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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Review : Online Shopping Experience with Mr Lens

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Bonjour everyone! Tick tock tick tock, waving bye to May in few hours time goshh! 
This time i will be sharing my online shopping experience with Mr Lens. Have any of you heard of Mr Lens? If you haven't, well, you do now! 

MrLens is the largest online contact lens reseller in Switzerland and parts of Europe, going global and now available in Asia too! It is Malaysia current largest online contact lenses store which offer variety selection of major brands of contact lenses, prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, branded and designer frames for both men and also women. 

How awesome is that?! I'm sure most of you have tried purchasing fashionable apparels, accessories, cosmetics and many other stuffs online right? But have you tried buying contact lenses or your eyeware online? Yes, i'm saying BUYING EYEWARES ONLINE! With Mr Lens, now we get to buy our monthly contacts lenses and any other eyewares online, with just the tip of your finger! Technology really does make our life easier. Super fast, easy and convenient! :D

✔ Nationwide Delivery        
✔ Convenient & Fast Service
✔ Wide Selection                   
✔ Most Brands in stock        
✔ A Brand you can TRUST! 

Buying quality & affordable eyewares in just 5 SIMPLE STEPS :
1.) Log on to Mr Lens and create an account if you haven't. Browse through and choose your preferred product. Select the power and quantity, then add to cart. 

2.) Select your preferred quantity. Confirm and checkout.

3.) Check you shipping address, make sure it is correct. You can even choose to send to your office, totally not an issue. And p/s: If you are living within Klang valley, congrats, you get to enjoy FREE DELIVERY with a minimum purchase of RM50! \ ˚▽˚ / yayy~

4.) Next, select your preferred payment method. Fast & easy online transfer. Save time and super convenient! 

5.) Lastly, final confirm your order! And...your order have been placed! ◠◡◠

You will received THREE email from Mr Lens and their team.
1st email - Regarding your order process.
2nd email - After you made your payment, you will receive another email regarding your order status.
3rd email - Once your item has been shipped, you will receive another email from them stating about the tracking number of your parcel.

And you're done! Just sit back and wait. 
Your parcel are expected to be arrived at your door step within 1-3 working days!

My personal experience with Mr Lens:
I place my order in the midnight and I got my parcel the next working day! Super fast which i didn't expect it o.o! I order two pairs of coloured lens but unfortunately my chosen colour had already run out of stock. They send me both green colour lens without any prior notice. To be honest, I was not very happy with it and confused, and so i wrote to them. Their friendly team reply me very fast, and very politely. I was supposed to receive a notice regarding the out of stock issue and unfortunately, due to some unexpected error, i was slipped out and not informed. They were deeply sorry and had apologised to me. 

Anyway, i had accepted their apology and accepted the coloured lens. Green is actually not bad (wait for my upcoming review post hehhh!). Actually whatever colour it is, i don't really mind, i just wanna find out what happen to my order. And i gotta be honest, i'm quite impressed with them and their efficient service. I'm very satisfied with their fast reply, despite it was a weekend (it was on Sunday when i pm them). It was a staff name Jason who handled my case. Despite so many orders and other customers to deal with, they still entertain me (sponsored project which they don't get any profit at all). They explained to me in a very clear and polite way. On my point of view, I'm very happy and satisfied with their customer service ^◡^

Thank you Mr Lens! 
A totally competitive, fast and reliable eyewares seller.

For more info, check out their:
Official website:
Happy shopping everyone ◕‿◕

♔ JuliannaC.♔

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Nuffnang Blogbuster Campaign : Oral B Supernova 3

Still remember how excited i was when i first received the offer email from Nuffnang stating that i was selected to participate in a Nuffnang Blogbuster campaign. Everything is still fresh in my head. ツ Well, im not sure whether we are selected based on our blog traffic statistics or it's just pure luck. 
Errrm....I choose to believe that i'm the lucky one ngehehehh \ ˚▽˚ / syoksendiri

Now, just incase you are wondering....

