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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo @ VivaHome, Kuala Lumpur

Been hearing advertisement about this expo for quite some time and finally went there today! I Had so much to complain comment about this expo! Overall, the expo was boring okayy..just not as fun as i imagined. Totally out of my expectation. Well, maybe i shouldn't even put such high expectation on them from the first place zzz. 

Despite that, we still took many picture though. Taking picture is a must. Ain't paying the 25bucks for nothing yo! Plus, basically other than posing and snapping pictures, i really cant figure out what else can we do there honestly zzz. What's more pathetic is that..we cant touch, we cant sit, we cant everything! -.- The crew is spying and monitoring the visitors from everywhere sighhh..wanted to have a closer shot with Doraemon also hard. Yes, i understand, certain visitor is so rough and not gentle that they do not even bother to take care of the exhibits there..some of them even broke the gadgets. But still, i think they should really look into this matter and improve it. Imma so not happy with it :( 

Another thing that disappoint me is that of all the 100 Doreamon gadgets exhibit there, i learn nothing about the gadget at all. I don't even know what is for what. Seriously? -.- They should put some info and at least introduce or briefly explain about the gadgets a little. No? Just my two cents. Oh well, i don't know about you guys but these are just my personal opinion offence :) 

The ticketing counter...Tickets can be bought there, no worries..there's no need to buy online..
Adult RM25.00, Kids (age 4-12) RM15.00

The exterior and entrance to the expo. 

  Basically this is how the entire expo looks..

 Posing and snapping photos with unknown gadgets zzz...

 Opps..not tall enough lol..there's a shorter one but already spoil and has been removed for repair..

Really crying -.- disappointment LOL 

 Finally some 3D gadgets that we can touch zzzzz

 In the church, where Nobita finally gets to marry Shizuka..soooo many people queueing up just to snap a pic with spot especially for couples 

 Now this is what i'm talking about Zzzzz do not this, do not that, do not everything...

 Merchandise shop before heading to the exit / game area..

So yea, this post concludes my visit to Doraemon Expo. Something you should really know before visiting there..or else you might end up with disappointment like me :/

Anyway, the expo will be held till March 2014. 
Visit their FB for more info :


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