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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

2D1N Memorable Malacca Trip

Sem break is finally here! Phew..thank God. What' chuu waiting for? Vacation time! Woohoo :D So this time i went for a 2days 1night trip to Malacca with my collegemates. Yeah..just Malacca LOL budget budget hehehh... Well basically, where's the venue doesn't really matter, as long as we are going with our friends!! But i gotta be honest, the weather in Malacca is really killing...sibehh hot man x.x Thank God it's only a 2 days trip :3 i don't know about my friends, but i did enjoy myself. ALOT. So much hardships we've been through to make this trip possible. Transportation problem, where to stay etc, and we're finally there! A big thanks to my friends...they were really so serious and did lots of research on Malacca as we are not really familiar with the place. they did a whole lot of research on whether which place should we visit, what's famous food in Malacca, which route to follow, which bus to take and so on. Salute! In fact, i feel that i contributed nothing to this trip at all hehehh..*hide face* Alright! So here's some photos of our trip, let the pictures do the talking :) I'll just roughly summarise our trip here. We were really having so much fun! :3

Day 1 - Group pic at TBS (yea, we went there by bus) SMILE~~ :)

Arrived Bangunan Merah, Malacca. Walk and walk and walk under the hot sun, finding our motel...

I've no idea what were we trying to do lol

Along the road, infront of our motel

After almost one hour of walking, we finally found our motel and check in! Zzz..oh God..just imagine we've been walking under the hot sun for almost one hour! x.x This is the front view of the do you expect us to find it sign nothing...zzz...Mini Sayang Motel (branch of Sayang-sayang)...the whole unit, 2 floors -ground, 1st floor, loft- is ours! This unit can actually fit up till 8ppl. The interior of it..uhm..honestly, so-so only..but well, one night, RM200..we cant expect much? Still okay for an overnight.
It's air-conditioned, but during daytime, the highest floor - loft, is like an oven! Yeshh, even with air-cond! sibehhh hot! x.x And and and...the facepalm part is..their toilet is open-air! No, don't think too much, not that kind of open-air -.- lol..what i mean is..the upper part of the toilet is open-air and link to the room. So it means that..whatever you do in the toilet, whatever noise that you produce (lol) yes, it can be heard. Awkward. Hmm...but anyway,
If you wish to know more about them, you can visit their website here:;label=mini-sayang-residence-ymvHptTMyD1GUdMH*LP0YgS17636231953:pl:ta:p1:p2:ac:ap1t1:neg;ws=&gclid=CPysmIvumrYCFQt66wodmngAWg#availability_target

There's more details and picture inside. It look exactly like what in the picture..but p/s: please dont expect too high, i can tell you that those pictures were taken long long loooooooooong time ago -.-

Famous laksa! Sorry, forgot what's the stall name..but long queue! 

along Jonker Street

My first time trying out chicken rice ball! Uhm's not as delicious as what i imagine..

Just randomly exploring here there and snapping pics

'coz we had nothing better to do :p

We're lucky that we saw this Double Decker on our way back :D Not sure if it's available everyday. Adult ticket price - RM5. It brings you round the whole Malacca (famous tourist spot)

Stop by Ochado on our way back for supper. Loving the shop interior, with all the messages written on the wooden wall :3

Back to Mini Sayang. Did alot of silly camwhore and photoshoot LOL
and this is the one i found funniest one..damn retarded hahahh
Can you guess the 'theme' of our picture? hahah!
-end of Day1-

Day 2 - After a light breakfast, we start our journey to A'Famosa historical Building..

There's a wishing cage(?)  in there *wishing wishing*

Saw some hungry kittens on our way down aww :( I can feel it growling even when i'm holding it.
Hope they can find kind owners soon :(

How can we miss this when we are in Malacca? ;) Nadeje @ Mahkota Parade! My first time trying...not sure about other flavours, but this mango cheese is loveee :3 yum!

More pictures here and there...
...and that's it! :) That's basically what we did during our 2days trip.
It may seems like we did nothing much...but trust me it's more than enough for a two day trip, especially when you do not have transport. Damn tiring...all the walking...walking..and walking...zzZZ

Alright, that's all for now :) Thanks for wasting your time reading thus far :p
Have a good day~ Bye!

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