What is a Blogbuster?
Similar to the usual CPC/CPUV campaigns found on our Nuffnang ad units, a Blogbuster ad is a type of advertisement shown on the ad units placed on your blog or website. Blogbuster ads are expanding ads (ads that change their size dynamically) that display an advertisement video starring the blogger. Yes, that means you get to star in your own exciting video on your blog!
For more info :

And the main attraction is.....
You get to earn RM0.50 for each complete play of the video that is shown on your ad unit (this rate applies to Glitterati members only)! KA-CHING$$!!!! ❂◡❂ alrightstopdroolingalreadehh

How to participate in Nuffnang Blogbuster campaign?
- Rule number #1 : 
Ensure you agree to run EXPANDABLE ADS for your survey preference in your Nuffnang account. "Would you be willing to run expanding ads (ads that change their size dynamically)?" YES.
- Rule number #2 : 
Refer to rule number #1 :p

Once you get the offer, they will ask you to record a 10second video accordingly to the respective campaign, obeying certain rules and to be submitted before the given dateline. However, submitting your video on time does not guarantee that your video will be selected though. So make sure you do it properly okayy (◐.̃◐) 

Spend some time brainstorming and be creative. Well, i'm not saying that im creative la lol just lucky :) everything has its first time. When you never try, you'll never know. Recording a 10s video may sounds easy, but trust me, it's not easy at all! -.- especially for typical noob like me zzzz. Believe it or not, i actually spend hours trimming and editing my 10s video /facepalm damn noob i know dafuq T.T

Not to mention that im already fully occupied with my Internship Life and by the time i got home every day, it's already late night, totally exhausted. Zero energy left. Well, obviosly i did not gave up. I was too excited. And desperate lol. I pour in my 101% effort /coughh, 1shot 2shot 3shot, trying and experimenting, burning midnight oil and finallehhh, i'm done hellyeah!

Submitted just right before the deadline pheww (─‿‿─) last-minute kaki hehehh. And so i wait, and wait, and w-a-i-t.... . . .i was pretty excited, damn hardworking checking my account everyday /FACEPALM lolll dont laugh...and continue waitingggg.... . . . . one day two days three days . . . . zzz started to lose hope. Is alright, better luck next time, i comforted myself. I did not regret though and in fact, i actually kinda enjoy doing it lol. not

And....yes, you guess it right. Everything has an exception. Like my case, i was so fortunate. Long after the deadline, even the campaign had already started running, suddenly on one fine day, i got an email from Nuffnang. I was ask to amend my video as they thinks that my video has the potential /coughh chehhwahhh (≧◡≦) hahahh..just lacking abit here and there. And so I amended my video according to their request and resubmitted. 

I submitted two videos, which means i have to amend two videos. Of course i have the choice to only amend one and submit one, but as i told ya earlier, i was desperate lol. Plus since i was already doing it, so yea..amended both together. Not later i received another email again, stating that my videos are lack of another 'something' == and i was like,..... . .

No, seriously, why you no tell me earlier -_- I could have amend it together one shot right?..Zzz double work, waste my time and energy tsk. For this second time, i was really zzzz  and about to give up as i was already so hectic with my other workload and the new amended video were to be submitted on the same day. And again, even you submitted after you amended, it still does not guarantee that your video will be chosen. Oh just great pfft. But of course, I still did it in the end :3

And this time, im proud to say that my hardwork had finally paid off :D yayyy! 
My video proposed for Nuffnang Blogbuster Oral B Supernova 3 campaign got APPROVED!! Eventhough it got approved kinda late, but STILL :P WOOHOOOO!! 
It will be LIVE on my blog from 17 May till 29 May during certain period of time.
Have you watch it yet?!! You better be! Because there's no way i'm gonna upload it personally's too silly and super embarrassing...really. Haha anway, i'm still pretty grateful for the opportunity :) Thank you Nuffnang! ^◡^

♔ JuliannaC.♔

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Nuffnang Blogbuster got APPROVED!

Yay! Came home to a surprise today! ^^ Received my parcel today. Thank you so much for trusting me and giving me the opportunity :') I'm really lucky and yes i am. Can't wait to review it!

And and and and, got another surprise when i checked my email just now! ≧◡≦
Great news! My video submission for Nuffnang Blogbuster has finally been approved and will go LIVE starting from 17 May 2014! It's my first time trying my luck, and im so fortunate that it had been approved!! GOD is GREAT! My hard work paid off! Thank you Lord. Thank you Dad.
Will be posting up my sharing and experience about it real soon. Wait for it, stay tuned!

Sincerely grateful and appreciate every single opportunity that are given to me whether it is big or small. It really means alot to me! Other than thank you, still THANK YOU! :')
Always be grateful and stay humble. 

xoxo :* JuliannaC. 

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

2minutes of Fame

Throwback post, back to one month ago. Rushed to the Graduation Ceremony right after the Makeover Event. Well, not exactly my graduation ceremony actually, but my seniors’. Went there to receive certificate award for the Penfurnex competition that me and my team previously won. The ceremony was held in The Sunway Convention Centre, and know what? It was horribly boringggg zzzZZ. Waited for whole night just for the 2minutes of /cough-fame-cough xP. Despite that, the overall event is still okay, at least I get to dine for free :D Bloated to the max! Andddd, the highlight of the day is that I get to doll up like a superstar babehhh :’D Dreaming to be a celebrity is always my favourite pastime xP hahahh PROBLEMM? as usual i don't give a damn (¬‿¬).   Cannot become one, but dream xia also shuang you know?! 

