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Friday, 17 May 2013

Where's my confidence?

It's only the 2nd week since college reopen and im starting to feel the stress already :( Yes, im so stress and i dont know why am i here blogging :( Feeling extra lonely tonight. Emo. Pre-menstrual syndrome? :( Seeing other people doing better than you can made you feel so humble, soso humble. Why others can do it, but i can't? I pour in so much effort but in the end, the outcome is still the same.Why? Initially, i was pretty confident with the research i did, but in the end... . .nothing seems to be right. Sigh. I really adore my friends very much. They can manage their time so well, they have superb creative brains, and the most important is no matter how stress college life is, they can still have the happy-go-lucky attitude. I really adore and envy them very much. I should really learn from them. They are just so close to perfect. Sigh. Is it just me? Really? In fact, i feel that some of my 'average' level friends are even better than me. I feel like as if im the worst in the whole batch. I dont even fit to be the scholarship holder :'( Today, my confidence drop to zero again. Some motivation could really help right now. Someone? Anyone?


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