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Friday, 5 April 2013

My blogshop - MyDream Closet

Introducing my blogshop, MyDream Closet! My very little-humble-small-tiny-mini online shop. It's been a year and we are finally celebrating our first anniversary in this coming May! I'm so thankful to God, and Dad for all the blessings. I knew it's you Dad. Must be you :) I still remember how i first started last year, and i'm only selling varsity jackets initially. Why varsity jackets? Because varsity jacket is loveee! I still remember how i decided to try out my own luck, trying to find myself...i was so firm with my decision. No matter what others say, what others think, those discouragements...i still remember it clearly in my mind, and i'm glad that i don't give a shit at all. Neither my mum nor my sisters really encourage me at first. I did not even tell any of my close friends either because i'm not that type who like to boast and in the end, ended up with nothing. Well, action speaks louder than words! No one. No one really did encourage me. But well, i'm a stubborn Aquarius and i'm gonna prove 'em wrong! and..i did :) I'm so thankful that my online shop is doing quite well now. Well, is not that BIG earning $$thousandsss$$ dollar, but just good enough to earn me some profits pocket money every month, for my car petrol, college expenses and a little bit of this and that :') my hardwork paid off. Let me share a little story of mine with you. Actually, the main reason why i made this decision is because of my mum. Dad's gone, and my mum is the only sole-bread winner in the house, and she was retiring really soon. I was so concern about it. I knew i gotta do something. I knew i gotta find some ways and earn some money for rainy days. I thought of finding a part time job but i can only work during sem breaks as my college life is so hectic that i barely even have enough time to sleep :( But i'm not giving up yet. Seeing my mum ageing, i really wanted to help to lessen her burden soso badly. Thanks God that i found this opportunity. There's a saying, "when there's a will, there's a way". And in fact, opportunity and chances don't just come, flowing to you. You gotta find and grab it yourself. Not many has the guts and such courage to do so. There's risk in every business. I understand my family concern. Especially when i use all my bank money to buy all the stocks, i, myself was a little worried too. But hey, there's no business that's not risky. If you never try, you'll never know! It's true. So true. Comforting myself with all kinds of positive words LOL. I spent sleepless night doing research and observe the 'market' (yes sound so pro right LOL). Yes, i really done alot of homework before i make that decision. No, i'm not the playplay type and i clearly know that i can't be one. I wanted to lessen my mums burden, not add problems to her, so it's like my only hope. I manage the blogshop alone, all by myself. Initially it wasn't doing very well, because afterall my blogshop is still new. I pour in alot of effort to gain people trust. I started to fret and worried as my stocks are still piling in the room, untouched. Well, nobody says its gonna be easy. I know. And thankfully, i made it. Its been a tough road for me. I started everything from zero. When i have questions and faces hard times, i have nobody to ask. My mum did help me alot when comes to banking stuffs, but when it comes to customers, supplier, post and other matters, i still have to deal with everything myself, afterall none of them actually been to this industry before. Everything's new to me. I gain and i learn. Plus, i'm a college student. I'm the One Academy student. My college life is so hectic, that i need to rush my assignment everyday and at the same time take care of my business. Nope, i'm not blaming my mum for this, i'm not blaming anyone. My mum did not ask me to do that. Just that i'm stubborn and i wanted to try my own luck, finding my own path. I wanna be the special one and make them proud. Thank God for giving me the strength. Thanks for the support from all customers. Without you all, we wont be able to celebrate our first anniversary in this coming May. Thank you! I'm such a blessed kid and yes i am! Thank you. Hope my story inspire you a little maybe? :) 

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Am still learning and improving, hoping to serve everyone better!
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Everything's has its first time. When you never try, you'll never know. NEVER.

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