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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Life After SPM, Fate VS Dream?

Don't know what to do after graduate? Don't know what to do after leaving high school? Don't know what to do after SPM? Don't know what course to choose? Fret? Stress? Depress? Lost? It's okay. I'm here to tell you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Well, at least you have me :( *sobsob* My future. I've always been wondering hows my future will be like.i was so lost after my SPM. I don't know which course should i pursue. I don't know whats my interest is. My future seems so....dark, cloudy, unknown...a question mark. I don't know what i want seriously. I wonder does all teenagers face the same situation as me? Or it's just me.

 I was a science student, i was in science stream during my high school, but that wasn't really my interest. I'm not gonna be a doctor, i'm not gonna be a pharmacist etc. I'm seriously not interested in it, and i don't think i'm even qualify to be one. My academic results are not bad but to be frank, over these years, i study is just for the sake of studying. Even if you scored excellent result in UPSR, PMR and SPM. So what? That doesn't determine your  future like at all. Study just for the sake of study. One word, pathetic. I do not have a clear path of my own future. I do not have an ambition. I do not know whats my own interest. I do not know what i want. I mean...yes, you know you own interest, but are you 100% sure that, that will be your future career for 10years 20years 30years? Even if it's low salary? Don't mind at all? Really? I doubt that. Probably few years after, when you start to know how important money is, you will start regretting your decision sighh. 

Dreaming to be superstar someday, or some sort of famous people, maybe becoming a celebrity or something (LOL silly i know xD but yea..). I can almost guarantee that most teenagers actually went through this 'daydreaming' period, including me myself of course LOL. But think again, is it even practical? Not everybody have the talent T-T Only like 1 out of 100 have the talent T-T Yeap, reality hurts. So for common, ordinary human like us, we just have to accept the hurting fact. Ouch. Wake up! Sighhh...There are so many factors to be considered. 

Stepping into the college is like the final stage before you start your boring working adult life. So this decision is soooo important. It's a INTEREST vs SALARY situation. Stressful decision. Damn envy those people with a clear goal and vision :( Sometimes, i really wish that i'm not that rational. I tend to overthink at times. Worried this, worried that. I mean, you know..its your future...once you start the first step into the college, with those thousands ringgits fees, you can hardly turn back..literally there is no turning back...unless of course, if you are rich. Everything is either like do something you interested but with low salary, or doing some you are not interested with high salary. If its you, which one do you prefer? An ultimate tough decision. Sigh. I know right. Who doesn't want to do something they love and at the same time receiving high salary every will be like..purrrrfect! Sigh.

Two years ago, i made a decision and chose interior design. Trust me, you've got no idea how much i've been through to make this decision. Countless days of stress and emo. After making this decision, is a total RELIEVEEEEEEE. Relieve, not because i made the right choice -.- Relieve as in i finally made a choice! Relieve as in, i'm finally free from those stressful and emo nights! Relieve as in, no more nagging from mum! * tears of joy :') * But not for long =.= Well, if you ask me today, did i make the right choice for choosing Interior Design? I....don't know :( I don't think so. Not for me? I don't know T-T

I will be graduating in one year time. Next semester marks the beginning of my final year. After that either i'll be starting my internship working life or maybe pursuing to a higher level - degree. Probably will be working i guess. Can you imagine that. That's it. That's my life. I'm gonna work till i age - die :'( (well, unless i met a rich guy and we get married and live a happy family ever after life LOL no idea what i'm talking hahaha ignore). Is that the life that i really want? Doing something i'm not keen till the rest of my life? Hopefully in this coming final year, i will slowly gain interest in this course i'm pursuing now, interior design. I doubt that :/ but just lets pray for miracle to happen. 

No i will not stop now. I can't stop now. As what i always comfort myself, i will finish what i've started. Its definitely a waste if i stop half way now. I cant afford to make that decision. I'm not saying that Interior Design course is not good..its just my personal problem. I don't think that i have the talent and i'm neither creative nor artistic. Feel so humble and discourage every time i do those assignment. Comparing my work and my friends, my confidence drop to zero. Below zero. I promise myself i will still try my best though in this remaining one year time. I will find back my self confidence.

Also, one year later from today, this very minute and this very second from this very moment. Next year, 23April2014. I give myself one year time. Inspired by many famous bloggers, i wanna be a successful blogger too! I promise myself, next year, same day, If i don't get the result i want, then it's fate. I will give up my nonsense interest and just follow the flow, follow whatever that it fated and start my interior designer working life i guess. 'Cuz sometimes fate and your dreams will collide. Well, at least i will have no regrets. At least i've try to fight for what i want. One year. Just one year time. I will prove myself. Fate vs Dream. I know I'm such a stubborn annoying girl. I will not give up if i don't try it myself. Sometimes i hate myself. Typical Aquarius.