That 2minutes of fame that i mentioned /coughhh. I think that's my first and only picture with Mr Tatsun, the Principal of The One Academy. atthemoment. ithink. Feeling like a superstar for real rofl! There more than 10cameras facing us on stage that time hehehh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My partner and i. Three short of one. Last time it used to be three of us but now.... . . ╯.╰

My outfit for that night. #juliannacootd
I'm not sure whether is it just me or i feel that many were looking at me i swear. As if i did something wrong zzzzzz. Or maybe my dress colour is a little too eye-catching i guess whooops :p


Sunday, 11 May 2014

可惜我是水瓶座 - Me Being an Aquarius

To be honest, i'm not that kind of person that is really into horoscope. Just as usual 50-50 to believe or not. 
But THIS. Stumbled upon it on a social website and i personally find it surprisingly accurate. Please allow me to say that the accuracy is up to 90% ! As if that post is totally writing about me gosh ⊙_☉ /facepalm. Anyway, do have a good read. You might find the rest of the horoscope analysis HERE. And for those of you who can't read Chinese, i'm sorry but you might find Google Translator handy! ≧◔◡◔≦




每到晚上就会变成林黛玉,感性的要死。想 难过,只好让自己难过。总是认为自己有超乎寻常的承受力,把自己想得太坚强,而把别人想得太脆弱。对方提的任何过分的要求,水瓶座统统照单全收、精心尽力,绝对不会有半个不字。他们不知道,到最后受伤的其实是自己 冒险,就是爱上一个人。因为水瓶永远也不知道,自己全身心的投入,最终会换来什么。这就像是一场轮盘赌,水瓶明知可能会输,但又忍不住想投身其中。其实,水瓶真正需要的,并不是赌赢,而是一个能令水瓶收手的人。因为最终征服水瓶的人,会令水瓶失去爱其他人的能力。



Just my random thoughts. Tata~ 

Friday, 9 May 2014

BEAUTY | Review : Wish Formula Panda Eye Essence Mask

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Hellowww~ ◠◡◠ 
Today i'm gonna review on an eye mask that i recently stumbled upon. Everybody knows i got serious dark circles and i've been suffering from it for years since my high school..and still counting dafuq nooooo (TヘT) I have tried many types of eye cream, eye mask, eye serum etc. Sadly, none really impress me ugh zzz :( Blame myself for sleeping late everyday -.- Anyway, read up my review below :) 

BIG thanks to HiShop and their team!! Double thumbs up for the efficient courier service :) Spot that lovely box! Just look at that elegant pink colour awwww ❤ 

This product is made in Korea, thus all the instructions and info behind the package is written in Korean language. No, i can't read Korean of course but thank God we have Mr Google :)

What's the attraction of the eye mask? 
It claims to have whitening, firming and anti-wrinkle effect. It also provide nourishment to our eyes.

Here are the ingredients of the eye mask:
water, ascorbic acid, saccharomyces, Viscum Album (Mistletoe) Ferment extract, butylene glycol, saccharomyces/Imperata cylindrica Root ferment extract, sodium lactate, lactobacillus/soybean ferment extract, black strap powder, arbutin, 1,2-Hexanediol, bacillus ferment, centella asiatica extract, aspergillus/Saccharomyces/Glycyrrhiza uralensis root extract ferment filtrate, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, xanthan gum, arginine, tocopherylacetate, backhousia citriodora leaf oil, adenosine, honey, phenoxyethanol

Centella Asiatica extract, Saccharomyces/Viscum Album (Mistletoe) Ferment Extract, Glycyrrhiza Uralensis Root Extract, Gastrodia Elata Root Extract take central care around the eyes especially the darkened skin, dark circle and wrinkle. High concentrated pure Vitamin C 10%, Vitamin E and six different fermentation components provide hydration, nourishment, help purify and enhance skin elasticity. 

How I use it:
1.) After your regular face wash, apply the two sheets of eye masks under your eyes.

2.) Leave it for 20-30minutes. Let the skin to absorb all the nourishment from the essence. 
Basically, the mask will attached to your skin quite firmly, so no worry that it will falls off. Just apply it and continue with whatever you are doing. Simple and easy. YOU CAN ALSO SLEEP WHILE LEAVING THEM ON THE SKIN, which is what i always do lol.

