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Friday, 2 May 2014

My Life After College : Internship

Time really flies. Just a blink of eye, one month had passed and April is officially over. It's been a month since i started my internship. I'm not sure whether did i really made the right choice of staying here instead of going to Singapore. When i finally decided to give up my chance to work in Singapore, many has asked me about it. And to be honest, i can't give myself an exact answer either, so stop asking me already. I just somehow decided it...naturally? after going through a long torturing indecisive period 

So how's my internship? Well, if you internship is actually ermmm..not bad, awfully okayyy. Been a month since i started and i've been staying back in the office OTing every-single-godamnit-day. Pathetic or what. Depending on one's personal point of view, actually it is not really thattt bad. Situation in other company could be worse. Right? Rightttt? Ughh. Furthermore, i already got used of this kind of late unhealthy lifestyle anyway, especially during my 3years diploma journey in The One Academy.

There's one project, a bulk order project, 17 types of wardrobes and kitchen cabinets design. Let me tell you, that is just one damn idiot torturing project i swear. God knows how many thousand hundred times i've amended the elevations and plans for it. Sometimes, I just don't understand why the client, boss or whoever involved, can be so fussy, keep changing the design. What pathetically worse which made me really, really PEK CEK is basically after changing it for countless times, in the end, we are just going back to the initial one. Yeah i know, not exactly, but almost. I mean like seriouuuusly? T.T Adding, deleting, deleting and adding, amending here and there, there and here...and we are just basically getting back the same damn thing, which in the end the heads decided to change it according to the carpenter's. 

Walao why no tell me earlier?! Why no decide earlier?! Really crying T.T Just imagine, 17 wardrobes, 17 kitchen cabinets, in two different so call simplified and detailed version wth. 34 + 34 which total up to 64 godamnit. Not to mention that we have front elevation, back elevation, left elevation, right elevation and plan view homaigawdd. The worst of the worst, which is the SUPER KING of all the worst you know that...because of one tiny little changes, i have to amend ALL of it? ALL. Deep breath *breathe in breathe out* Sibeh pekcek. Now i feel like vomiting whenever i see it zzz == sien loh. Ironic. Zzzz. Can't wait to get rid of it soon. 

But of course, despite everything, i still will do it la. And do it properly. It's my job anyway :8 hehehh. Yeap, that's me. Imma proud with myself okay xP Well, i guess this is the real working life. Actually it is not as bad as it seems, i think i added too much emotion and personal feelings into it lmao at least i've meet friendly colleague and funny staffs there. Reaching another level of my life experience C: Positive energy come to mama yo lai~ Alright, i'm finally done blabbering for today phewwww. Tomorrow is another new day :') Will add extra oil in my internship journey! One more month to go yo! And i wonder where will i go from there.
Time to sleep goodnight!! :*

Oh, great. Just GREAT.


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