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Monday, 23 December 2013

ArtSphere208ty 3D Interactive Mural at The Atmosphere, Seri Kembangan

Howdy! What a great Sunday. Just got back from Seri Kembangan this morning. Went to The Atmosphere for their grand launch today. For your information, The Atmosphere is a new shopping area, at the moment no shop are being open there yet though, only a cafe, the ArtSphere Cafe. Anyway, the main thing is that they had invited 20 artists to paint 80 murals all over the building, which this also explain why they are also known as ArtSphere 20/8ty; 20artist80murals. Nope, not just any normal mural but the very awesome interactive 3D murals just like those in Penang! :DD Daebak! These interactive arts are getting famous nowadays. More and more places are following the trend and painted with these 3D artworks.  It's the new hit thing especially among the youngsters like me! It's so fun to pose and snap photo with, don't cha think so too?! Below are some of the artwork that i manage to snap picture with. Alright, let the pictures do the talking!


The official launching, performances and talented artists on stage.

Hello hello, baby, how are you?

Welcome to the puppet show! 

Fishie for dinner anyone? 

Come, follow me up the staircase to heaven. 

Dilemma, dilemma, dilemma! Which to choose?! 

 Yeap, welcome to my barber shop. p/s: Coincidentally the chairs happen to be there LOL

 Cuteness overload take one!

 Cuteness overload take two!!

 Helppppp! Robot invasion! Tolonggggg!

All the amazing artworks are drawn by these 20 talented artists.

Hahahh pictures here are just part of it. Many more to be explore there. 
Go and discover the fun yourself! :p haha 
There's also a contest running currently, fabulous prizes to be won! :P

For more information and updates, log on to their social network :
Instagram : artsphere208ty

Location : 
The Atmosphere, Seri Kembangan,
1-3, Jalan Prima Tropika Barat 2, 
Taman Prima Tropika, 
43300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Lastly before i sleep, let me play a song for youu :3
Goodnight! xoxo

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

BEAUTY | Review : éPure Membranous Jelly Masque

EPure Membranous Jelly Masque Review finally! This post has been delayed for 4months, YES 4 MONTHS LOL! and finally! Here is it :) Ughh procrastination as usual /facepalm. I believe many of you had already heard of this product by now. Super hit product even among artistes! It comes in two type of packages, the sachet and the jar. I bought the jar one online, only for RM120 free postage! :3 The cheapest price i found online at the moment hehehh /yes i'm so auntie right i know ughh haha! Well, what can is say? It totally worth my money! Believe it or not, I can really see the difference instantly! “Minimal time, maximum result” indeed! 
Benefits of the ePure Membranous Jelly Masque:
- Fairer skin 
- More even skin tone 
- Pores refined 
- Cheeks lifting and firming
- Laugh lines made less obvious
- Pimple spots and redness lightened 
- Blackheads reduced

How to use it, usage instructions for optimal results :
1. For the first month of using ePure, use 3 times a week. After the first month of using ePure, you can cut down on the frequency to once OR twice a week depending on the results that you are after.
2. Apply a thickness of 0.5cm of ePure mask onto skin for best results.
3. Leave the mask on for 40 minutes. 
4. Mask can be applied to eye area to lighten dark eye circles.

 This is how it looks. EPure Membranous Jelly Masque in Jar. A spatula is given for our convenience. 
The newest jar packaging, a fully white one. 

My personal way of using it, How i apply ePure Membranous Jelly Masque : 
1.) After cleaning your face, as instructed apply a layer of estimated 0.5cm of ePure jelly mask on your face. Remember to use the spatula given, you don't wanna contaminated the whole jar of mask with your hand. Please do not be stingy. If you apply too little, the result may not be as good as it should be. Apply more to the eye area, especially for those who have dark circles like me *sobs :(

Transparent Jelly-like. Personally i like the scent too :3 That smell reminds me of walking into King's bakery. Lol no idea why haha maybe it's just me oh well :x

2.) Afterthat, instead of leaving it for 40minutes, i always leave it for 1hours+ until it fully dissolve LOL. Before rinsing off, i will spend some time to massage thoroughly my whole face. Not sure whether will this affect the result or not..but yea this is my way of using it. As if you notice, the end product will be water-like liquid and leave some white residue as you massage. I personally actually feel that this way is better LOL i don't wanna waste and wanna make sure that i really fully utilised this expensive mask hahah.

Tick tock tick tock, waiting... Goshhh look at my dark circles!!! D;

3.) And when it come to the rinsing off part, it is actually easier to clean and rinse off after i massage it as the masque has fully dissolve into liquid. Compare to just rinse off like that without massaging, it is harder and time consuming as it is quite thick to scrap and rinse off. Not as easy as it seems. Extra time and patience needed LOL. Trust me, i actually took more than 10minutes just to fully scrap off all the mask on my face using the spatula. So, i guess i still prefer my own way of using it. Both ways lead to the same result I THINK ahaha but again, this is just my personal opinion and way of using it.

This is how the scraped off mask looks like..slightly cloudy with all the dirt and dead cell i guess hmm..