3.) Remember to check the mask package. I'm pretty sure there's still leftover essence there! Apply the leftover essence to the darkened area that needs improvement. Every drop counts! hehe ;P  

Picture shown my before and after result. Slight improvement yayy! \ ˚▽˚ /

This eye mask is uniquely different from all the previous ones that I had used before. The eye essence is golden-yellowish in colour. To be frank, I don’t really like the scent of this mask, but slowly got used to it after a while. The cooling sensation when you applying it is just awesome. The size of the mask is appropriate and sufficient to cover up my dark circles under my eyes. After using it my eyes feel more hydrated and can feel a slight of stickiness under my eyes from the nourishing serum ❤

I personally give it a rating of 3.8/5.0 for this eye mask. 

As per picture above, result can be seen after my 5th application. Slight improvement is better than none! My dark circles did brightens a little homaigawd can 'chu see it?! And again, this is just my 5th application :D I gotta be honest that this the first eye mask that can give me solid result. I have really dark eye circles due to my unhealthy lifestyle, burning midnight oil every day. I have tried many different eye products. It really frets me out, causing me to lose my confidence. Thank goodness there's something call BB cream and foundation powder for me to cover 'em up on my rainy days :') 

If you are also suffering from dark circles like me, no harm giving Wish Formula Panda Eye Essence Mask a try. Wait no more. Head over to HiShop and get it for only RM8.00 per sachet!! Other than eye mask, HiShop's also selling wide variety kinds of branded quality beauty products for you to choose from. 

Even better, you'll get to enjoy A REBATE OF RM20 OFF when you purchase a minimum of RM99 in one order. Yes, exclusively for my readers, you! YES, YOU! 
Just key in the code : PANDA14 when you check out ^^

Hurry! Don't miss the chance! Offer valid till 31 May 2014 only ya! Happy shopping (≧◡≦)
For more information and exclusive updates, do visit & subscribe their:
Official website -

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy it! Till next post, buh-byee! Have a nice day~ 

Friday, 2 May 2014

My Life After College : Internship

Time really flies. Just a blink of eye, one month had passed and April is officially over. It's been a month since i started my internship. I'm not sure whether did i really made the right choice of staying here instead of going to Singapore. When i finally decided to give up my chance to work in Singapore, many has asked me about it. And to be honest, i can't give myself an exact answer either, so stop asking me already. I just somehow decided it...naturally? after going through a long torturing indecisive period 

So how's my internship? Well, if you internship is actually ermmm..not bad, awfully okayyy. Been a month since i started and i've been staying back in the office OTing every-single-godamnit-day. Pathetic or what. Depending on one's personal point of view, actually it is not really thattt bad. Situation in other company could be worse. Right? Rightttt? Ughh. Furthermore, i already got used of this kind of late unhealthy lifestyle anyway, especially during my 3years diploma journey in The One Academy.

There's one project, a bulk order project, 17 types of wardrobes and kitchen cabinets design. Let me tell you, that is just one damn idiot torturing project i swear. God knows how many thousand hundred times i've amended the elevations and plans for it. Sometimes, I just don't understand why the client, boss or whoever involved, can be so fussy, keep changing the design. What pathetically worse which made me really, really PEK CEK is basically after changing it for countless times, in the end, we are just going back to the initial one. Yeah i know, not exactly, but almost. I mean like seriouuuusly? T.T Adding, deleting, deleting and adding, amending here and there, there and here...and we are just basically getting back the same damn thing, which in the end the heads decided to change it according to the carpenter's. 

Walao why no tell me earlier?! Why no decide earlier?! Really crying T.T Just imagine, 17 wardrobes, 17 kitchen cabinets, in two different so call simplified and detailed version wth. 34 + 34 which total up to 64 godamnit. Not to mention that we have front elevation, back elevation, left elevation, right elevation and plan view homaigawdd. The worst of the worst, which is the SUPER KING of all the worst you know that...because of one tiny little changes, i have to amend ALL of it? ALL. Deep breath *breathe in breathe out* Sibeh pekcek. Now i feel like vomiting whenever i see it zzz == sien loh. Ironic. Zzzz. Can't wait to get rid of it soon. 

But of course, despite everything, i still will do it la. And do it properly. It's my job anyway :8 hehehh. Yeap, that's me. Imma proud with myself okay xP Well, i guess this is the real working life. Actually it is not as bad as it seems, i think i added too much emotion and personal feelings into it lmao at least i've meet friendly colleague and funny staffs there. Reaching another level of my life experience C: Positive energy come to mama yo lai~ Alright, i'm finally done blabbering for today phewwww. Tomorrow is another new day :') Will add extra oil in my internship journey! One more month to go yo! And i wonder where will i go from there.
Time to sleep goodnight!! :*

Oh, great. Just GREAT.