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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A little dream of mine - feeling like a model :'D

 A little dream of mine. I always wanted my own photoshoot so, SO BADLY. Seeing others photo-shooting, posing like a professional model, all the nice photos...ughh all i can do is just ENVY. Other than envy, still envy. I mean..who doesnt love photoshooting?! Girls especially. Well, i do not own any dslr nor good camera, and if you expect me to pay for a photoshoot at the studio, sorry too expensive :( rather save the money for other uses. But i promise i'll make it come true one day! Just wait! So yea, i have been dreaming of my own photoshoot since long long time ago...but as usual, expectation always leads to disappointment. Sad but true. All the time. Yea, i clearly know my own position, i'm not tall nor as slim as those model, not to mention beauty and body shape, but still, i really, REALLY want to give it a try and have my own photoshoot and act like a model LOL....and i finally did! :D Well, kinda..haha indirectly :'D All pictures are credited to my college friends, especially Karen! Well, Its not a real photoshoot, as we were just snapping pictures randomly, as we walk and visit the places. But what more can i ask for?! To me, it's more than enough already! I really appreciate it so much! Soso much! At least at that very moment, i felt like a model :') Here's some of the picture that i really love :) These are taken during our Malacca trip. 

Hahahahh..imma superstar...with my two cute maids :p
Just look at their cute expressions! X'D 
I laughed whenever i look at this's just too hilarious LOL!  

"No no no, don't snap my pictures..and i'm not doing any interviews today..i'm very busy"

Both 'maids' pakat  purposely block my face because they don't want me to be in the pic lmao evil!

Loving the sunlight effect! awww :3 ...okay..ignore my silly smile zzz

Time for solo shot *acting*

My favourite picture of all :')
I'm feeling like a model in this pic :p Awww... *sniff sniff* :'D

If i got the opportunity, i really hope to do more photoshooting in the future :') Though at first you may feel a little awkward, perhaps shy,...but not if you are doing it with a bunch of silly friends! :) hehehh

Thank you for reading~ Till then, xoxo

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