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Friday, 7 September 2012

Being Shy

7 September 2012
My weakness - being shy. I'm shy, and i cant help it. It's the fact. My level of shyness is actually kinda serious :( lol. Especially when i'm with strangers. But of course when i'm with my best buddies, the word 'shy' dot exist :p haha. Well, honestly, i'm a very shy person. I cant even talk to a person properly or even look properly at them when we are having a conversation face to face. I just cant do it. I tried, but i failed. I just cant face / look / eye contact with them. Its not like i purposely do that, but my eyes just naturally turn away when we are speaking. I know its not right, its rude to do so, its show no respect, but i just cant help it :( Perhaps some of them might also thinks that i'm so arrogant and unfriendly. Well, i already got used to this kind of situation. Hopeless. Not to mention if its a guy. Situation got worse. Awkward. I just feel so uneasy talking to guys, to opposite sex. No idea why. Plus i'm kinda antisocial(?) and not a very humour person. At times, i seriously don't know how respond or reply a conversation. No comment. I have nothing much to say. What worse is when some of them talk about something that they thinks is funny, i wouldn't laugh. I will just stare at them and they will stare at me back. Or maybe i will fake a smile. Sometimes. To make the atmosphere not so awkward :/ Pathetic.

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