4.)After rinsing everything off, pat dry, and tadaaa We're Done! :) Apply toner or continue your daily skincare routine as usual. Instant result! I'm pretty sure you can see the difference too!

Not sure whether it's psychology or what, but brightness of skin is really enhanced instantly! Dark circles slightly lightens, skin become more hydrated, blackheads reduce, and pores less visible. Overall, im quite satisfied with this product and will definitely consider buying it again after i'm done with my current jar yay! Imma happy customer :)

Overall : Effectiveness : 4.7/5.0 STARS

Thank you so much for reading!
You may also visit their FB & website for more info :

 Till then, bye~ Goodnight xoxo!

Friday, 6 December 2013

FOOD | Garage51 Cafe @ PJS 11, Bandar Sunway Review

Sembreak izz finallehh here! yeah babehh! FINALLY *tears of joy* Alright back to topic. So i came across an article about "Top 20 Must-Try Coffee Places In KL" the other day in Facebook..and i saw this Garage51 Cafe which located just a stone throw away and why not give it a try i thought :)
Garage51 is located near Sunway University and if you are aware, that area are all surrounded with mechanic workshop, garage area. Maybe that's what inspire them to open up a garage concept cafe there. 

So here is it, welcome to Garage51! As you can see, parking lots are very, very limited. In fact, if you come during peak hours, you might have to endure the traffic jams too Zzz. We parked at one of the road side nearby and got summon -.- #badluck

Garage concept interior. Nice, unique and cozy with air-conditioned. There's actually a mini 2nd floor located right above their mini kitchen, but limited seats only though.

Their signature Mochatella. Coffee cubes + nutella + milk = Mochatella

Daily special set - Aglio Olio. Comes with drinks @ reasonable price. 

Red velvet for dessert. I love it :)

My comment about their menu...there are actually no much choices of food. They are all almost the same. What i meant same is that, the cooking method and taste are all almost the same. Very limited choices. Small portion. And they serve quite slow too, but i can still tolerate with that, their kitchen is quite small and there are quite a number of customers during that yea. Despite that, the food is still tasty though :) yumm!

The uninteresting menu. Should have add some pictures in. And colours perhaps? Was having hard time deciding what to order. Just my two cents. 

Oh another thing is..better becareful when using this or else your coffee might end up being too sweet with a big lump of sugar in it LOL. A unique way of storing the sugar, but honestly, not that convenient.

Overall, it was quite okay. Their food and coffee are quite okay, acceptable, tasty..despite the long serving time and small portion. Price range about RM20+ Extremely friendly staffs and warm service :) Thumbs up for that. We did enjoy ourselves there. Had a different dining experience. Will consider visit again, maybe.

Oh goshhhh, look at how zombified i am :( This is what college did to me D: Anyway, sem break is here babehh woohooo! Till next post, byebye! xoxo

Location :
No.51, Jalan PJS 11/9, 
Bandar Sunway, 46150 Kuala Lumpur,
If you wish to know more, feel free to visit their facebook :


Thursday, 5 December 2013

Spaghetti Grill @ Paradigm Mall Review

Yay! Finally get to met my girls after so long ^^ It's been quite some time that i can't even recall when we last met. Everybody is busy with their own life. Hectic Year3 Semester2 finally comes to end. And this time what make it better is that le very pretty Ms Alicia is back from Tasmania too. Happy family bff finally reunion! Awww :') Just a brief last minute meet up but im more than content C: There's a saying,
 "True Friendship isn't about being's being separated & nothing changes" :)
I couldn't agree more :') What's life without bff like them?

Anyway, we ended up meeting at Paradigm Mall as Alicia is doing her part time there. We went to Spaghetti Grill for dinner. Know what? WHAT A GOOD CHOICE. Satisfied with the food there. Yummylicious! What's better is they have bottomless appetizers and fruit juice homaigawdd! XD Free refill like a boss 8) hehehehehhh *evil grin*

With le pretty bffs :3

Now this is what i'm talking about - the bottomless appetizers! Wowowow! :D

Just a glance through the restaurant.

The legendary refillable Italian Flat Bread, RM9.95.
Nice fragrance, slightly salty and very crispy. Double thumbs up from me! I like it ^^  Unlimited refill! Omnomnomnom!

Wild Mushroom Olio, RM20.95.
Spaghetti topped with wild mushrooms, spiced with herbs, garlic and chili flakes and a piece of buttered bread. Quite a tasty dish slurrrp!

Garlic Chicken Pizza, RM27.95.
One of the yummiest pizza i ever had. Fresh bake from oven. The cheese, the chicken, the softness, the everything, just perfect! Yum yum! Aww i miss eating this so much! *drools*

Overall, had a very delighted meal with the girls. Recommended restaurant. I personally will definitely return to try out more different dishes next round! :) 

Location :
UG-15, Level UG, Paradigm Mall, 
No. 1, Jalan SS7/26A, 
47301 Kelana Jaya, 

For more info, visit their FB :

Thanks for reading! Till next post, bye!
Love, JuliannaC.