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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Broga Hill Hiking at Semenyih

It's my first time joining college activities since i started enrolling in Interior Design at The One Academy...and this time we are going to Broga Hill! I was so excited when i first heard of it and i decided to join straight away! :D Of course, don't expect me to go alone..and so..i 'begged' and requested few of my besties to come along :D *puppy eyes* Woohoo! So excited and cant wait for it! Wonder how would it be's my first time hiking afterall. We need to be at college and gather by 4am in the morning. Yesh 4am...because we need to rush to catch the sunrise. And so the day before i sleepover at my friend house. I stayed up all night doing my assignment, waiting for time to pass.....and thenn i regret =.= LOL About 3.30am i started to feel soso sleepy zzz but there's no time to sleep already LOL silly. let me recap the whole hiking journey. Overall, the whole activity is okayyy...quite fun?...not. Super tiring!! Totally exhausting especially when i stayed up the whole night on the day before zzzZz. Hiking Broga Hill is so not easy's not as easy as it seems. Especially for us who do not have good stamina. Honestly, the 5 minutes when we started hiking, some of the students, including me myself, already start asking, "omg, are we there yet?". No joke LOL. Just a few minutes walk and our legs started to feel tired already...maybe its because we are going upwards, uphill, that's why extra energy needed,......and it's not even quarter of 1st peak yet! Everywhere was so dark, with only limited light source. It was soooo exhausting! I regret on the spot, in my heart im crying, im like "i wanna go homeeee! Sobsob!" :'( but there's no turning back. You gotta finish what you started :p And so we got no choice, just keep walking and walking, rest, walk, rest, walk. The route is so slanted, so wanna give up man -.- but we cant, and finally we reach the 1st peak for god sake woohoo!! Oh Lord! Rest! Just rest! Let me sittt! Ahh..feeling so refreshing... :')

View from the first peak, the sky was still dark

We were hesitating whether to continue to 2nd or not :/ ...but yeshhh yolo! You only live once! And we made it to the 2nd peak! :D Okayy..3rd peak? Haha no thank you. Yolo? Haha whatever XD 3rd peak is the last peak, which means its the top of the hill. Well, just leave it to the expert was too slanted and my friends and i were already out of energy. Well, 2nd peak is good enough already, just right for us..and so we waited for the sunrise.

Sun rising

Frankly, it's huge different from what i imagine == The sunrise i imagine is those with purplish-orange sky, with romantic surrounding aww...just like those we often watch in the television, but this real life sunrise is...just so normal == okay...i guess i watched too much drama LOL.

Mahh panda eyebags O-O

 Smokers everywhere :(

Jump shot!

 Alright so its time to go home already. The going down hill part is O.M.G someone just kill me please x.x Damn slanted, damn scary, damn challenging, damn tired, damn everything == and we made it ALIVE. *tears of joy!! Throw confetti!!* T.T haha..overall, it's still a good experience. An unforgettable memory :) Eventhough its exhausting, we did enjoy too :) i love the on top of the windy cooling peak part especially, minus all the exhausting hiking :p haha well, no pain no gain! ^^ i slept till 6pm after i got home at 12pm LOL zzzZz sibehhh tired heheh :P

The slanted hill

Group pic before we leave *say cheeeseeezz*
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Thanks for reading :)
Bye bye~ xoxo

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