sorry for the long review :) Thanks for reading. So what you guys think about it? Share & comment below if you have any questions :)