"Doing what you like is FREEDOM
Liking what you do is HAPPINESS
- Frank Tyger

Goodnight, loves


Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Ladies and gentlemen *drumsroll* I HAVE RECEIVE MY VERY FIRST COMMENT FROM ONE OF MY BELOVED READER OMGG!! Woohoo!! *throw confetti*

Aww...thank you so much for dropping me a comment :')

I'm so excited! For no reason LOL You got no idea how much it means to me seriously :') It totally made my day! I'm so happy ^o^ Thank you very much! Although its just a simple comment, but thank you!! Thank you thank you thank you!! Well, you may thinks that i over-react lol haha yes a little maybe :p But the moment when somebody actually appreciate my blogging effort x') awww... It gives me motivation. I'm so gonna blog more often and do more reviews in the future! Hope i'll receive my 2nd 3rd 4th and infinite comments from my readers! I will not give up! Thank you for dropping by! Thank you for reading! Thank you! :') Excuse me for being a little too hyper today hahahh :') xoxo


Monday, 1 April 2013

BEAUTY | Review : Sexylook Blackhead Pore Cleanser Set

So recently when i browse through my instagram and i saw a friend of mine recommending this product - Sexylook Strawberry Blackhead Pore Cleanser Set. I've heard some positive comments about this product and so i did a little research. This product is very famous and it's a big love in Taiwan! It was once featured in 女人我最大, a very famous Taiwan beauty programme. There're video clips available in Youtube, you can find it yourself if you're interested to watch it :) XiaXue, the top celebrity blogger once recommended this product too. It is a must to try! It's really, REALLY effective! Yes, i know some of you might compare this product with Biore Pore Stripe. But i gotta be honest, if you ask me to choose between this and Biore Pore Stripe, sorry but i gotta go with this, sexylook strawberry blackhead pore cleanser set! I was an ex-biore pore stripe user before this but i had stopped long time ago as it does not really works for me and some other reasons.

The blackhead pore cleanser set that consist of this three steps.

The mask will look something like this when you applied it

In my opinion, this product is definitely less harsh to my skin compare to using Biore Pore Stripe. I still remember how my nose area swell after i tear it off last time geeezz. Maybe for those of you who has sensitive skin (i don't), might feel a little pain when tearing off this dried sexylook strawberry stripe, but trust me, it's way more gentle compare to Biore's. Other than that, Biore Pore Strip also doesn't really work on me and i don't know why. Why? hmmm maybe i use it wrongly or something...really? Each time it only manage to removes two or three of my oil bumps only..i really don't know why...oh well. Yes biore's nose stripe may be more convenient and easy to use..basically you just have to take off the plastic and put it on your nose...but what's the point if it doesn't really works effectively right? No? Well, everybody has different opinions though. I'm still grateful that i found the sexylook product :)

Yes, there's instruction how to use it behind the box, but it's all in mandarin, because this is a Taiwan Product i guess. It'll be definitely better if they provide multi-language for this hmm. So i'm gonna briefly go through step by step on how i personally use it. I use this like twice a week, or whenever i feel that my pores are filled with blackheads ughh. 

Step 1. Deep Sebum Softener. The solution is watery and very runny. Be careful not to press the bottle too hard or you'll end up wasting and spilling the solution all over (just like me when i first use it LOL). Gently pour few drops of the solution and apply it to your nose area, T zone, chin or any preferable area (no i did not use any cotton because i feel that it's very wasting hehehh opps). Massage it for about 2-3minutes. This step is to loosen up the oil bump and remove excess oil so that it will be easy for the mask to stick it. And when you are done, rinse it with lukewarm water. Yes, i use warm water because i feel that it helps to keep my pores open so that it'll be easy for the mask to remove all the dirt and oil bumps. Remember, its very important to rinse your face after you apply the sebum, as the sebum is slightly oily and this layer of sebum will actually prevent the mask from sticking on the blackheads. Many of you tends to forget and skip this step.

It has sweet strawberry smell *sniffff* and it's pastel pink in colour awww..

Step 2. Sebum Purifying Mask. Apply a thick layer of mask on your preferable areas, areas that is rich with stubborn blackheads. Make sure the mask you applied is thick enough or else it will be pointless applying it. Leave it until it dry. It takes about 20-30 minutes to dry up. *sniff sniff, delicious strawberries smell yumm! :p* When it's time, gently peel it off, starting from the bottom to top, in an upward direction...and...tadaaa! byebye blackheads! Wash off the excess mask if there's any.

Step 3. Pore Treatment Essence. Lastly, apply the pore treatment essence onto the area that we masked just now. Again, remember not to squeeze to hard, as the solution is very watery. This step is to treat our pore, to close up our pores again so that dirt will not goes in easily. Just pat pat here and there and then we're done! :D

Yes i purposely zoom in all the picture so that you can view it clearly! Ughhh gross :X

Overall effectiveness : 4.6/5.0 STARS

This product really works! Well, it may not remove ALL the blackheads at once, but i consider it helps alot already by removing about 80%-90% of my stubborn blackheads! :D 
Happy trying! What a long review opps bye!