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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Short Getaway to the Historical Town Melaka!

Whassup whassup! Casual look today yo! #juliannacootd

Throwback last Saturday. A short getaway to...yes, Malacca again yo! lol. Travelled all the way from KL to Malacca to celebrate my friend, Brenda’s 21st birthday. Took half day off just for this *guilty :S But well, it’s okay, that’s what friend are for!

Selfie before we start our journey. Well, just a picture with my driver, nothing much.

Group picture with the birthday girl and the fancy background! ❤

We spent our night in a shophouse; a music centre, my friends’ place. Well, why? Because we got no budget lol /facepalm. But it’s okay, we don’t really mind actually, afterall it is just one night. Moreover we get to enjoy free karaoke session till dawn! :3 No bed, no blankets, no pillow, but it was fun :’) Definitely something new lol. Everything seems to be extra fun and exciting when you get to do it together with your besties and friends. Don’t you agree with me? Yeshh.

Time to hit the sack! But first, let us take a sleep selfie!

The early bird gets the worm! Got up early for some warm, fresh from the oven dim sum! Yumm!

We went for a short walk after that. on our way to A'Famosa building.

Morning walk at A 'Famosa. Or shall i say morning selfie at A 'Famosa gg.

After countless of failures, we finally did a complete jumping shot together! pheww~

And next station, the Jonker Street. Noticed something new along Jonker Street, which is the Mamee Chef's Factory. Yes, the Mamee as in the Mamee Maggi instant noodles that you always eat. No idea why they created a place just for that. There is even a Mamee cafe restaurant in the another part of the shop. Just imagine, a cafe just for you to eat instant noodle. Okayy. 
With the scary Mamee monster and Mr Jackers. We all know, it's just a human in a mascot, but still, i got scared by the Mamee monster lol. Very monster indeed, the pair of eyes @@ It approach and head straight to me that it frighten me lol yup it's embarrassing xD

And next, we present you the skinny strong man. Incase you're wondering, the Mamee Cup is actually a table. So if you think this is superb and WOW?...... . .. . .wait till you see...........  . . .  . .  .

THIS. lol Too hilarious not to be shared! Laugh whenever i see this picture x) Sibeh xin ji zhong!

And next, we had our lunch at Makko Nyonya Restaurant.
Nyonya Makko Restaurant, Melaka Raya area  (corner lot)
Location : 123, Off Jalan Parameswara, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia.

Nyonya food for lunch! This restaurant is totally fullhouse, and crowded. Heard that this is a highly recommended restaurant, also featured in TripAdvisor and a 8TV food programme, ‘Ho Chak!’. Long queue, and we waited for 30minutes+ to get our seats for eight pax. Food took about 20minutes to arrive after we confirm our order.

One thing that caught my attention and i really wanted to comment about it is about the cleanliness and presentation of their restaurant. You can clearly observe it from the appearance, especially on the display glass at the restaurant front. It is totally FULL OF FEW INCHES HIGH DUST lol not few inches so over la lol. I think it takes at least few years for the dust to accumulate until that thick, and pathetically nobody even care about it. I think the staffs will probably go like, "we're too busy to clean or even bother about it" or maybe "don't like then leave, plenty of customers are waiting for your seat" or so. But honestly, as a restaurant, i still thinks that hygiene and cleanliness should come first, no matter how famous one restaurant is. Just my opinion.

Ordered several ordinary dishes in small portion. To me, nothing really special. And this is the Pongteh Chicken. First time heard of it. Taste not bad, and different. An entirely new taste that my taste bud had never tasted before. The gravy best paired with a bowl of white rice!

Time for selfie. Again.

Later on, we went hunting for the well-known Klebang coconut milk shake! The crowd was insane @@ People mountain people sea! Their place is divided into two parts, the outside is for takeaway, while in the inside is for the ones who wanna have their meal there. There are also selling variety of other local food and kuih-muih. Their place were hugeeee, yet still jam with humans everywhere! 

Klebang coconut milkshake topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream – RM2.20 each 
Not bad! Satisfying and best to have this especially in this kind of hot humid weather in Malacca. 
Tiny little pieces of coconut scraps are added into the drink. You can experience a mouthful of it as you drink it *gulp gulp gulp* ≧°◡°≦

And here's a picture of me while waiting to be served.
People often says that i look fierce, everytime with the 'beh song' grumpy face, fighting etc. I just wanna say, i don't give a damn about it, and i ain't got time for that ツ Only those who truly understands me will know that this is just my normal face expression. I am a girl who don't like to explain myself, and i need not to explain myself. Just saying.

Our last stop before we leave for KL, the famous Seremban Siew Pao! It’s a must to eat when you visit Seremban! Spot their gigantic signage SIEW PAO! sooo cutiee! hahaha (≧◡≦) Other than siew pao, they are also selling many different types of signature pastries and snacks too. 

Alright, it's finally time to leave, our last picture and it concludes our Malacca trip! Everybody bought something back and did not leave empty handed lol..simply irresistible not to buy! Happy kids.

It was also our official last gathering before they are heading to Singapore to fight for their future.
All the best everybody! We shall meet again one day in the future...if we have fate. xoxo.

Hugs & Kisses,

Monday, 14 April 2014

FOOD | Caffebene @ Sunway Pyramid Review

Been hearing people talking about Lee Kwang Soo and CaffeBene all the time, not to mention my Instagram timeline was flooded with selfies of bingsu at CaffeBene lol..and finally, i visited this cafe with my friends last week. Visited the newly opened Caffe Bene in Sunway Pyramid branch as it is just stone throw away from my college. And no, i did not went to see Lee Kwang Soo on its official launching day, heard that crowd was insane that day @@ Fans of RunningMan everywhere in the Mall @@

Lot No : OB5.G.2. Located right beside the side entrance / exit to the bus stop.

