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Monday, 11 March 2013

Dare to be a Champion - Dato Lee Chong Wei

Finally got my BB1M book vouchers. Went to Sunway Pyramid's Popular. There's no specific books that i wanted to buy actually and i'm only aiming for those IT stuffs LOL, specifically pendrive, mouse etc. Too bad the government only allowed 20% of the vouchers to spend on these stuffs. Anyway, half a loaf is still better than none! :D And so i walked aimlessly, just randomly browsing through the books...and i thought maybe i should get myself some self-help books. And then, this book caught my eye. There wasn't any browse copy but still I had decided to buy it at first glance. I was so firm with my decision that i did not even think twice. I mean...there's NO NEED to think twice. My instinct tells me that this, is definitely a great book, and it is! The book title, "Dare to be a Champion", by Dato Lee Chong Wei.

The front and the back of the book.

Actually i've heard of this book before long time ago when Dato Lee once tweeted it in Twitter if not mistaken(?)...but yea, i did not really pay attention to it and soon i even forgot about it i barely even step into bookstore. (Yes, i'm such a fail LCW fans lol) But since now i had these book vouchers with me, how can i miss this opportunity! Well, i hope i'm still not too late getting myself a copy now. The book is actually not too expensive, selling at only RM38.00 at Popular. My idol Dato' Lee Chong Wei! Who's LCW's fans here?! Frankly, i'm never active in sports and i don't even know how to play badminton professionally LOL But still, seriously who doesn't know who's Dato LCW?! Badminton is the one and only sports news that i pay attention to, especially when Dato' Lee vs Lin Dan. How can i miss it?! HOW CAN WE MISS IT?! Haha..okay..calm down..back to the book.

Sneak peek :P

So i bought the book and was so excited that i'm done reading it in one day. Such an inspiring book. There is actually so many stories and hardships that Dato Lee had been through that leads him to his success today. If any of you wish to know more about the stories behind Dato' Lee, you should really, really read this book. And for those who are judging, talking behind his back, please think twice. There are also some background and childhood stories of Dato Lee that i found it very entertaining LOL. I feel patriotic, so proud? inspired after reading this book.

"If we dare to win, we should also dare to lose"
Such a inspiring quote from Dato Lee *.*

There's only one winner in every competition. Is either you win, or you lose. And even if you lose, it's not the end of the world, life still goes on. It's the process and experience that you gain in the competition that matters. Many of us, including me myself, may once thinks that Dato' LCW is so talented, so lucky, the chosen one, rich...damn envy...blablablah etc LOL But hey, no pain no gain. Success will not come without hard work. All the hardwork and hardcore training that Dato Lee been through one knows, not until i read this book. Dato Lee really deserve it. All his success today..he deserve it! :') And am so proud of you Dato! *fangirl mode* Go get a copy of this book if you haven't. LOL yes, im promoting it haha..well, good things are meant to be shared!

p/s : There's also a short part of Dato Lee's love story inside it hehehh XD L.O.V.E

Happy reading :)

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