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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

2minutes of Fame

Throwback post, back to one month ago. Rushed to the Graduation Ceremony right after the Makeover Event. Well, not exactly my graduation ceremony actually, but my seniors’. Went there to receive certificate award for the Penfurnex competition that me and my team previously won. The ceremony was held in The Sunway Convention Centre, and know what? It was horribly boringggg zzzZZ. Waited for whole night just for the 2minutes of /cough-fame-cough xP. Despite that, the overall event is still okay, at least I get to dine for free :D Bloated to the max! Andddd, the highlight of the day is that I get to doll up like a superstar babehhh :’D Dreaming to be a celebrity is always my favourite pastime xP hahahh PROBLEMM? as usual i don't give a damn (¬‿¬).   Cannot become one, but dream xia also shuang you know?! 

That 2minutes of fame that i mentioned /coughhh. I think that's my first and only picture with Mr Tatsun, the Principal of The One Academy. atthemoment. ithink. Feeling like a superstar for real rofl! There more than 10cameras facing us on stage that time hehehh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My partner and i. Three short of one. Last time it used to be three of us but now.... . . ╯.╰

My outfit for that night. #juliannacootd
I'm not sure whether is it just me or i feel that many were looking at me i swear. As if i did something wrong zzzzzz. Or maybe my dress colour is a little too eye-catching i guess whooops :p


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