After minutes of waiting, we finally get out seats pheww! We went there during tea break time. Long queue. Quite a crowd, very limited seats available. Patience needed.

Nice ambiance despite the narrow space and limited seats :) Saw the beautiful wall painting behind? Well, for your information, it's proudly painted by our talented The One Academy's Illustration students. Isn't it cool or what?! Here's a behind the scene video! :) Check it out yo!

Cookies & Cream, Coffee, Red Bean/ Pai Bingsu - RM10.90 each (S)
Huge portion, best shared among 2-3pax. I personally thinks that their bingsu is overrated. Not really THAT nice nor impressive loh..Tried three different flavours, none of it i like :( NONE. Basically, it is just shaved ice, paired with oreo, cereal, nuts, red beans etc. It is just me or the taste really didn't go well? Perhaps the Koreans love their desserts that way? Well, but not me, i didn't really enjoyed it. Maybe i'll go for the strawberry flavour next time, just MAYBE. However, their waffles and gelato looks promising though, just that a little pricey. Might return again someday but definitely not their bingsu. One day, just one fine day..

Lot No : OB5.G.2, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
Business hour : 10am-10pm

For more info, visit their :
 Official website :

But first, let me take a selfie :p Haha bye!

Friday, 11 April 2014

BEAUTY | The Great Guardian Makeover 2014 - My Date with Beauty @ 1Utama Shopping Centre

Yo! Good day! Throwback The Great Guardian Makeover - My Date with Beauty @ 1Utama last Saturday. That was my very first time joining blogger event ever, and i'm proud of myself for driving all the way there alone without knowing the route lol. Really grateful and thank you so much for the invitation and opportunity. Had so much fun! So many great deals and awesome bargains! Brands that are participating in this event are; L'Oreal Paris, Maybelline New York, Alcon, Avene, Bio Essence, Bio Grow Oat BG22, Biore, Blackmores, Brands, Dermatix, Enchanteur, Hada Labo, Nano White, Neutrogena, Nivea, Oslee, Palmer's and Safi! Awesomeness!   

The entrance to Beauty. Area you ready? :)

"Beauty is being the best possible version of you on the INSIDE OUT".

Cheerful opening performance by these energetic young dancers!  ♫ ♩ ♬ because i'm happy~~ :D ♫ ♩ 

Air Brush Make-up Demonstration by The A Cut Above Academy. Cool or what?!
There are so much to do there. Great sales and bargains, samples giveaways, free cholesterol blood checkup, stage activities, make-up demonstrations by the professionals, and many more! 

The #Photobox booth. Grab some props, Pose and Snap! What ya waiting for?! 

Young talented A Cut Above Academy's stylists and make-up artists on stage.

Goshhhh just look at the queue @@ Everybody is waiting to be beautiful! Everybody wanna be beautiful!
Customers who purchased RM20 and above including 1 participating brand in a single receipt were entitled to 1 Makeover Ticket at the price of RM10 to join event. Each Ticket entitled the customer to a makeover session, a photo session and a goody bag!

See! Popo also wanna be beautiful! BEAUTY HAS NO AGE LIMIT! ツ 
p/s : check out the handsome makeup stylist ahemmm :p ahhahahh

Construction in progress. Ugly duckling is turning into a beautiful swan muahahahahh

There are actually few different hairstyles and makeup choices for you to choose from. And i chose the glam makeup with tied braid for long hairstyle.  Tick tock tick tock, im almost done! 

(っ◕‿◕)っ I LOVE MY HAIR!! I think it's really beautifully done, don't 'cha think so too hmm? :'P

Oh! and i made some new blogger friends too! They are so kind and friendly (≧◡≦) 
Our before and after look! Wow how's that huh?! Big difference?

Julianna is taking photo with Julianna. LOL Got to find out that we both actually share the same name with the same -i called it rare :P- spelling lol such a coincidence!

Millions thanks for the goodies! Can't wait to try 'em all wooooots! Arghhhh the beauty products!! :*

And finally....presenting me, myself and i, my before and after the makeover. How do i look, how do i look?!! :3 Haha.. Attended college graduation ceremony to receive my certificate for competition award later on right after the event, with this glam look and elegant hairstyle, and guess what? I got praise by so many awwwww /blushhh :'D Hehehe...all credits to the hair and makeup partner of this event, A Cut Above Academy and their professional team! 
Thank youuu for making me pretty! Weeeeee ≧^◡^≦

Miss out this year event? Aww...don't sad, it's okay...You'll still have the chance to win yourself an awesome designer bag by joining their very simple contest! Pssssstt, it's KATE SPADE. Now, be sure not to miss out the chance again! Don't say i didn't hint you alreadehh!

     There are a total of 2 contests. Very simple, as easy as ABC. All you have to do is :

1. Guardian #PhotoBox Contest on Facebook, EXCLUSIVELY for makeover participants :
a.) Pose creatively with the the given props provided at The Great Guardian Makeover.
b.) Like Guardian Facebook page, browse for your entry at the Photobox Contest Photo Album and tag yourself in the photo.
c.) Make it as your profile picture, be sure to remain it until 30 April 2014, and that's it!
You are officially standing a chance to win a designer bag worth RM1640!

2. Instagram Contest :
a.) Follow @guardianmalaysia on Instagram.
b.) Snap a selfie and submit the photo with a creative caption in not more than 20 words tell Guardian "What makes you beautiful". 
c.) Tag @guardianmalaysia and remember hashtag #GuardianBeauties.
You stand a chance to win a designer bag worth up to RM1140!

Hurry hurry! Both contests ends on 30th April 2014. Good luck!

Check out here for more info :

Thanks for dropping by my humble blog! :3 Cheers!
Love, JuliannaC.