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Sunday, 30 June 2013

[MyDream Closet Blogshop] Trendy 2D Cartoon Bags for sale! - Collection 2

2D Cartoon Bag? Huh?
A 2D bag looks like a cartoon bag, and some may also call it as 'fake' bag. But in fact, it's not fake at all. It functions like a normal 3D bag which can store stuffs too! These bag are BIG LOVEEE in Taiwan! In my opinion, it's actually a very trendy, unique and brilliant design! Who would have think of that seriously? A 2D cartoon bag. Awesomeness. The authentic collection by JumpfromPaper cost about RM200-RM300 per bag! Yes! No joke! Well, if you are like me, dying to own one but can't afford an authentic one? Fret not :p I'm now selling the inspired replica ones. Below market price! I swear the quality is as good as the real ones. Well if you are interested, proceed and have a look below :) Variety of playful designs and colours to choose from! As usual, first come first serve! Hurry, hurry! While stock last!

Heyheyhey!~ Good news! More new and cute collection of 2D bags are coming in! And yes, all READY STOCK! ;) What ya waiting for? :P LINE me to purchase!

Trendy 2D Cartoon Bags *NEW ARRIVAL*
Item : 2D Cartoon Pattern Sling Bag
Colour : Pink / Orange / Blue
Measurement :
Width : 39cm
Height : 32cm
Thickness : 2-8cm
Material : Oxford fabric+PVC

Item : 2D Cartoon Plain Shoulder Bag 
Colour : Blue / Pink / Rose Pink
Measurement :
Width : 42cm
Height : 31cm
Thickness : 9cm
Material : Oxford fabric+PVC

Item : 2D Cartoon Back School Briefcase
Colour : As shown
Measurement :
Width : 46cm
Height : 33.5cm
Thickness : 8cm
Handle vertical height : 4cm
Material : Oxford fabric+PVC

Item : 2D Cartoon Stripe Backpack / School Bag
Colour : Pink / Brown / Blue / Orange
Measurement :
Width : 48cm
Height : 37cm
Thickness : 12cm
Material : Oxford fabric+PVC

Item : 2D Cartoon Cutie Backpack / School Bag
Colour : Pink / Red
Measurement :
Width : 36cm
Height : 48cm
Thickness : 12cm
Material : Oxford fabric+PVC

Item : 2D Cartoon Heart Mini Bag
Colour : Pink / Rose Pink / Blue / Orange
Measurement :
Width : 25.5cm
Height : 21.5cm
Thickness : 7cm
Material : Oxford fabric+PVC

Item : 2D Cartoon Stripe Mini Bag
Colour : Pink / Rose Pink / Blue / Orange
Measurement :
Width : 21cm
Height : 19cm
Thickness : 6cm
Material : Oxford fabric+PVC


If you wish to place order, you can :

1) Drop me an email :

OR, even better

2) Direct LINE me for faster reply :
LINE id - juliannac

Grab grab grab! :p

Here's a picture of the close-up material, oxford fabric + PVC



  1. WOW, really a beautiful collection of 2d bags. They are looking so good and will certainly add a grace to the overall personality of the wearer. They will look excellent with funky wears. I am also aware fo a website which have available a huge selection of these bags at nominal prices.

  2. I saw one Kate Spade Weekend Bag in my friend hand and that was looking very beautiful. So I am also deciding to buy this kind of weekend bag. Actually I want one big bag to carry my all things in it.