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Sunday, 30 June 2013

[MyDream Closet Blogshop] Trendy 2D Cartoon Bags for sale! - Collection 2

2D Cartoon Bag? Huh?
A 2D bag looks like a cartoon bag, and some may also call it as 'fake' bag. But in fact, it's not fake at all. It functions like a normal 3D bag which can store stuffs too! These bag are BIG LOVEEE in Taiwan! In my opinion, it's actually a very trendy, unique and brilliant design! Who would have think of that seriously? A 2D cartoon bag. Awesomeness. The authentic collection by JumpfromPaper cost about RM200-RM300 per bag! Yes! No joke! Well, if you are like me, dying to own one but can't afford an authentic one? Fret not :p I'm now selling the inspired replica ones. Below market price! I swear the quality is as good as the real ones. Well if you are interested, proceed and have a look below :) Variety of playful designs and colours to choose from! As usual, first come first serve! Hurry, hurry! While stock last!

Heyheyhey!~ Good news! More new and cute collection of 2D bags are coming in! And yes, all READY STOCK! ;) What ya waiting for? :P LINE me to purchase!

Trendy 2D Cartoon Bags *NEW ARRIVAL*
Item : 2D Cartoon Pattern Sling Bag
Colour : Pink / Orange / Blue
Measurement :
Width : 39cm
Height : 32cm
Thickness : 2-8cm
Material : Oxford fabric+PVC

Item : 2D Cartoon Plain Shoulder Bag 
Colour : Blue / Pink / Rose Pink
Measurement :
Width : 42cm
Height : 31cm
Thickness : 9cm
Material : Oxford fabric+PVC

Item : 2D Cartoon Back School Briefcase
Colour : As shown
Measurement :
Width : 46cm
Height : 33.5cm
Thickness : 8cm
Handle vertical height : 4cm
Material : Oxford fabric+PVC

Item : 2D Cartoon Stripe Backpack / School Bag
Colour : Pink / Brown / Blue / Orange
Measurement :
Width : 48cm
Height : 37cm
Thickness : 12cm
Material : Oxford fabric+PVC

Item : 2D Cartoon Cutie Backpack / School Bag
Colour : Pink / Red
Measurement :
Width : 36cm
Height : 48cm
Thickness : 12cm
Material : Oxford fabric+PVC

Item : 2D Cartoon Heart Mini Bag
Colour : Pink / Rose Pink / Blue / Orange
Measurement :
Width : 25.5cm
Height : 21.5cm
Thickness : 7cm
Material : Oxford fabric+PVC

Item : 2D Cartoon Stripe Mini Bag
Colour : Pink / Rose Pink / Blue / Orange
Measurement :
Width : 21cm
Height : 19cm
Thickness : 6cm
Material : Oxford fabric+PVC


If you wish to place order, you can :

1) Drop me an email :

OR, even better

2) Direct LINE me for faster reply :
LINE id - juliannac

Grab grab grab! :p

Here's a picture of the close-up material, oxford fabric + PVC


Saturday, 1 June 2013

FOOD | Delicious @ Dua Residency ; Carbonara Freak

Hola! Been very berry busy lately! As usual, hectic college life. Manage to spare some time for a short update hehe! Went to Delicious to do site analysis for my Interior Design Restaurant project today! We went to the Delicious branch at Dua Residency. And guess what? So beautiful :D Nice interior! This is the bigger branch compare to the Delicious branch at Sunway Pyramid, and more high class as well. The staffs are so polite and well trained. And yes, imma Carbonara freak! I ordered my favourite Carbonara again LOL Delicious! Yummehh! Wanted to order their salivating cakes soso badly, but too bad, i was bloated already after my meal! Order two different pasta and shared among three with my friends, but yet we were having problem to finish it :/ Either it is too big portion, or we have small stomach LOL not really. The cheese and cream used for the pasta are very fulfilling. You'll probably get bored after few bites. So it is advisable to order one portion and share among two. However, i still enjoy my carbonara spaghetti very much, very tasty :) slurrrrp! Now, let the picture do the the talking :D

 The entire building facade. There are actually two floors of Delicious, ground and first floor. The ground floor was known as Delicious Ingredient and currently is under renovation. 

Their lovely interior! *gasps* Loving the beverage bar :)

 My Chicken Carbonara! AWESOMENESS. Need i say more?

Just realised that i'm wearing the same colour as the delicious logo hahaa such a coincidence! @@

Location : 
Lot 1.1, Ground Floor, Dua Annexe,
No. 211, Jalan Tun Razak, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
For more info, visit :

That's all for now. Off to do my assignments. Bye!