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Sunday, 18 August 2013


Went our for dinner with family today. Very happy. Not the food that matters. As long as we stay together as a family, eat what also does not matter. Too much quarrelsome and arguments between family this year. My family is broken, thorn badly. I'm actually very depress and stress about it. I never tell anyone about this, not even my best friends. It's embarrassing. Am not happy. If only dad is still here, everything will be different. The fact is that, the day dad left us, our family started to crack. Slowly. Till today, especially this year, relationship with one another become worse. What happen to us? I always envy my friends so much. Soso much. They lives in a warm happy family. Relationship with one another, among siblings, among parents are so close, so happy, so blissful. Unlike mine. I promised myself, i'll make an effort bringing my whole family out for dinner at least once a month, even without special occasion. We seldom dine outside, unless there are special occasion. I wish i can make it every week, but step at a time. Wait till i started to work and earn more first. Apparently, dining outside is the only time where the whole family can sit down together and interact with each other properly. 2hours. No arguements, no quarelling, no nothing. And a group pic. Yes, it had come to this edge. This serious. I want to do something to reunite back the broken pieces in this family. I hope it's not too late. Nobody is perfect. I wish i can treat them better. I wish i can treat mum better. I wish they can treat mum better. Respect each other. Stop the hatred. Start loving and appreciate one another. No matter what happen, family will always be family. I don't wanna live in regrets.


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